What Have We Lost?

This resonated strongly with me. I’m ever hopeful about humanity’s journey towards evolution, but, looking at the world today you would think otherwise.

Answers on a postcard please, funnier the better.


The Mystic’s Journey



Does the Soul contemplate their fate and decide to take action and use the key? Or, do they seek solace within the walls of their prison, fearful of what truly lies within?


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The Soul sits for a while longer, questions their perception of the world. They hear a faint sound, of familiar voices hovering deep within the mind. The meaning of their messages is all but forgotten, drowned by the sounds of worldly matters. Yet, the words are not forgotten, cannot be forgotten. Where does this leave them?



A fire burns within the Soul, consumes doubts and insecurities, leaves no room for inertia and stagnation. All matter in the Universe vibrates, is in perpetual motion, why then does the Soul hesitate?  Is it fearful of what approaches, of what threatens to keep it  enmeshed in earth and bound by roots? The dance beckons, opens the door, dare they pass through? What waits beyond?

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The hand takes the key, lets knowledge open the door, faces one and then the many. Half forgotten words resurface, one and then the many speak, acknowledge kinship. The Way opens, the road to freedom begins.








Book News & Reviews: Melusine Draco

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For lovers of intelligent vampire fiction. A well researched book with an intriguing plot and charismatic hero. I loved the first book, “Spartan Dog”, and eagerly wait on the next in the series. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, I have a spot spot for the hero Alastor.

Melusine Draco

Coming soon …

The Wanderer: The Vampyre’s Tale – Book 2

Alastor Darvell is not an ordinary vampire. He learned his survival skills at the Krypteia, the equivalent of the Spartan ‘special forces’ and his powerful esoteric knowledge has been bequeathed from a long line of ancient Egyptian magicians – which tend to make him pretty well invincible. Forced against his will to become a vrykolakas – or ‘avenger of the blood’ – Alastor embarks on an endless voyage of discovery, persecution, boredom and loneliness as he searches the world for others of his kind – hoping to find the secret of his release from the cycle of everlasting life.

Not only does his story reflect the trials and tribulations of the Old World, he also finds himself embroiled in a contemporary intrigue that runs parallel with his narrative and which threatens to expose him to the unknown dangers of…

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Jewels in the Claw (i) — Sun in Gemini

An intimation of the events of the April workshop by the author of this mystical drama. Steve Tanham is also one of the directors of the Silent Eye Mystery School.

There is a moment when he stops, puts down his packing box, and looks at what remains of the Court Floor. It is the last vestige of a creative journey of twelve months, of twenty souls intent on giving their all to the rather unusual script, and of a Silent Eye spring weekend at […]

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Resilience of the Emboldened Spirit


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Templar Knights, Cathars, Priests, Priestesses, Mystics, Ancient Gods and Magicians have wandered in and out of my stories on a regular basis. For the Silent Eye’s April workshop in Derbyshire I shall take on a role that’s in keeping with the spirit of these characters. As yet I can’t reveal what that role will be, my perception of their persona will change as I inhabit the skin of this individual.

In Mystery Schools (both ancient and modern) the enactment of mystical dramas amongst other things, served to elucidate profound knowledge; as well as initiate psychological and spiritual processes within the individual. Change in whatever shape and form acts as a catalyst to transform consciousness and reveal insights, regardless of whether we’re ready to accept them! That’s the way of personal growth dear readers.

These words are a reflection of my personal explorations on a mystical and magical journey that has continued for over 30 years. I’ve endeavoured to pass on any knowledge and insights gained to help others, one can only try. It’s a journey unique to me, the ultimate destination being to regain wholeness and reintegration with the Cosmic Consciousness. My truth will not be someone else’s truth, my perception of the manifest world will be exactly that, my perception and not anyone else’s.


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As for the strange and colourful figures wandering through the virtual landscape of my blog, they’re more potent and real than you can ever imagine. Okay, they’re products of a creative process, imagination is an incredibly powerful tool. It can be wielded with a deft hand much like a surgeon’s scalpel, at other times either like a paintbrush or pencil. Dion Fortune defined magic as “the art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with the Will.”

