Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!

An ambitious title I think to myself dear reader, but a note to the ‘Lord of Holy Words’ (as inventor of writing and the arts) is rather appropriate at this time. Being endowed with complete knowledge and wisdom he is kept rather busy with all manner of business. Here’s hoping he answers. Tahuti (ancient Egyptian)…Read more Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!

The Best Seat in the House

This is the view from the best seat in the house, otherwise known as the kitchen. A place which has seen me toil over a laptop over the years, feverishly at times to weave magic with words. Did I ever succeed? Yes and No. The view changes with each season. The rose bushes, sage, rugosa,…Read more The Best Seat in the House

My Characters Aren’t Really Me

It’s been a year now since this blog tottered into life, developing nicely into a something slightly eccentric and surreal. Or so I’m hoping. My offerings haven’t always achieved their objective and ended up gasping like fish on dry land. Not a nice picture eh? “A wandering mystic” is how I identify myself in this…Read more My Characters Aren’t Really Me