Alchemy — Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Appropriate for the Gemini New Moon, I shall be making efforts to engage in alchemical transformations it will be initiating. May it bring positive changes for you all!

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Alchemy, from the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, by Inna Segal, artwork by Cris Ortega and Drazenka Kimpel, published by Rockpool Alchemy: “The path you are on is about to go through a very powerful transformation. Nothing is how it seems.” “You have an opportunity to take a big leap in your […]

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Dark Night Of The Soul – Conflagration #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

My offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt has taken form due to long meditations on Mary Magdalene. There is no such thing as coincidence, an inner urging had brought me to this point for a reason.  I looked at the photo and thought “write it.”

Time has been spent in endless speculation regarding the level of vitriol thrown at the one they called the Magdalene. What motivated her detractors to shred her reputation and worth? Fear? Their insecurities? The need to diminish the power of the Feminine to an image that’s less threatening is quite telling. “Whore” is a label too easily used to demean don’t you think?

The character in this tale is undergoing an experience called the “Dark Night of the “Soul.” It’s something that’s accompanied humanity for a very long time. This state of being has been generous in its favours and spreads them widely amongst all paths, traditions and faiths, or those of no faith.

The Soul (and Ego) at such times may confront difficult truths and the death of the old way of life. They may struggle deeply at the darkest point before the rays of the Sun emerge over the horizon. These experiences also herald a transformation of importance. Each person’s encounter is different.

Many of us have been overshadowed by it, and will continue to throughout life. These are pivotal moments, confronting us with soul shattering despair and bleakness. Of hope being but a distant vision. Abject inertia and past memories may infuse every cell and tear shed. The one suffering may wonder why they’ve been abandoned, why Love and Compassion have hidden themselves.

Unconditional Love and Compassion. So often missing from this world and human interaction. It needn’t be the case.

I wonder if the Magdalene felt this utter shattering of her being at the point of no return, for it has to be remembered she was one of the disciples. Therefore had access to the inner (esoteric) teachings, gnosis would not have been an unfamiliar concept to her. Dear reader, is this idea distasteful to you? I don’t wish to offend, but remind you that Mystics come from many paths and traditions, and seek the One ultimately, seek completion and wholeness.

Now, what of this suffering Mystic who waits, praying for the Dawn to come and Light to appear? Dear reader, I may write these words but the sentiments are gathered from legions of Seekers who have travelled this road.

The shadows wait patiently as they can see I have no avenue of escape. The hand of time moves slowly, agonizingly slowly, until my Soul is ripped apart. How the blood spatters and enshrouds what’s left of my humanity and dignity. My eyes see but not truly see the road ahead. They have all left, the Cup has been veiled and waits on the Light to return. I am bereft, bereft of purpose and meaning. There is an emptiness that waits at my core, it waits to be filled, but neither food not drink appear.

The stars have been torn from their home and languish in the depths of a slate blue sea. I stare into its waters with unseeing eyes. My throat is parched, it seems a conflagration resides there. What will quench its fire? Who will utter the words of release, is it to be me or you? Who will wipe my brow and offer arms of comfort? I ask the questions but only silence answers, it echoes endlessly. Yet, I know the One waits, hears my prayers of anguish.

O Great Sun who gives us life, warms our blood and gives forth food from the Earth,

Free us from the tomb filled with death and decay in the midst of life.

 Give us words of comfort and lift us up when our bloodied feet can no longer walk,

When our hearts are weighed down with thoughts of despair and alienation,

Unleash the waters of Life to cleanse and purify.

 We seek Love that has abandoned its home, call its name but hear nothing.

We stretch out hand in the darkness, urge the Wayshowers to guide us,

But our eyes cannot see for they are blinded by fear and hopelessness.

 My words fall like stones in a pool, ripple outwards, how far will their message travel?

Will the One hear my pleas and gather up my torn and tattered Soul? I wait for the dawn, watch the hand of time move slowly, agonizingly slowly. My ears hear nothing, my voice utters silence and my eyes are sightless.

 Then, a voice murmurs from the heart of the darkness veiling the Light, it cries “the Dawn approaches!”

A conflagration arises, sets the world alight. Hail the rising of the Sun! Hail the rebirth of my Soul!

