A common misconception? — The Silent Eye

A timely find! Sumeria is the focus of the journey next year.

“….so, this year it is Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court, and next year we’ll be in Sumeria.” Running around getting things organised for the workshops always involves the attempted acquisition of some strange items. I frequently get asked what I’m hoping to use them for and that inevitably leads to questions about what we […]

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Walking the Labyrinth


My thoughts now return to the Knight Templar who began his journey in this blog some time ago, perhaps even before the Shed was an entity. The man is at heart a hermit, relinquishing the outer world in order to pursue greater goals of the spirit. Such an endeavour doesn’t always go to plan, and many times his feet have faltered.

Since his meeting with the Lightbearer a profound change has occurred, revealing another part of the Labyrinth being walked. This time his mission is to find the Sacred Bull at the heart of the Labyrinth. The Bull has been a primordial symbol of kingship, fertility, strength, the Sun, the land and power. It’s also symbolic of the solar, masculine, and generative energies of sky gods; additionally the animal is often the power animal of either a high priest or leader.


janeb13, Pixabay

What will the Knight Templar find as he approaches the mystery at the heart of the Labyrinth?

The Great Bull slumbers at the heart of the Universe. His dreams call to the chosen ones, ending illusionary lives and false realities. He bellows and calls down thunder and lightning, hooves make the Earth tremble, call upon chthonic powers, and illuminate shadowed paths. Both dark and light meet, keep equilibrium, stay the hand of misrule and bring about order.

This and more has the Knight Templar dreamed each night, the intensity of his dream walking shattering soul and sanity, pushing him to the edge of the precipice, then pulling him back. Is there any hope left for him? He questions this and more. Yet, the trial continues. Yet, the potency of knowledge poured into him increases.

He sees ancient hands daubed in ochre, call into being ancestral cattle, the first Aurochs of primordial time. Such vitality runs through their veins, life incarnate and bestower of power. The Storyteller speaks and the Caller of Spirits dances, both conjure ancestral voices, seek their wisdom and beseech guidance.


PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

What will the Knight Templar find as he approaches the mystery at the heart of the Labyrinth?

Soon his feet meet a closed path, one that is not to be traversed, and one he’s not ready to tread. So does he double back, yet another path closes, another path opens. The Light ebbs and flows, the Light teaches clarity of vision, to look beyond barriers, push doors barring. The Labyrinth speaks, the in breath brings endings, and the out breath brings beginnings.

“Soon, soon” it tells him. The end of his journey comes, waits in the heart of the path he’s traversed. Waits deep within the brain, in a place never seen and never known. The Light flows towards him, gathers up, pushes onwards. “Soon, soon” it tells him. The rhythm is ceaseless, the breath is hypnotic, both Knight Templar and Sacred Bull are one.


PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

What will the Knight Templar find as he approaches the mystery at the heart of the Labyrinth?

The Great Bull slumbers at the heart of the Universe. His dreams call to the chosen ones, ending illusionary lives and false realities. He bellows and calls down thunder and lightning, hooves make the Earth tremble, call upon chthonic powers, and illuminate shadowed paths. Both dark and light meet, keep equilibrium, stay the hand of misrule and bring about order.

There is always reconciliation of opposites.

Both Knight Templar and Sacred Bull are finally One.

We leave this transcendent experience, perhaps filled with questions. At least for one person some of these questions have been answered. What waits for him outside of the Labyrinth now?


Just Be… — a cooking pot and twisted tales

Quit making yourself small in order to fit into the image that someone else wants you to become. #BeExtra #BeYou #BeAuthentic pixabay.com

Wise words from Jacqueline, and ones I wished had been taken to heart in my youth.

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Free-Photos, Pixabay

Eyes glaze over as the silence descends.

We stand in isolation, each from the other. Islands of memories, dreams, remembrances and regrets. Speech falters, why waste it on strangers?

This is what we’ve become, automatons in cityscapes flashing by. Consumers of soundbites, enshrouded by noise, driven by fantasies of distant horizons.

Eyes glaze over as the silence descends.

Tasos_Lekkas, Pixabay

See the contagion of loneliness bleed, fall like waterfalls, how our cup runneth over! Where is our humanity? Where is the heart we once cherished? 

