Approaching Thresholds


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I haven’t posted in a while due to being ill with a horrible bout of flu. A week is a long time in politics and even longer in blogging. This lurgy deserves to have all manner of nasty things thrown at it. It’s rendered me unable to eat properly, coughing like I’ve been smoking for years (I’m a non-smoker) and very tired. Today is the first day I’ve felt able to function properly and it feels goodish.

I’m reserving judgement until the virus is dragged screaming from my system and thrown through whatever portal it came through. A tad dramatic admittedly, but when you’ve had a raging inferno inside you there is no other option but to use harsh language. It passes the time and occupies idle hands.

The day’s been mild and sunny, which has lifted my spirits. Although there was one minor blip on my horizon. Our kitchen door has a habit of sticking and it happened this afternoon. I’d left my phone in the living room and couldn’t climb out of the kitchen window (either I need to lose weight or the window needs checking for malfunction); a valiant and embarrassing effort was made though. I managed to free myself eventually.

I was seated at the kitchen table consulting the Oracle and wondered whether this was a test. You know, to see whether I was taking notice of the messages being conveyed. My divination skills are rather rusty and ripe for refining. Illness has a habit of focussing one’s thoughts and attention towards the inner. Living in a world filled with a cacophony of noise can render you almost deaf to important messages emanating from your subconscious. It can also blind you to things that need to be noticed, prevent you from seeing through illusions, of situations and people not being what they appear to be.

The Oracle from the Magician’s Tarot (Quareia), Jan Malique

It feels like there are many thresholds approaching. Thresholds are intriguing places, both in the waking and dream states. They’re places of transition and transformation, and in architecture are decorated appropriately to denote their significance. They signify the separation of the profane and sacred, and are assigned guardians to prevent the incursion of those not prepared for the experience to come. They are also places through which we pass from consciousness to subconsciousness, we thus descend into the Underworld if the Guardians permit us to.

Which brings to mind the descent of the goddess Ishtar into the Underworld. There is no way of avoiding this fate if we’re to gain one ounce of self-insight.


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The unravelling is necessary but its power must be restricted once the objective has been achieved, that is self-awareness and self-mastery. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be permitted access to the doors waiting further on the horizon until further trials and lessons are completed.

The threat of destruction (either real or symbolic) is heavily infused with ambivalence, it implies sacrifice and is part and parcel of the journey. The process brings fear but should not be allowed to overwhelm us. I’m not seeing things clearly and perhaps allowing the fear of whatever destruction implies, it isn’t always something negative.


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I’m a different person to who I was a year ago, and a year before that, and beyond that. The passage of time has involved the shedding of old personas, much like a snake sheds its skin. Transitions and Thresholds have come and gone. Like the Shaman I need to face the invader (either physical or symbolic) within my system and ask why it’s there and what it wants. What lessons are to be gained from the interaction?

Self-awareness and self-mastery? For that I need to commune with the beings populating the inner landscape and my own self. I look to my ancestral line for answers to present day dilemmas and the gifts they’ve bequeathed (for good and bad). My healing will benefit them, for that is the greatest gift we can bestow upon them. It involves reintegration at the deepest level. A positive endeavour don’t you think?


Mark of the Dragon

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They fell, these dragons of fire and implacable wisdom.Fell like dying stars from places unreachable and forbidden.

Left scars upon the matter of existence, branded its subtle nature. Did they truly rebel, or were they privy to plans divine?

Seraph pondered on the consequences of the so called battle in heaven. Such tales were spun, truth mythologised, twisted and shaped like the threads in ephemeral webs.

The truth was more subtle, more shocking than humanity could ever conceive. Eyes blazed into fire, witnessed the fall as it was lived.

His voice was muted once humanity was bestowed, and memory drenched in matter. True nature stirred, pushed at the limits of endurance.

Seraph saw the beat of wings push aside atom after atom, slice consciousness with a scalpel fashioned from free will, and determination.

