Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance

The dancers moved intuitively to the sound of their hearts as the music swelled and sobbed. It finally paused, waiting for the lovers to catch their breath. This was more than an interlude in a cafe that had seen glory and laughter in a bygone age. Few tourists ventured into the old quarter of the city, much…Read more Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance

Rite of Passage: Running with the Storm

The Elders stand in a semi-circle within the sanctuary. The High Priestess and Shaman stand on either side of the portal and the Summoner in front of it. A storm is brewing in the north, for it is the sky gods who prepare the trials to come for the young initiate warrior. The air is…Read more Rite of Passage: Running with the Storm

Pythia – Deep #writephoto

My offering for Sue's Thursday Photo Prompt Deep #writephoto is a return journey to the Oracle at Delphi. A place mysterious, awe-some and a little terrifying. The answers being sought are always couched in unclear and misleading language. To give the true answer would change destinies and the mouth piece of the Goddess cannot interfere in human…Read more Pythia – Deep #writephoto

The Enchanter’s Art

Enchantment is my art, a gift not undertaken lightly and bringing great transformation. I am the Alchemist in their many forms, I am the Philosopher's Stone, I am Crucible within which profound transmutations are birthed. Enchantment is but only one perception of reality. This world does not truly exist as it is but because we…Read more The Enchanter’s Art

Bear – Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Dec. 10/16

My response to LindaGHill 's Stream of Consciousness prompt. I haven't indulged in a while, so this is a wicked pleasure. Linda's prompt is below: It’s Friday today, and this is your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Life is crazy, isn’t it? Between being glued to the news and doing everything I can to avoid it, I’ve…Read more Bear – Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Dec. 10/16

Hound of Hades – #writephoto-creature

This is my response to Sue Vincent's Thursday photo prompt #writephoto-creature. I watch Charon’s boat journey across the Sea of Night for an eternity; time is meaningless in this place. This is the true horror that awaits the dead in the halls of Hades. They do not relish the gift of immortality, it only brings them…Read more Hound of Hades – #writephoto-creature