Converging Paths

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For readers new to the blog I think it may be pertinent to advise you of the nature of the Shed, as the blog is commonly known. It can be likened to Dr Who’s Tardis, rather unassuming and small on first appearance but once you get inside, a different state of affairs. Dimension and time travel have been mainstays of this vehicle, as have autobiographical snippets, flash fiction, other odds and sods, and poetry from a non-poet as I like to call myself.

What of my fellow companions? The residents, well, more like squatters, can be a rowdy lot. Over the years they’ve managed to insinuate themselves into the (virtual) building and occupy every chair, sofa and piece of floor available. One point in their favour, they are quite clean and tidy, which is a blessing. I have to take the blame for welcoming them over the threshold, much like inviting a vampire. The Security staff are useless, the critters somehow always bamboozle them. How???

I never envisaged becoming a landlord but here I am. We give them a little attention, our characters that is, and they start to take liberties. The worst perpetrator is a certain escapee from Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit. “White Hare, White Hare, please get it right” he shouts at me from an armchair. I send him an apologetic look. He can be a little sensitive understandably. Oh, Anubis and Odin are the others. These three have taken me down some very odd paths, and there is a fourth to join their ranks, Tehuti/Djehuty/Thoth are his various names. He is the more, er, sensible of the group.

Not that I’m casting aspersions on Anubis and Odin, heaven forbid! They’re beings NEVER to be trifled with, but the Demiurge and Lord of Wisdom can be relied upon to give a balanced and well-informed opinion in difficult situations. I’m trying to put out bunting out for his arrival, rather excited. It’s been a while since we met up, although he has kept an eye on me over the years.

I like the surreal and odd, and they seem to like me, as evidenced by the creative outpourings.

It wasn’t so in the early days. Gosh, the Shed had a job attracting punters. Those were bleak days.

“Is this going anywhere?” a voice questions from inside a wardrobe.

Damn Lion!

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As I was saying, those were bleak days. As for now, several paths are converging for yet another incursion into unexplored landscapes. My second blog has been given a sip of the waters of life and is reborn. The Storyteller’s journey continues, as do those of my Alchemist, Amunet (“The Hidden One”), the Templar Knight, and the Lightbearer. This signals a new phase in my life, inner life most importantly.

Knowledge has been a great love of mine even from childhood, I’ve accumulated it, pored over it, and loved it. Yet, knowledge is empty without practical application and experience. Something I’ve learned over the years, had to learn. Hence perhaps the reappearance of Tehuti to put things into perspective. What is of value and can help others should be willingly shared. A hand offered in help can save many that are either lost or searching for a missing piece of the puzzle.

The Demiurge stands in the temple, silhouetted against the dazzling light of the midday sun. He waits patiently, time has no meaning for a being such as him. It flows out of him, infusing every atom of the Universe. I’ve searched for the mystery at the heart of life, looked to the stars for clues, urged them for answers, and at times failed to hear what they had to say. I’ve placed my footsteps in the one who had gone ahead, guided by an unseen hand. The purpose of the journey? The reason for being, existing.

There are as many answers as there are grains of sand in the desert that lies before us. They are like reflections in an eye. I stand within the temple, staring into the distance, as always he stands before me, with hand outstretched, offering the moon. I move forward, grasp it. Two paths have converged. What lies ahead of us?

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Mímir’s Well – Thursday photo prompt – Carved #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

Once again Sue has provided a powerful image for the Thursday Photo Prompt, and once again Odin’s Seer has appeared to peer into the waters of truth. I hope my words reflect her visions as she saw them:

This place is known as Mímisbrunner (Mímir’s Well), one of three wells found beneath the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Within it are contained great wisdom and knowledge, lusted after by many who know not the depth of its waters and sacrifice demanded for even one sip. Even gods are not exempt from paying a price for the secrets it offers. Odin knew this well, and felt the agony of giving up what was most precious. I too have sacrificed much, stepping beyond the realms of all that is safe and known, for knowledge forbidden to the living and dead alike.