The Mark of the Dragon was inedible, infinitesimal. Flames poured from his hands, consumed ashes, and seared insolence. He watched and uttered not a word. The world spun on its axis, age after age passed but inherent nature stood still.


Image: Comfreak, Pixabay

Seraph fell, consumed matter, reshaped matrix after matrix, discarded blueprint after blueprint. Then a glorious countenance descended, moulded with love, birthed into being one and the other, female and male. Androgyny split was asunder, each seeking the other in a dance eternal.

Wings of gold turned ashen, mirrored Crow, messenger between worlds, oracle of possible futures. From out of ashes followed resurrection, She rose resplendent, stared out at a world unknown and unimpressive.



Image: josemdelaa, Pixabay

She held out her hand, clutched a book of knowledge, of perfection beyond comprehension. “Guard it well” they entreated, for her mission was secretive, and her fealty unshakeable. Thus did the blueprint of creation fall, taken to places of safety. Thus did Seraph’s mission begin, thus did her life begin.

Twittering Tale #66 – 9 January 2018 – The Interview


Image: Photo by Eddie Garcia on Unsplash

I was treading on shaky ground with my contribution this week. Seeking to obtain answers from this mysterious and paradoxical work was going to be difficult. Their answer only deepened my confusion:

Interview with the Tao Te Ching

What is the Tao and how do we know if someone is imbued with its wisdom?

Tao Te Ching: The answer lies in your question

(Laughs) Surely not!

Tao Te Ching: “Those who possessed the attributes of the Tao did not seek to show them, and therefore they possessed them in fullest measure”

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Kat’s challenge this week:

A photo of an empty chair with a backdrop by Eddie Garcia on Unsplash. I’m calling this “The Interview”. Your challenge is to pick a person to interview in your tale. If it is a famous person, try to include one of their famous quotes…and the fun part…fashion your question so that the quote is the answer. Now, I mentioned it could be a famous person…but it needn’t be. It could be a favorite teacher, friend or relative that gave you some sage advice. Whoever you choose, this is your opportunity to use dialog to tell your tale. Have fun! 2018 is turning out to be a fun and inspiring year. See you at the roundup!



Reflections in a Train Window


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I was trying to avoid writing a review of the past year, only to prevent horrible flash backs you understand. To protect the identities of the guilty and reviled I shall keep this piece as innocuous as possible. The very thought brings tears to my eyes, or is that the onions?  I return to work next Monday after a week’s holiday and not sure how I should react. It appears my ambition of winning the lottery hasn’t manifested, so feign bitter disappointment perhaps? I jest (with tongue firmly in cheek).

Why title this small but slightly cranky little post Reflections in a Train Window? Why indeed? Oh, you want me to elaborate? I’ve used public transport nearly all my life and don’t mind using it on the whole. It’s been a lifeline since I moved from a busy city to rural Wales. Admittedly I rely on my partner and taxis to take me to the train station which is 20-25 minutes away. We don’t have a bus service where we live, unfortunately rural areas aren’t well served and I don’t see it improving. London was a different prospect, buses, trains and the underground rail system were easily accessible. Now my independence has been curtailed a little but I knew there were compromises to be made when making the decision to move.

Back to trains. They’ve been a source of adventure when my journeys have been for pleasure rather than for work. That’s the positive side, the reality is underfunding of the rolling stock, high ticket prices (and high profits for shareholders), and safety issues. For many trains are a lifeline and they’re being priced out. The railway system is ripe for nationalisation folks. I did say this post was going to be cranky.


Image: ulleo, Pixabay

As for the reflections part. I like window seats, they give me an opportunity to dream and stare at the passing terrain. Stories get woven, insights obtained from introspection, and people to watch, including my reflection. At times it feels like we’re passing through life rather than live it and immerse ourselves in its waters. This may be a reality for many, next time you’re travelling just look at the faces of your fellow passengers. What are they thinking, dreaming of? Many times I’ve wanted to get off my commuter train and jump on another train to fresh horizons, to sit, watch, write, feel the wind on my face and breathe sea air. Perhaps the perceived shackles are ready to be kicked off, the ice bound instruments of frustration are thawing, brittle and waiting for the kiss of a hammer.

