Icarus Reborn

Dying star, phoenix, what shall we call you? What will you respond to? You who dared to reach the unknowable. For the gods are not kind to those who seek to breach the boundaries placed on high. Humanity should know their place in this world, submit to rule and respect divine law. They are not…Read more Icarus Reborn

Rite of Passage: Running with the Storm

The Elders stand in a semi-circle within the sanctuary. The High Priestess and Shaman stand on either side of the portal and the Summoner in front of it. A storm is brewing in the north, for it is the sky gods who prepare the trials to come for the young initiate warrior. The air is…Read more Rite of Passage: Running with the Storm

The Moon Looks Bright Tonight Alice

I can see the whole universe from down here. Looks pretty big. A million points of light stretching into infinity. Where does it end? In the rabbit hole methinks. If you don’t like that image, think of it as a wormhole Alice. I’ve never seen the edge of the Universe, only glimpsed it in my dreams.…Read more The Moon Looks Bright Tonight Alice