Eyes glaze over as the silence descends.

chafleks, Pixabay

If you’ve read my About page you’ll know I’m a former Londoner. One of many people who’ve left to move to rural locations and shape new lives. I had neither preconceptions nor stars in my eyes at the relocation. The reality was very difficult for the first few years.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret moving. My spirit, Soul and heart have relished the peace gained in the subsequent immersion in Nature. I’m relieved when returning home at the end of a working day. Noise surrounds from the time I stand on the station platform and disembark from the bus near work.

Noise continues as I go through the doors in reception, enter my workspace and finish to go home. The cycle is unending. Humans and any other living, sentient being (including plants) aren’t meant to be subject to the continuous stimulation of noise.

Am I repeating myself? Civilisation is drowning out the voice of the wild places, within the inner and outer worlds. Nature isn’t all sugar and spice, but filled with natural cycles of birth, death, decay and mystery. It is, as the saying goes ‘red in tooth and claw’.

What does this have to do with my little ditty about cityscapes? I like cities, like their culture filled personas, and many hued faces, the babble of its voices. Yet, my love affair with them has cooled, become like a boat becalmed on seas of torpor. My occasional visits make me feel like an innocent from the country, it’s being confronted by a sea of people that gets me twitching.

There you are, an insight of sorts into the recesses of my mind. As a non-poet I feel the need to refine my non-art. I feel a major redecoration of the Shed coming on, watch this, er, space.



Stories of My Journeys : This Too Shall Pass — Trablogger

It’s been a while since I visited Trablogger’s blog. To rectify the situation here’s a lovely post to make you think, remember and reminisce.

Every journey starts at some point. Even our life journey has started at some point and we call it birthday. But unlike birthday, it will be very hard for most of us to recollect our first journey, at least I believe so. 29 more words

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Still I Rise- Maya Angelou — Go Dog Go Café

Let’s hear it for the divine Dr Maya Angelou and her life-affirming words! I recall seeing her at a poetry event in London many, many years ago. An incredible presence.

In honor of the anniversary of Dr. Maya Angelou’s birth You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells […]

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The Blessings Of The Moon Maiden — Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

I hope many blessings come your way as we enter into a season of rebirth and regeneration – all hail Spring!

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blessings Of The Moon Maiden, From The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, illustrated by Zeng Hao Blessings Of The Moon Maiden: “The Moon Maiden, with her Lucky Hare, brings auspicious tidings of prosperity and abundance to you now. The Universe seeks to replenish, restore and create through you. […]

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Converging Paths

GG-125, Pixabay

For readers new to the blog I think it may be pertinent to advise you of the nature of the Shed, as the blog is commonly known. It can be likened to Dr Who’s Tardis, rather unassuming and small on first appearance but once you get inside, a different state of affairs. Dimension and time travel have been mainstays of this vehicle, as have autobiographical snippets, flash fiction, other odds and sods, and poetry from a non-poet as I like to call myself.

What of my fellow companions? The residents, well, more like squatters, can be a rowdy lot. Over the years they’ve managed to insinuate themselves into the (virtual) building and occupy every chair, sofa and piece of floor available. One point in their favour, they are quite clean and tidy, which is a blessing. I have to take the blame for welcoming them over the threshold, much like inviting a vampire. The Security staff are useless, the critters somehow always bamboozle them. How???

I never envisaged becoming a landlord but here I am. We give them a little attention, our characters that is, and they start to take liberties. The worst perpetrator is a certain escapee from Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit. “White Hare, White Hare, please get it right” he shouts at me from an armchair. I send him an apologetic look. He can be a little sensitive understandably. Oh, Anubis and Odin are the others. These three have taken me down some very odd paths, and there is a fourth to join their ranks, Tehuti/Djehuty/Thoth are his various names. He is the more, er, sensible of the group.

Not that I’m casting aspersions on Anubis and Odin, heaven forbid! They’re beings NEVER to be trifled with, but the Demiurge and Lord of Wisdom can be relied upon to give a balanced and well-informed opinion in difficult situations. I’m trying to put out bunting out for his arrival, rather excited. It’s been a while since we met up, although he has kept an eye on me over the years.

I like the surreal and odd, and they seem to like me, as evidenced by the creative outpourings.

It wasn’t so in the early days. Gosh, the Shed had a job attracting punters. Those were bleak days.

“Is this going anywhere?” a voice questions from inside a wardrobe.