Important to keep that in mind and not jump to erroneous conclusions.

Now, back to the focus of my little foray into the minds of the fantastical characters I mentioned earlier. All the human entities are searching for the god of their heart, wanting union with the indefinable and apparently unknowable Creator of all life. They’re seeking to part the Veils of Mystery separating human experience and reality from that of the Divine. For Divinity, the journey into manifestation is to gain understanding of its creations, to take to its heart the beauty and subtleties of material life.


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To look upon the face of Divinity and live is to finally achieve true gnosis. Life is never the same, the world is then viewed through a lens of supreme clarity. Some of my Seekers have passed through the Veil and lived, others have undergone the transition from the material plane to immaterial plane. Wisdom has been the fruit of their experiences and I think a sense of great inner peace, of a reconciliation between human and divine consciousness. Therein lies the key, for me, to understand the motivations of my character in the Workshop. Therein lies the meaning of resilience for an emboldened spirit. In the words of the wonderful Captain Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek fame, “make it so.” I go with those words into the depths of Derbyshire.

Esoteric Shipbuilding — The Silent Eye

Two weeks to go before the workshop and here’s a taster of things to come.

It was a ‘stream of consciousness moment’; one of those that acts like a time machine. The flash of memories cut right back to my childhood – seven or eight years old. It included the sight and texture of the old bricks of our primary school playground, the beginnings of art at school, and learning […]

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From Spirit to Social Bot: The Familiar Shapes Documentary — The Thinker’s Garden

A welcome post from the Custodian at The Thinker’s Garden.

FROM SPIRIT TO SOCIAL BOT: THE FAMILIAR SHAPES DOCUMENTARY “…they can assume all manner of shapes at their pleasure, appear in what likeness they will themselves…they are most swift in motion, can pass many miles in an instant…” -from The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton (1621) Almost four hundred years ago, a young Oxford graduate…

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Sign of the Serpent: Travel Curiosities


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Another day and another town, such is the lot of the traveller passing through, glimpsing places preserved in aspic and showered with sweet almond pastries.

Sunrise bathes all in gold and sparks of flame, catches breath in throat. Church bells ring, announce the time of prayer and silent contemplation.

You wonder what lies beneath, how true its heart is and how deep the well of memories plunges. You ask to sip its waters, wait hesitantly for permission.

The silence flows endlessly, gives no indication, and gives no quarter. “Tell me” you urge and yet like a lover engaged in games of intrigue it answers not.

Eyes peer curiously from windows and doorways, mutter in tongues unfamiliar and offer yet more silence. Dare you engage? Dare you invite responses?


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Words drop like pearls from your mouth and smiles banish the last of darkness. Welcomes unfold, hospitality ensues.

They ask what your journey entails and what you seek. Dare you enlighten them and reveal the plan? The Serpent calls, beckons and promises. Knowledge awaits, initiates yet more journeys.

They reveal the way, tell of the Sign of Infinity, of Serpent poised above the portal. They point the way, deep into the heart of this city it lies, hidden in narrow, mysterious streets. No map is given, they only say “follow the voice of the wind. No guidebook will furnish you more.”


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So the adventure continues, the labyrinthine streets bear witness to pilgrimages past and to be undertaken. You stand bewildered, silhouetted against stone and wood, bereft of purpose. Silence cascades like a mountain stream, stretches into infinity. So long it seems, so long, and then, the wind rises, gives voice to what you seek.

The shadows vanish, melt into gold and then it emerges. The Sign of Infinity, the Sign of the Serpent. You glance at your guide-book, page after page of blankness, of histories yet to be written. The first and not the last of travel curiosities.


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The School – The correspondence course, what it is and how it works

Another path that I walk on apart from the ancient Egyptian Mysteries. This being the Silent Eye Mystery School, one many of you may be familiar with. I’ve certainly written about my experiences of the annual workshops.


Source: The School – The correspondence course, what it is and how it works