River Llugwy Walk, Betws y Coed


Image: River Llugwy in full flow, Jan Malique

We took a welcome break today and made for Snowdonia National Park. After a short discussion our destination was decided, Betws y Coed in Conwy. This was on the spur of the moment and to take advantage of a day without ANY RAIN. You have to be quick these days if planning any excursions, the downpours have been constant. Although the weather conditions haven’t been as terrible as those experienced by people in other parts of the world. Nature can render all helpless as babes when the elements confront us in their full power.

Betws y Coed lies in the Snowdonia National Park, in a valley near the point where the River Conwy is joined by the River Llugwy and the River Lledr, and was founded around a monastery in the late sixth century.  The OS reference is SH795565.

This post requires no other words, hopefully the images will communicate with you better than I can at this moment. They were taken on our camera phones. I love trees (both living and dead), and running water. This walk was filled with both attired in beauty and mystery.


Image: Fallen oak sustaining others, Jan Malique


Image: Moss shrouded glade, Jan Malique


Image: Tree stump or Dragon’s carcass?, Jan Malique


Image: Severed serpent’s head or Tree Stump?, Jan Malique


Image: Torrent, River Llugwy, David K Almond


Image: Dryad whispering to the River, David K Almond


Image: Old Green beard, David K Almond



 From out of the Depths

Image: Pixabay

More from the non-poet as I like to call myself. Again something inexplicable emerges from an unusual image. I leave it up to you dear readers to make what you will from this offering. Perhaps create the next stage of the story. This isn’t a writing challenge but I would love to see what it instigates. Please leave your offerings in the comments box.

You don’t have to be a strong swimmer to participate, bring armbands if you wish:

Between Sky and Water lies a space set apart. It defies laws and belief. From conscious to subconscious does it flow. 

Power nascent emerges and enfolds. Alchemy of a strange kind enacts, Sun reaches out to Moon. All becomes hidden and transformed, as Alchemy of a strange kind enacts. 

Fragile and Luminous


photo credit: EmsiProduction The Time Rabbit via photopin (license)

The White Hare watches me and then looks down at his watch. His face is solemn, voice silent. Finally he intones, “we are fragile and luminous. Intricately engineered things of beauty, ephemeral like snow crystals glinting in the rays of the Sun.  Such is life, such is beauty.”

His words give me pause for thought. Typical of the Lord of Magic and Wisdom to throw me such a morsel! Oh, did I forget to mention that the Hare is intimately connected with the ancient Egyptian deity Djehuty (Thoth) and his centre of worship at Khemnu? Wise is he in all things associated with knowledge and higher wisdom. Rather like Jedi Master Yoda. He tries to hide a smile at my comparison but I spot it. His eyes scrutinise intently, making me feel unsettled. The silences seem to stretch into infinity and hold a wealth of meaning. I have no words to offer him, only what lies behind the gates of my soul. Continue reading