Icarus Reborn

Dying star, phoenix, what shall we call you? What will you respond to? You who dared to reach the unknowable. For the gods are not kind to those who seek to breach the boundaries placed on high. Humanity should know their place in this world, submit to rule and respect divine law. They are not…Read more Icarus Reborn

Hidden Pathways

(This version was published in Axis Mundi online magazine Issue 58 in 2014, the original version "Merlin" was published in 2006) This story emerged from meditations undertaken many, many years ago. It was a strange time, the energies surrounding my life were a little challenging it has to be said! Such are the cycles of…Read more Hidden Pathways

Come, Great Pan

The short days and the gloom they bring during these winter months flattens the spirit a little. The heavens have seen fit to bathe us in torrents of water; I swear webbing has started to grow between my fingers and toes. Sigh. The damp is not conducive to my already creaky joints.  Complaining again I…Read more Come, Great Pan

Seers and Storytellers: Journey to Delphi

My posts on this blog tend to be intermittent, admittedly due to procrastination and trying to earn a crust in the madness that is the working life. You could say my alter ego as a writer was a sanctuary, an activity that replenished my energies and spirit. Not much replenishing has occurred over the past…Read more Seers and Storytellers: Journey to Delphi