So dear reader, hear ends my little tale, one that begun in symbolic death and achieved rebirth at the coming of Dawn’s fire. Our Mystic lives, regenerates in the Light that comes from the East, in more ways than one. Perhaps you can take away any insights her experience has offered, if it helps…

Introducing The Labyrinth, Six Warriors of Light & A Vision For Children Of All Ages — Not Tomatoes

Alethea is a person of great integrity, doing important healing work; especially in relation to the inner and outer child. This looks like an exciting start to the series.

Six years I went into meditation with this one question, “How can I help kids embrace their truths without fear?” I then closed my eyes. The first guide appeared as a monarch butterfly. She wore the colors of fire, of light and of creation. It took some time, months actually, to get her name. Aponi. […]

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Betrayed: The Priestess Retreats


Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

Love and betrayal have left deep wounds in Amunet’s heart and I was moved to unveil this part of her life. For readers unfamiliar with the character, she’s become an important part of this blog, and started life in a flash fiction challenge.

This mysterious woman, who is part Alchemist, Magician, Mystic and Priestess, joined the ranks of Anubis, Thoth, Odin, the White Hare, and Lightbearer as a core part of the Shed. I’m quite fond of Amunet and consider her to be an outlet for many unanswered questions relating to the Universe and my spiritual path.

She’s divinity encapsulated in human form, and trying to understand what it means to be human. I have trouble trying to understand what it means to be human, so you can imagine how problematic the issue is for her. The priesthood of Ancient Egypt are of particular interest to me, for important reasons, and this is a chance to explore difficult issues facing the individual behind position and title.

As for love and betrayal, many of us have moved between those twin poles and lived to tell our tales. This story has emerged in a stream of consciousness, it’s hovered behind my eyelids and haunted the outer reaches of my imagination. Rather dramatic you may think, but the most emotive and significant stories arise from experiences that strongly shape who we are and are yet to become.

This post was also triggered by a picture someone had created for me, of an ancient Egyptian High Priest. That much I can tell you. Gazing at it stirred deeply buried memories and called Amunet from her place of retreat.

Amunet steps forward to face Anubis and us, trying to avoid speaking of this part of her past but unable to avert her gaze from the pages of the Book of Life. Onwards!


Deedee86, Pixabay


I’ve tried not to open this book but he called to me, after all this time the man appears to “right the wrongs” he committed against me. What do I do? I feel nothing, what is past is in the past, yet he emerges from the depths of Time to explain his actions and help me with the fruits of his knowledge. He betrayed his calling and the love we shared, all for glory and power. The Gods weren’t served either in humility or with integrity. Yet, this situation isn’t unique, those who serve have often succumbed to the lure of false promises and overwhelming desires, for wealth, power and position. These are the tests thrown across our path.

As for “my” High Priest, “false gods” from the far west promised so much, manipulated him, twisted his mind and body, enhanced his capabilities, turned him away from the path that’s bathed in Light and Wisdom. We were mated in the sacred marriage, Hieros Gamos, as you well know. This sacred bond was broken.


I know all this and more. Yet, step back from your emotions and take an objective view of this issue. He has gained many insights from his experiences. Sometimes the harshest experiences serve to strip away ossified aspects of our personalities, expose the rawness in order for the poisons to be cleansed. So it is with the Soul and Ego. Forgiveness is neither easy nor always appropriate. Choose which option to take, you know what I think, but will always stand by you regardless of the decision.


I’m not sure how to forgive.


(Laughs) Is that so? Yes, I understand the dilemma facing you.


His eyes entreat me, ask for redemption, whatever that means, is it relevant to our situation? It’s an alien concept to me. Where has he been and what has he seen? I feel his hands on my face, so gentle, as for his lips, they kiss deeply and whisper such beauty, and also such perfidy. They knew I could not be manipulated and forced me into the wilderness. Mighty Anpu, you plucked me out of danger and sent me into the world outside Khem, into a world that was deeply unfamiliar. A necessary act, yet my heart bled for millennia to be exiled from home. I lost love as well as all that nourished my very being.


You were never out of my sight, I would not let harm befall you. This may not have been evident at times, but you have free will and could have avoided certain situations. I had to stand back and let you learn my Priestess. It’s time now to regain the power you gave up so willingly, time to face your true Self, believe that all is possible.

