Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!

An ambitious title I think to myself dear reader, but a note to the ‘Lord of Holy Words’ (as inventor of writing and the arts) is rather appropriate at this time. Being endowed with complete knowledge and wisdom he is kept rather busy with all manner of business. Here’s hoping he answers. Tahuti (ancient Egyptian)…Read more Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!

Bridge of Sighs by Jan Malique #writephoto

My contribution to Sue's photo prompt this week sees the return of an old, em, youngish old friend Little Troll. Like many trolls he lives under a bridge in a tardis like home but that’s where the similarity ends. He’s not a typical example of his kind, what troll has refined tastes in food, literature…Read more Bridge of Sighs by Jan Malique #writephoto

Light Reborn: Awaiting the Winter Solstice

This post has taken a while to write, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps there was a need to integrate all the insights gained over the course of the day. I attended one day of a Silent Eye pre-solstice weekend workshop on Anglesey, North Wales last Saturday (03/12/16). It was entitled ‘Of Ash and Seed’.…Read more Light Reborn: Awaiting the Winter Solstice

Folly’s Dream -broken – #writephoto

My offering this week for Sue Vincent'sThursday photo prompt #writephoto . A tale not as sad as it may appear of love's trials and tribulations. .. Not everything must endure for eternity. This much has been learned. For I am more than stone and mortar but Folly created giving rise to yet more folly. Illicit assignations…Read more Folly’s Dream -broken – #writephoto

An Old Dog Can Teach You New Tricks

He's a very different character to the entity that had come through previously. The power and sense of presence are stronger. I'm not sure what to make of this new relationship. He was offered as a gift, one that I couldn't possibly refuse. The sculptor who fashioned him was a friend, now 'walking with the…Read more An Old Dog Can Teach You New Tricks

Is the Mask Cracking?

How many masks do we own? Things of mystery, deception and sadness.The mask reached for automatically before we face others, before we face ourselves, before we face the world. Who and what do we hope to become? The drama of our existence has a purpose, either transformation or annihilation of the spirit. How removed from…Read more Is the Mask Cracking?

Secrets revealed, Secrets concealed

I'm sitting at my kitchen table again looking out at the sun bathed garden. The best seat in the house folks. It's been nearly a week since I took to my sick-bed with a particularly stubborn cold. The kind that leaves you feeling like a zombie crossed with Stig of the Dump. Not a pretty…Read more Secrets revealed, Secrets concealed