Changes are afoot deep, deep inside. It’s like looking through that train window and seeing things of interest flash by, like fish in a fast flowing river, like foxes peering through the long grass, and curious blackbirds watching on a branch. My journeys may be metaphorical, for now, but the reality is weaving itself as I write this piece. No New Year resolutions have been made, only promises to myself that have been planted, now gestating in the dark, waiting for the kiss of the strengthening Sun. It’s a time of releasing, cleansing, and forgiveness. Also a time for reconnecting with people and projects that are important.


Sands of Time — From Diary of an Aesthete

A wonderful, wonderful post from another of my favourite blogs. It has got me dreaming again of faraway lands…

Writer and Photographer James Dee Clayton travels across Morocco, into the lives of its many and varied people, deep into the tallest dunes of the Sahara Desert.

via Sands of Time — Diary of an Aesthete

Lady of the Flame: Hail Mighty Sekhmet!


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She is known by many epithets, in particular Eye of Ra, Lady of the Red Linen, and Lady of the Flame. Protector of the Pharaoh and scourge of humankind when we acted out like disobedient children. The Lion Goddess Sekhmet springs from ancient lineage and is imbued with the power of a million suns. Not one to be disrespected, and not one to be approached in arrogance and pride. The Goddess waits in the darkness of the Sanctuary, a place filled with eternal silence and terrible power.

How does the supplicant approach this place? Not with a backward glance. She can smell your fear as it seeps through your pores, and hear the frantic beat of your heart. Are you purified in body, soul and intent? Don’t deceive yourself, mercy will not be offered to you on a platter. Why should it? The journey through the burning desert hasn’t been easy, hunger and thirst have assailed you, brought you to your knees. She hasn’t spared you as you haven’t spared yourself.

The hot desert wind is Her breath upon your neck, a reminder that life can be all too brief, that you are prey. She can hear the blood rush through your veins, thirsts for it with a passion. The Lioness weaves Her way through the burning sands, eyes of gold survey the loneliness of the desert wastes, reveal in its bleak and awesome beauty. She calls to you, a song of allure and truth, asks what it is that you seek and want of Life. What healing is needed? She offers it, and more that remains shrouded until you reach the doors of the Sanctuary.

Fire is Her element, wielded with expertise and deadly accuracy. Her jaws open in a snarl, razor-sharp fangs gleam in the midday sun. This is the Eye of Ra in her magnificence, untamed and dangerous. She is the raw power of the Universe, a million Suns scorching and burning false personas. The Goddess waits in the darkness of the Sanctuary, a place filled with eternal silence and terrible power. She calls to you, a song of allure and truth, asks what it is that you seek and want of Life.


Image: nir_design

The temple shimmers on the horizon, is it a dream or a nightmare? She can smell your fear as it seeps through your pores, and hear the frantic beat of your heart. Don’t look back, there is no path to safety, no road to mendacity. The Portal looms ahead, offering shade and relief from the burning rays. Although you must pass through the realm of the Keeper of the Flame, one who guards the way to the Sanctuary. Are they male or female? Are they human or, something else? Your questions have no meaning in this place, it’s a place not of this world, not concerned with its laws and rules. The Keeper stares at your humanity, parts the flames to other realms, go through, don’t linger, don’t waste time.

She can smell your fear as it seeps through your pores, and hear the frantic beat of your heart. She calls to you, a song of allure and truth, asks what it is that you seek and want of Life. The place approaches, the doorway shimmers like a desert mirage, go through, don’t linger, don’t waste time. The refrain unfolds, stretches into infinity. This is your time of Becoming, an oft-repeated phrase, but filled with deep truth. Her eyes gaze intently, her manner is implacable. What can you say? Is she present? You touch your face and feel her face, touch her chest and feel your chest. Twin hearts beat loudly in this inner chamber, echo throughout the Universe. The Eye of Ra is pleased. The Eye of Ra sings her song of truth, of longing for the First Time, laments forgetfulness. Hear it and do not weep. She is eternal, the unending ocean of Being, and the life-giving rays of the Sun. Her flames consume and bring forth rebirth. It is done supplicant, it is done.