He was hem-netjer-tepi (first servant of god), entrusted with political and religious authority and abused it. That is the truth, we all know it. Many have walked that path, succumbed to forces, within and without, compromised principles and sacred oaths. They have served their own desires and ambitions rather than serve the Gods. His weaknesses were found and taken advantage of. It happened to you but you overcame these challenges, stayed true to your heart and Gods. You both loved each other once, do not abandon that experience.

StockSnap, Pixabay


Yes, you’re right. My dear Seraph found love to be a mixture of ambrosia and bitterness, yet never regretted being consumed by it. The High Priest and I need time together to talk and regain trust. Yet, I want to retreat to a place of peace and quiet, because my time is best spent in contemplation mighty Anpu. Suddenly I feel lighter, as if oppression of the past year has dissolved like mist in the rays of Ra.


That can only be of benefit my Priestess. I watched you from the shadows, fretting and yearning, desperate for change. It is coming, be prepared and rejoice. Decide on the direction of the path, what your next step will be. Be always true to your heart, cherish it, for it will either serve you or betray. Go now to the man rather than the High Priest. Learn what he has to teach and prepare yourself.

(Kisses Amunet on the forehead).

Amunet walks towards the waiting man and looks at him with a half-smile. He shakes his head ruefully and takes her hand in his. A butterfly settles on her hand and all is silent. This is a time for reflection and decision-making.


Red Jasper — Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

We need to be regularly reminded to reassess our boundaries. The goal posts can and do get moved, not always with our agreement. Take back your power.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Red Jasper, from the Crystal Reading Cards, by Rachelle Charman Red Jasper: “Healthy Boundaries” Crystal Colour: “Red” Related Chakras: “Base” Crystal Medicine: “Red Jasper is an ancient stone utilized in ceremonies and rituals for protection, purification, and to facilitate a deeper connection to the Earth. When you embark on a journey […]

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The Blessings Of The Moon Maiden — Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

I hope many blessings come your way as we enter into a season of rebirth and regeneration – all hail Spring!

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blessings Of The Moon Maiden, From The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, illustrated by Zeng Hao Blessings Of The Moon Maiden: “The Moon Maiden, with her Lucky Hare, brings auspicious tidings of prosperity and abundance to you now. The Universe seeks to replenish, restore and create through you. […]

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A Dog-eared Map and Head Filled with Dreams


geralt, Pixabay

I thought writing this post would be easy (are they ever?), alas the reality of the journey is turning out to be a little overwhelming. The intent is to write a short overview of my travels through life, making pithy and smart-ass remarks along the way. Is this going to happen? Not sure. Enthusiastic (perhaps foolhardy would be more apt) as I’m about exploring the archetype infested terrain known as my subconscious, caution must be exercised.

How do I present an authentic version of myself without sounding stilted and guarded? Not ready yet I think. My destiny hasn’t been preordained as that would negate any notion of free will. Am I attracting hubris by saying that? Homer’s legendary hero, King Odysseus of Ithaca, attracted his fair share of the “H” word. The gods used the king and other humans for their own ends. What does have to do with my mini-travelogue? The King has been loitering with intent in my mind for several days. Which means he has something important to impart, perhaps pointing me towards his life experiences.

I view life as a much loved map, dog-eared but laminated to protect against the elements, and occasional bleeding from wounds carried within the psyche. The wounds we carry within can limit our capacity to engage fully with life and in relationships with others. People we meet on our travels can also injury us with negative intent and actions and play upon our vulnerabilities. Like King Odysseus I’ve been “shipwrecked” on strange islands, having to navigate the terrain and be one step ahead of its inhabitants. Like him I’ve also made terrible mistakes.


MasterTux, Pixabay

The creatures roaming these places haven’t been mythological entities but two-legged beings filled with a maelstrom of emotions and agendas. The cliché about “eyes being windows of the soul” shouldn’t be dismissed. I’ve seen spite, malice, anger and fear pour out from some eyes, their owners intent on subjugating and indulging in power games. Others have been filled with achingly potent low self-esteem and regret. Such damaged individuals! The images of their life move in slow motion against the surface of the iris. Not all of these two-legged creatures have displayed such negativity and sadness, many have been the epitome of compassion, inner beauty and grace. They’ve been engaged in battles throughout life, constantly striving to face their adversaries (either symbolic or real), emerging with soul and sense of self intact. Many insights have been gained from their experiences, at a price.