Our kind are called to this path, never being freed from its duties and burdens, that is if we care to accept the calling. If not, then the sight is dimmed, and we are blinded to the other worlds. Yet, they still call to me in dreams and visions, as the magic is potent and eternal in my blood and soul. I am here on this windblown and rain blasted place because they sought me out, urged travel from the western lands. Something is afoot, it stirs in the depths of the well. The One-Eyed One came to me as silent and swift as a shadow, brought portents of things incredible and filled with awe. This is a time of rising, of secrets being unveiled, of choices offered and fates spun. I prophesy for him and send dreams to the chosen.

The stone feels alive against my palms. It resonates with the power of gold and fire, falling like a waterfall into the great darkness and silence of Creation. I see that place of beginnings and eventual endings, have seen it reflected in my eyes since the time before birth into this world. Fire and Ice fall towards each other, both sentient and holders of secret knowledge. The first parents, sole inhabitants of what is sometimes known as the Great Silence. The veils shroud my eyes now and so it begins, I peer into the well as the time of recounting approaches.

I am blinded, consciousness retreating to the back of my skull and then, beyond into other places. I ask whether to go either backwards or forwards, left or right. My inner vision sees ephemeral shapes linger behind, hiding within sight. They hold questions that need to be asked and answers to be given. I feel the breath of anticipation brush against my cheek, it brings whispers of new beginnings waiting in the wings. They are silhouetted against the doorway, a portal carved with precision and beauty.

The waters clear, a head rises to the top. Mímir speaks in riddles, “the time of release and self-awareness await” he utters softly. The soul unravels, falling away to float away in the winds of change. All must face the time of reckoning, falsehoods and darkness confronted. The beasts wait on the periphery, thirst for your blood and flesh. What is your path of escape? What choices do you make, the same mistakes or new ones, step outside perceived reality? He pauses and then opens his eyes. I sink into them, falling, falling with no end in sight.

I utter many things, words that remain hidden from my conscious mind, they are meant only for you to understand. Ancient seas stir with the breath of winds, and waves break upon shores unknown. The skies shimmer with an obsidian light, illuminated by a pearlescent moon. A figure stands on the shore and stares out into the distance. Their heartbeat echoes loudly, it calls a name repeatedly, “Faith.” Only they know its significance. What does it mean to you Seeker? That is all I can tell you, the rest you have to seek out, offer a worthy sacrifice for what is to be conveyed. Give it to the waters, as Odin gave his eye. Go now.

As for me, our kind are called to this path, never being freed from its duties and burdens, that is if we care to accept the calling. If not, then the sight is dimmed, and we are blinded to the other worlds. Yet, they still call to me in dreams and visions, as the magic is potent and eternal in my blood and soul.

Forbidden Fruit -Twittering Tale #51 – 26 September 2017


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My contribution to Kat Myrman’s marvellous Twittering Tale challenge this week:

This is fruit from the Tree of Life  and Death. It enables you to see the creation of the Universe or its death. What do you choose to see? 

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Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!


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An ambitious title I think to myself dear reader, but a note to the ‘Lord of Holy Words’ (as inventor of writing and the arts) is rather appropriate at this time. Being endowed with complete knowledge and wisdom he is kept rather busy with all manner of business. Here’s hoping he answers. Tahuti (ancient Egyptian) has gone under the guise of many names throughout the ages, the most familiar being Thoth and Hermes. Totally different pantheons and cultures admittedly. I have great affection for both entities whose energies have been present in my life for a long time. The pursuit of knowledge has been a driving force since childhood and much that’s been gathered over the years has been filed away in (mental) drawers. Now and again I get a nudge reminding me to check in said drawers. Such a time has approached and I’m feeling a little nervous, who knows what’s lurking in there! The mind feels much like a library that’s been neglected for years, its contents shrouded by dust and in need of renovation. A terrible state of affairs because I love books and libraries, my first job in fact was working in a large public library in London. Continue reading