Kingdom of the Sorceress: Fate Divined


Image: RondellMelling, Pixabay

This old year is nearing its end and the time has come for the Sorceress, White Rabbit and I to convene in a place where all worlds meet and time doesn’t exist. I’ve missed my otherworldly friend, his quirky ways and unsettling habit of turning my world inside out. Is this what he was doing to Alice whilst she wandered through his surreal habitat? A world that was old, so old, when humanity was an idea, a seed in the womb of the Great Mother. The Sorceress knew the Mother’s secrets, tended to Her, guarded the gates to dimensions beyond understanding. She divined fates, foretold past and future. The present is ours to build and dream, breathe life into. Anubis and Amunet are making their way to another place to meet with Seraph and the Oracle. We will join them soon. Though not on this occasion.

The gates of this hidden kingdom open slowly at our approach. She emerges from the gloom and reveals her splendour. Spells are woven, incantations uttered, dreams shaped and birthed. She asks us, asks you, what is it that we need, not want, but need? A great fire has been lit in the centre of the kingdom, a funeral pyre. Into which shall be thrown our dead selves, old patterns, behaviours and burdens. Such things need to find their peace and place in the Universe when the times comes. Even the immortal must relinquish old memories, faded pages crumbling in the Book of Transitions. These are things to consider she says, to mull over and then, decide on our course of action. “Choose wisely” she mutters, then smiles a smile of utter sweetness and danger. A reminder that the road to revelation and freedom can be littered with fearful things. Of our own making and the intrigue of others…


Image: darksouls1, Pixabay

The way forward is veiled, its opalescent light hinting at things yet to be revealed. She lifts a hand and the veil parts at her command. The Tree of Life awaits on the plain before the Great Ocean, we now stand in the place of the Lesser Mysteries. Beings of Fire bar the way to the Greater Mysteries, their names unutterable, their natures fearful. Such an awesome sight did we behold! Is this a dream? Is this a vision of things to some? White Rabbit lies down on the ground and whistles a familiar tune, its haunting melody sinks deep into our skin, flesh and blood.

The Trickster leads us down the rabbit hole once again, we fall slowly through the vortex, spinning, spinning and spinning into infinity. Where would this journey end? Not in a place that’s familiar, not in a place we thought we would ever see again. There is darkness and fire, unfolding like gigantic waves breaking upon the shore. Is this the beginning of creation or its death? A multitude of voices fall like shooting stars, then all we hear is, the Great Silence. Thus is the song of angels. The Tree shimmers, inhales and exhales, calls to all that are ready and willing to live as divined, as decreed. The vision ends as it had begun, within the melody.

He looks, the Trickster looks and remains silent. Thus is the song of angels.

Image: Pixabay

Trickster, Shaman, Hierophant. What shall we call you? He shrugs, wearing a maddening smile. The Sorceress answers “He’s one pillar”.  The Trickster answers “She’s the other”. They gesture towards the Tree. So has she divined a fate, whose fate we should ask…We leave her kingdom of illusion and hidden truths. The Sorceress sings the gates into being, and ushers us out. How mundane that sounds but look where you now stand. What has changed?


Dee ~ Archangel Oracle – Exploration

Another card from the Archangel Oracle Blog, one that is quite pertinent for many of us.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Exploration, from the Sacred Power Reading Cards, by Anna Stark, artwork by Louis Dyer Exploration: “Explore new territory. Create your own path, with purpose.” “Be brave! Exploring new ground and territory is essential to moving forward. Once we overcome our fear of the unknown, we often find the journey towards our […]

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