My buttons have been pressed, jammed in sometimes and I’ve reciprocated. I’ve been surprised at my resilience at times, why? By nature I dislike conflict and challenging situations and people, yet they converge on me in droves. Of course lessons are to be learned in such interactions, sometimes I’ve struggled to understand the insights, even accept them. Many times I’ve felt broken, pieces of me shattering like glass, the shards disappearing in all directions. I’ve even been lacerated by the flying glass, bleeding and covered in deep scarlet streams. I don’t like the sight of blood (even of the symbolic variety), the gods know how I managed to work as a Funeral Director!


Atlantios, Pixabay

Shadows have enveloped me, being much like a shroud, wrapping the remnants of my body and spirit. During those times I’ve lain in deep sleep, my head filled with dreams. Not always pleasant ones. These places are known as “Here Be Dragonnes” on the map. As for my dog-eared map, it’s always been held tightly in both hands. Yet, I survive and will continue to, because a part of me, buried deep, is a stubborn little cuss. As I think many people are, that’s our survival instinct. The spirit forged in fires of adversity, folded many times over emerges as something of sheer beauty and immense strength. Brings to mind the instruments produced by master swordsmiths in Japan, their techniques are astounding as is the philosophy behind them. An area that’s of great interest to me, a story for another day perhaps.

I see King Odysseus in my mind’s eye, sitting on a rock and staring calmly at me. He’s battle scarred and a little humble. Perhaps that’s me projecting upon him. Humility is a quality that can inflict a sharp bite to the unwary and unaccepting. Even kings have to bow to its greater wisdom when the occasion calls for it. His journey, as those of many others, is about the initiations that life brings, of seeking meaning and purpose, of experiencing trials and tribulations in the quest for a great prize. It also involves trials and tribulations that bring with them deep truths about ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. In the end, we are profoundly changed, the “I” has undergone transformation.


simonwijers, Pixabay

I look down at my map, my dear dog-eared map and trace over its terrain, roads and name places. Many now faint memories, others waiting to be explored. Do any of them lead to home? Yes and no. It isn’t a physical place but a sense, an emotion and perceived reality. I look at the King and ask him whether that was true for him. He says nothing but his eyes indicate otherwise, a wealth of history, his story unfolds within their depths. There’s also sadness at what happened and could have been prevented. I tell him regret can sometimes rise from the ashes of the funeral pyre and seek to drag us to our grave. “Walk away from it and face the sunrise, you’ve earned it” I urge him. As I must and look forward to another day. Dreams can be pleasant if we wish them to be. The Impossible can be made Possible.


Eve of the New Moon

Ponciano, Pixabay

Emotions well up, overflow and settle. The Chalice awaits, receptacle of the Soul, Holy Grail unveiled, bathed in silver.

What is it that you seek? Such questions must be asked, such questions must be answered. Choose the path to walk, choose the fate offered.

Visions cross deserts of the mind, appear as mirages. They carry meaning lost to conscious mind, but found to heart awakened. Time ticks on, places no restriction.

She distils knowledge of things hidden within the Shadow, opens vistas unparalleled.

Initiates yearning, releases captive life. See the new beginnings, grasp with both hands.

This eve provokes questions and relinquishes much, harries procrastination and steadies impatient mind.

Gaze at her veiled beauty, summon hidden powers. Offer songs of celebration, pour libations upon ground.

Wait with held breath, see the mysteries descend. Speak your intent and wait in silence.

Speak your intent and wait in silence. She will answer and reveal what should be. Time ticks on, places no restriction.

Approaching Thresholds


ulleo, Pixabay

I haven’t posted in a while due to being ill with a horrible bout of flu. A week is a long time in politics and even longer in blogging. This lurgy deserves to have all manner of nasty things thrown at it. It’s rendered me unable to eat properly, coughing like I’ve been smoking for years (I’m a non-smoker) and very tired. Today is the first day I’ve felt able to function properly and it feels goodish.

I’m reserving judgement until the virus is dragged screaming from my system and thrown through whatever portal it came through. A tad dramatic admittedly, but when you’ve had a raging inferno inside you there is no other option but to use harsh language. It passes the time and occupies idle hands.

