Lightbearer – Thursday photo prompt – Ahead #writephoto


Sue Vincent

My entry for Sue’s Thursday Photo prompt Ahead #writephoto:

The Knight made his way slowly to the cave where he’d first met the Lightbearer. Now older and marked by worldly cares he approached the doorway, above which was inscribed the Delphic maxim “know thyself – gnóthi seautón. The inner sanctum of this hidden temple was raised high above the entrance; reached by worn stone steps that had seen the passage of multitudes for nearing half a million years.

The Lightbearer had descended to this place to regenerate and engage with the Soul of the World. Multitudes of pilgrims throughout the ages had made their way to this remote outcrop, to immerse themselves in the hidden knowledge imparted by this being. He was one of the many, and not the last, marked by the holy presence.

The Lightbear’s eyes reflected the light of the stars, place of origin and gateway to the Void. They saw all but held the secrets veiled and out of reach. Ten years had passed since their last meeting, a time of turmoil in the material world. Human history was but a blink in the passage of time He had existed, revulsion and fear were the offerings laid upon His head, propaganda and falsehoods shrouding the enigma that he had become.

As for the the Knight, his quest had begun in curiosity, as had all his journeys in seeking the truth behind the masks. His vows of poverty, chastity and obedience had been sorely tested from the moment he’d left the sanctuary to escape the bloody hand of the Inquisition. Since that time the world had changed beyond recognition, only paradoxical human nature had remained constant.

He stood in the eye of the storm that had been raging around humanity and its work since civilisation had risen from the desert sands. Where and when would it end? This question was one he would pose to the Lightbearer.

The Knight entered the darkness of the cave and slowly made his way to the inner sanctum. He entered into a state of separation from consciousness, sliding into a realm between the worlds. Each breath and step brought fresh visions and entrance into the Great Silence. He felt poised perfectly on the Tree, in a place at its heart, between Malkuth and Kether. The revelations slowly unravelled and flowed like silk, shimmering jewel-like before his eyes. Then, his feet entered through the portal to a place wholly hidden from ordinary sight, the way ahead shrouded.

The Knight woke from his dream to find, a vision clad in a white robe, eyes gazing with an intensity that was unbearable, it was incandescent. As for the symbols of his presence, a tau cross with a serpent wound round it hung from his muscular neck. Wings of smoke edged with gold filled the space holding both figures.

The Lightbearer held out his hands of light to reveal sigils that were quite alien to the Knight, also known as the Seeker. They were from an angelic language all but lost, preserved in ancient texts hidden in sanctuaries across the globe, his people being one of many custodians. Their eyes met for an eternity and he understood what needed to be done.


Descent into Matter


photo credit: Dani_vr Mirada perdida via photopin (license)

Time has moved on since the Alchemist and his infant daughter encountered the great angel Gabriel. The world has since fluctuated between tyranny and fear, settling down into a semblance of stability now. Their journey has brought them to a place that has seen the rise and fall of great empires. Knowledge and insight are to be found in many places, not all illuminated by light though. The lonely path is often strewn by jagged rocks and beset by hungry beasts, of the inner and outer. The path laid out for the child was always going to be challenging, for that is how she was to gain knowledge of the human condition. Both parent and divine being pour all care and attention into fanning the holy flame within the young woman. The omniscience is tempered by total innocence, for she is the Fool going forth into the world of matter. Her eyes mirror the totality of existence, worlds upon worlds emerging out of the great Cosmic Fire of creation. From out of Darkness and Silence do Light and Speech emerge. She knows ending and beginning and as her humanness evolves, an ocean of emotions tinged with sorrow and joy. ‘Is this wrong?’ she asks and they cannot answer. Her task is pierce the perception of what is real and unreal. Continue reading