Dragon Charmer


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My recent posts have been a brief respite from tackling the BIG issue in my life. Consorting with the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter has its downsides but they appear when needed. The job gets done and they watch from a safe distance at the resulting, mayhem. Mayhem and chaos are words I would also associate with the Greek god Dionysus, who is associated with the lifting of repression, inhibition, and release of desire. You need to approach him with care dear readers, his presence brings with it uncontrollable energies and impulses. Such energies serve to break down the façade of so called civilised behaviour and perception. Not always a bad thing if we are experiencing stagnation but keep Hermes nearby for damage limitation!

Now, what of this elusive BIG issue? If you look at some old maps there may be areas marked ‘here be dragonnes’. I’m currently in a place ‘where be dragonnes’, not always a comfortable place to be. They’ve been with me for a while it seems. We’ve fought on many occasions, with both parties drawing little blood. That is fortunate, no sense in these conflicts escalating into wars. I sense this will never be the case, the dragons agree. They come from a time when the world was an idea in the mind of creative forces. Being primordial and primeval in nature, bringing with them knowledge and memories of things power filled and mysterious. I don’t view them as being either evil or negative. They’re transformative symbols and the time is ripe to undergo change.

Instead of picking up either spear or sword, I decided to face them with a different mind-set. Why not charm them? One definitions of the word caught my attention:

“The power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others”.


That’ll do nicely.

The sound of wings is already whispering in my ears. The outer armour is dropped but not my shield of Light; it would inappropriate to appear vulnerable so early in the proceedings. How does one proceed in the act of re-acquaintance/knowing with old friends, possible adversaries? Fear not dear readers I won’t descend into a florid, long-winded discourse, thought I’d take the route of a stream of consciousness. What needs to be said regarding these inhabitants of the psyche should be honest, plain and simple. If this resonates with you, please take a seat and try to enjoy the show.

The beat of their wings echoes the beat of my heart, one, two, three, four. The rhythm repeats, then pauses. Quite hypnotic. They’re approaching, cutting through the different levels, from sleep to knowing, then being. I pick up a helmet fashioned out of gold, with a dragon’s head carved on the top. Animal instinct transformed into Higher Knowledge. The ability to control that which is uncontrollable and carries immense power is therefore gifted to the wearer of such a helmet. It must be worn with honour and utmost integrity, if not, it burns with divine fire, obliterating all. My heartbeats get louder, as does the sound of their wings. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four.

They approach from the West, accompanied by the great Angel of that place, Gabriel. Four in all, three moving into their respective places in the North (Uriel emerges), in the East (Raphael emerges) and in the South (Mikael emerges). Such shimmering colours reflect off their scales, irridescent and alive. I close my eyes and sense their presences, seeing with the inner sight that which can’t be seen with the outer sight. Truth isn’t always apparent to our everyday perception. The Universe has a heartbeat and it becomes louder. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five.

From the North emerges Sandalphon and transforms into a dragon whose scales reflect colours of the earthly realm and more. Such power and beauty, yet, I am reminded not to fall prey to illusionary beliefs. Of course. Are words necessary? He circles me, a circle within a circle. There is a hint of something more contained within this winged being. The Ouroboros comes to mind, dragon biting its tail. A union of the chthonian and celestial principles, of light and dark, beginning and end, cyclical in nature. He approaches and inspects, scrutinises, evaluates. I raise my hand in greeting and stare him directly in the face. The fire of creation is in their eyes, as are the waters of the primordial ocean. “I am ready” I say. We dance as rivers of light. I’m not afraid to be who I really am, perceived shortcomings and all. Like who you are. The charmer achieves her aim as do the charmed. It works both ways. It is done and they withdraw. The work now begins, to be courageous and face the fear.


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Gothic Imaginings: Who is the Real You?


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Not much to ask is it? Black and red go so well together. As do velvet darkness and moonlit nights heavy with the scent of night blooming jasmine. Black roses unfurl their beauty, beckoning drama and unfolding passion. Where does the siren lead? To paths plunging deep into the inner world of forgotten gods, unicorns and Faerie folk. Ancient songs haunt the winds of change,  telling and retelling tales of tragedy and heroic acts. A little dramatic would you say?

Does it unsettle to look beneath the mask, search out truths and untruths hidden deep? Does it pain the soul to admit failings and regrets? Who and what do we desire to be are questions asked but with no answers forthcoming. Look beyond the illusions and seek the person slumbering within whispers the voice in our mind.