The day’s been mild and sunny, which has lifted my spirits. Although there was one minor blip on my horizon. Our kitchen door has a habit of sticking and it happened this afternoon. I’d left my phone in the living room and couldn’t climb out of the kitchen window (either I need to lose weight or the window needs checking for malfunction); a valiant and embarrassing effort was made though. I managed to free myself eventually.

I was seated at the kitchen table consulting the Oracle and wondered whether this was a test. You know, to see whether I was taking notice of the messages being conveyed. My divination skills are rather rusty and ripe for refining. Illness has a habit of focussing one’s thoughts and attention towards the inner. Living in a world filled with a cacophony of noise can render you almost deaf to important messages emanating from your subconscious. It can also blind you to things that need to be noticed, prevent you from seeing through illusions, of situations and people not being what they appear to be.

The Oracle from the Magician’s Tarot (Quareia), Jan Malique

It feels like there are many thresholds approaching. Thresholds are intriguing places, both in the waking and dream states. They’re places of transition and transformation, and in architecture are decorated appropriately to denote their significance. They signify the separation of the profane and sacred, and are assigned guardians to prevent the incursion of those not prepared for the experience to come. They are also places through which we pass from consciousness to subconsciousness, we thus descend into the Underworld if the Guardians permit us to.

Which brings to mind the descent of the goddess Ishtar into the Underworld. There is no way of avoiding this fate if we’re to gain one ounce of self-insight.


5477687, Pixabay

The unravelling is necessary but its power must be restricted once the objective has been achieved, that is self-awareness and self-mastery. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be permitted access to the doors waiting further on the horizon until further trials and lessons are completed.

The threat of destruction (either real or symbolic) is heavily infused with ambivalence, it implies sacrifice and is part and parcel of the journey. The process brings fear but should not be allowed to overwhelm us. I’m not seeing things clearly and perhaps allowing the fear of whatever destruction implies, it isn’t always something negative.


Dustytoes, Pixabay

I’m a different person to who I was a year ago, and a year before that, and beyond that. The passage of time has involved the shedding of old personas, much like a snake sheds its skin. Transitions and Thresholds have come and gone. Like the Shaman I need to face the invader (either physical or symbolic) within my system and ask why it’s there and what it wants. What lessons are to be gained from the interaction?

Self-awareness and self-mastery? For that I need to commune with the beings populating the inner landscape and my own self. I look to my ancestral line for answers to present day dilemmas and the gifts they’ve bequeathed (for good and bad). My healing will benefit them, for that is the greatest gift we can bestow upon them. It involves reintegration at the deepest level. A positive endeavour don’t you think?

Old Gods, Old Journeys – Thursday photo prompt – #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

My offering for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt:

Thy file past, hearts and minds filled with a multitude of wishes, sorrows, and joys. This pilgrimage has remained constant since the time of their ancestors and beyond. The land and its guardians have watched over this sacred site long before humans had even set foot on its hallowed earth. The gods changed faces and names over time, but their true essence was always present and unchanged.

The Old Ones watch from the other side of the Veil, see the sincerity, or not, of the passing crowds. Petitions and offerings are laid at the shrine, many imbued with feelings of desperation and hope. Humanity seeks cures for its ills, lays its battered spirits at the feet of its gods. Tears are shed, potent remembrances of lives fulfilled and potential unrealised. Their pilgrimages are often hard, last acts of faith when all else seems lost.

The Oracles and Gods of yore dispense their wisdom in dreams and visions, undertake new journeys in the furtherance of continuity. A fact not lost on the wise at heart and beleaguered of spirit. Suffering brings with it a harsh reality and clarity of purpose.

As for this shrine, the One with Three Names and Aspects stands guard, watches intently for the suffering of her people. They reciprocate, flowing like tributaries into the greater River of Life. One pilgrim falls to her knees, beseeches silently, grasps the hand of compassion and healing. Perched on the edge of a precipice she has no other recourse but to pray with her last breath.

It may be a modern world but the inherent nature of these people is written on stones in forgotten languages. It is an old, old tune. One sung and chanted under Sun and Moon, memorised intently and reverently. It is present in legends and histories that are hidden. Some say the Old Ones created their children of flesh and bone to sing their praises, and enact the divine plan on Earth.  Is this truth? Is this illusion?

Such things are of no concern to those who journey to these places of power. For they seek nourishment of the soul and healing of deep wounds. Who can blame them?