The Storyteller Returns

The Storyteller and I parted ways some time ago; amicably it has to be said. Only a temporary situation you understand. We both relish our personal space and the time apart reinvigorates the spirit. We share the same corporeal form but encapsulate twin creative souls. Some writers adopt a pen name to create works in a…Read more The Storyteller Returns

Whispers of Ancestral Voices

Fellow bloggers and old friends who attended the recent Silent Eye workshop, The Feathered Seer, have written far more eloquently than I of their experiences.  This is my attempt at making sense of the weekend’s events, my guide Anubis will walk beside me as I recall all and perhaps nothing. I ask my Muse and Guide,…Read more Whispers of Ancestral Voices

Bear – Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Dec. 10/16

My response to LindaGHill 's Stream of Consciousness prompt. I haven't indulged in a while, so this is a wicked pleasure. Linda's prompt is below: It’s Friday today, and this is your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Life is crazy, isn’t it? Between being glued to the news and doing everything I can to avoid it, I’ve…Read more Bear – Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Dec. 10/16

Creation – Cracked Ice #writephoto

My response to Sue's Thursday Photo Prompt Cracked Ice. I return once again to the realms of fire and ice to face Odin and see creation unfold. Creation of the Cosmos and more. Or is it just a dream?  Does any of this make sense?  Seek beneath the surface dear Reader. Odin, what say you on the…Read more Creation – Cracked Ice #writephoto

Magi – #Stream of Consciousness Saturday- In

My response this week to Linda G Hill’s prompt Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Linda's prompt was: 'Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in/out.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!' He was sorting his wares in the market square, an unassuming man in threadbare clothes. I watched him from…Read more Magi – #Stream of Consciousness Saturday- In

Meetings with the Stag of the Stubble

White Rabbit is looking quite unlike his usual self these days. Gone are the white jacket and strides. In their place are things most primal, edged with a fine trim of mischief. The Stag in the Stubble is making his presence known and I’m quite intrigued to be honest. I watch him from the safety…Read more Meetings with the Stag of the Stubble

An Old Dog Can Teach You New Tricks

He's a very different character to the entity that had come through previously. The power and sense of presence are stronger. I'm not sure what to make of this new relationship. He was offered as a gift, one that I couldn't possibly refuse. The sculptor who fashioned him was a friend, now 'walking with the…Read more An Old Dog Can Teach You New Tricks

Secrets revealed, Secrets concealed

I'm sitting at my kitchen table again looking out at the sun bathed garden. The best seat in the house folks. It's been nearly a week since I took to my sick-bed with a particularly stubborn cold. The kind that leaves you feeling like a zombie crossed with Stig of the Dump. Not a pretty…Read more Secrets revealed, Secrets concealed

The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

Photo: Copyright Jan Malique It's been a week since my return from a workshop in Derbyshire, a deeply profound experience. How dramatic this statement sounds, but there is great truth buried within the dramatics. Humanity is forever pursuing the goals of self-realisation and gnosis; sometimes this goal seems within our reach but is snatched away, much…Read more The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

The Moon Looks Bright Tonight Alice

I can see the whole universe from down here. Looks pretty big. A million points of light stretching into infinity. Where does it end? In the rabbit hole methinks. If you don’t like that image, think of it as a wormhole Alice. I’ve never seen the edge of the Universe, only glimpsed it in my dreams.…Read more The Moon Looks Bright Tonight Alice