 Light and Shadow

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Light and Shadow embrace, each emphasises the beauty of the other. 

See how the silence holds the space, see how it flows in the grace of her limbs.

Shadow and Light, Light and Shadow, each woos the other. Draws in grace and beauty transcendence.

Speak what is in your heart they whisper, let it flow, join in the dance, utter words long hidden.

Now for Something Cheerful


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Something less intense than my recent posts (not to everyone’s taste admittedly). I tend to veer off at times, don waders, and explore the contents of the subconscious. There are fallen angels, ancient gods, vampires, and the infamous Watchers lurking in that landscape at the moment. You can see what I mean by intense! This feels like a time to explore hidden pathways. Being a lover of fantasy and gothic fiction it seems the perfect thing to do.

To lighten the mood and see in the weekend here are things historical, and archaeological in flavour. With a nod to Star Wars. Please enjoy.


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Moonstruck and Bewildered


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Moving on from my rant about human trolls, it appears to me now that these past few months have been a time of misunderstandings, mis-communications and heightened emotions. Not only for me but many, many others. If I had to describe what was going on the inner, well, the image that springs to mind is that of a person standing on the edge of a precipice. Behind that person are a legion of others, watching and waiting. The cliff they’re standing on is slowly eroding, yet they make no move to get to safety. The world around them is descending into a state of chaos, generating apocalyptic visions. 

A little dramatic I know, yet the emotions attached to such imagery is recognisable is it not? As previously stated, I’m quite an empathic individual, neither a curse nor a blessing. It just IS. To be honest, at times it feels like I’m carrying the burden of others in addition to mine. Those others may be aspects of my own psyche, jostling for supremacy, perhaps freedom even. We look up at the Moon, shadowy Luna, reflecting the light of the Sun, Sol Invictus. Seeking answers within the silence of our inner sanctums.

We are moonstruck and bewildered in these troubled times, sensitive to the emergence of immense change beyond the precipice. Our eyes peer through a doorway showing things strange and paradoxical. As for the blood, it resonates with the matrix from which we came, the great Ocean of Being, salty womb of creation. Luna slowly descends into these deep waters of the Unconscious, infusing them with a powerful essence. Where is your Seer mighty Odin? We have need of her visions and prophecies. Where is your Delphic Oracle great Apollo? In the end they only point the way to the path we have to walk, find answers at the end of.

What of the people on the clifftop? Beings of opaque light fading fast and transforming. A spark lies waiting in their hearts. Ethereal wings emerge, unfurling, new-born divinity. A moment of hesitation, then we take flight, riding on whispered incantations. We fly like eagles, lifted to the heavens, viewing all, seeing all. How different the perspective is, how clear our vision is. ‘Rise above it all’ a voice tells us from the depths. Resist we must to sleep in its arms, for we are unready to face its truths. Not yet strong enough, or so we like to think. Our butterfly wings hint at so much.

Are we at that moment moonstruck and bewildered? A strange journey at this time, I can only sense shadowy shapes and rising expectation. What oracle to consult? Only the One that lies waiting, deep in the depths of our Being. What can we see from our vantage point? Stay safe dear travellers.

Microcosm – Mundane Monday Challenge #117: Learn Photography


Image: Aber Falls, Gwynedd, North Wales, Jan Malique

Here’s my belated contribution for this week’s Mundane Monday Challenge #117: Learn Photography.

It was taken on a visit to Aber Falls, a waterfall located about two miles south of the village of Abergwyngregyn, Gwynedd, Wales. The scenery en route to the falls is varied and rather lovely, filled with all manner of flora and fauna. This shot was taken whilst walking down one the footpath from the falls. I was especially careful making my way down the terrain and happened to spot these gorgeous little fungi nestling amongst stone, grass and wood. A whole ecosystem was living, growing and dying at my feet, what a wonder of Nature! A microcosm hidden in the macrocosm.




Surrealist Quotes


Image: Lifehack quotes

As Sunday afternoon sashays into Sunday evening my spirit is moved towards the ridiculous and surreal. A place hidden well in fluid shadows and cascading stardust. The great masters of the art, sorry, Art, move into view. Here are words of wisdom and perhaps also discordance from a few of my favourite Surrealists.

White Rabbit stares at me and looks, em, slightly impressed.

“Hidden shadows and cascading stardust?” he mutters. Then winks at me. This girl done good.


Image: Imgarcade.com

I know it well…



I’m still searching.



Mysteries can be unveiled, revealed, made known. That is part of our journey.