Damn Lion!

tpf1959, Pixabay

As I was saying, those were bleak days. As for now, several paths are converging for yet another incursion into unexplored landscapes. My second blog has been given a sip of the waters of life and is reborn. The Storyteller’s journey continues, as do those of my Alchemist, Amunet (“The Hidden One”), the Templar Knight, and the Lightbearer. This signals a new phase in my life, inner life most importantly.

Knowledge has been a great love of mine even from childhood, I’ve accumulated it, pored over it, and loved it. Yet, knowledge is empty without practical application and experience. Something I’ve learned over the years, had to learn. Hence perhaps the reappearance of Tehuti to put things into perspective. What is of value and can help others should be willingly shared. A hand offered in help can save many that are either lost or searching for a missing piece of the puzzle.

The Demiurge stands in the temple, silhouetted against the dazzling light of the midday sun. He waits patiently, time has no meaning for a being such as him. It flows out of him, infusing every atom of the Universe. I’ve searched for the mystery at the heart of life, looked to the stars for clues, urged them for answers, and at times failed to hear what they had to say. I’ve placed my footsteps in the one who had gone ahead, guided by an unseen hand. The purpose of the journey? The reason for being, existing.

There are as many answers as there are grains of sand in the desert that lies before us. They are like reflections in an eye. I stand within the temple, staring into the distance, as always he stands before me, with hand outstretched, offering the moon. I move forward, grasp it. Two paths have converged. What lies ahead of us?

pixel2013, Pixabay

Lightbearer – Thursday photo prompt – Ahead #writephoto


Sue Vincent

My entry for Sue’s Thursday Photo prompt Ahead #writephoto:

The Knight made his way slowly to the cave where he’d first met the Lightbearer. Now older and marked by worldly cares he approached the doorway, above which was inscribed the Delphic maxim “know thyself – gnóthi seautón. The inner sanctum of this hidden temple was raised high above the entrance; reached by worn stone steps that had seen the passage of multitudes for nearing half a million years.

The Lightbearer had descended to this place to regenerate and engage with the Soul of the World. Multitudes of pilgrims throughout the ages had made their way to this remote outcrop, to immerse themselves in the hidden knowledge imparted by this being. He was one of the many, and not the last, marked by the holy presence.

The Lightbear’s eyes reflected the light of the stars, place of origin and gateway to the Void. They saw all but held the secrets veiled and out of reach. Ten years had passed since their last meeting, a time of turmoil in the material world. Human history was but a blink in the passage of time He had existed, revulsion and fear were the offerings laid upon His head, propaganda and falsehoods shrouding the enigma that he had become.

As for the the Knight, his quest had begun in curiosity, as had all his journeys in seeking the truth behind the masks. His vows of poverty, chastity and obedience had been sorely tested from the moment he’d left the sanctuary to escape the bloody hand of the Inquisition. Since that time the world had changed beyond recognition, only paradoxical human nature had remained constant.

He stood in the eye of the storm that had been raging around humanity and its work since civilisation had risen from the desert sands. Where and when would it end? This question was one he would pose to the Lightbearer.

The Knight entered the darkness of the cave and slowly made his way to the inner sanctum. He entered into a state of separation from consciousness, sliding into a realm between the worlds. Each breath and step brought fresh visions and entrance into the Great Silence. He felt poised perfectly on the Tree, in a place at its heart, between Malkuth and Kether. The revelations slowly unravelled and flowed like silk, shimmering jewel-like before his eyes. Then, his feet entered through the portal to a place wholly hidden from ordinary sight, the way ahead shrouded.

The Knight woke from his dream to find, a vision clad in a white robe, eyes gazing with an intensity that was unbearable, it was incandescent. As for the symbols of his presence, a tau cross with a serpent wound round it hung from his muscular neck. Wings of smoke edged with gold filled the space holding both figures.

The Lightbearer held out his hands of light to reveal sigils that were quite alien to the Knight, also known as the Seeker. They were from an angelic language all but lost, preserved in ancient texts hidden in sanctuaries across the globe, his people being one of many custodians. Their eyes met for an eternity and he understood what needed to be done.

The Mapmaker Of Destiny — Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Serendipity? I looked in on the blog this afternoon and this caught my attention. In view of what’s been happening in my life these past few months, rather apt.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Mapmaker Of Destiny, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid The Mapmaker Of Destiny: “Authentic Purpose ~ Inspiration ~ Free Will.” The Mapmaker Of Destiny Ally/Challenger: “When the The Mapmaker Of Destiny appears, it is a sign that you are being given an opportunity […]

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