Descent into Matter

Time has moved on since the Alchemist and his infant daughter encountered the great angel Gabriel. The world has since fluctuated between tyranny and fear, settling down into a semblance of stability now. Their journey has brought them to a place that has seen the rise and fall of great empires. Knowledge and insight are…Read more Descent into Matter


My story of an Alchemist and his daughter was first aired in Sue Vincent's Thursday Photo Prompt Flames #writephoto, it was entitled Ignis. The short tale can be read on many levels, with alchemy at its heart. The simplest definition I can find so far of this venerable art comes from Cherry Gilchrist’s book “Alchemy:…Read more Blueprint

Forged in Fire

Here we are then, again, facing another year. (Puts on best imitation of Jedi Master, Yoda) challenging it was, unsure we were. I’m determined to review the old year in a frame of mind that’s open and honest. The spirit has been unburdened considerably but there is more to ‘surgery’ to undergo. For this purpose…Read more Forged in Fire

The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

Photo: Copyright Jan Malique It's been a week since my return from a workshop in Derbyshire, a deeply profound experience. How dramatic this statement sounds, but there is great truth buried within the dramatics. Humanity is forever pursuing the goals of self-realisation and gnosis; sometimes this goal seems within our reach but is snatched away, much…Read more The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

Halfway down the Rabbit Hole

Spring has finally emerged from the dreariness of winter, yet this little rabbit is reluctant to raise its head from the burrow. Little bubbles of magic stir in her bloodstream. They pulse and glow, growing in intensity inspite of the reluctance to transform. Change is inevitable, it cannot be stopped in its tracks. She is…Read more Halfway down the Rabbit Hole

I Want To Be Me

Back again from walkabout in my subconscious. My rucksack feels strangely lighter, odd but not unwelcome. His Nibs is nowhere to be seen but that isn’t unusual. I’m sure he’ll turn up soon. As for my journey, it hasn’t been an easy one. I’ve felt like the proverbial grist for the mill. Please take a…Read more I Want To Be Me

Loss and Regeneration

A new year, new opportunities. Sounds more positive than challenges doesn’t it? January, named after the Roman god Janus (Guardian of Entrances and Exits), invariably brings with it winds of change. Janus was portrayed with two faces, one looking to the past and the other to what was to come. An appropriate image for the…Read more Loss and Regeneration

Seers and Storytellers: Journey to Delphi

My posts on this blog tend to be intermittent, admittedly due to procrastination and trying to earn a crust in the madness that is the working life. You could say my alter ego as a writer was a sanctuary, an activity that replenished my energies and spirit. Not much replenishing has occurred over the past…Read more Seers and Storytellers: Journey to Delphi

Holy wells and accidental pilgrims

Yesterday I visited St Winefride’s Well in Holywell, North Wales, not as a pilgrim but a respectful visitor. Sacred sites and buildings have always been of great interest to me, the greatest being Nature herself. Having grown up in cities nearly all my life the splendour and energising presence of the natural world proves to…Read more Holy wells and accidental pilgrims