Sing to Me of Yearning and Loss: Spirit of Love

 “Sing to me of yearning and loss. Bring my heart to life. Let me feel the passion of her kiss and agony of her death” he commands. Yet, does he want to be reminded of his loss? The musicians stare at the archaic god, one whose voice and musicianship have bowed even the heads of…Read more Sing to Me of Yearning and Loss: Spirit of Love

Light Reborn: Awaiting the Winter Solstice

This post has taken a while to write, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps there was a need to integrate all the insights gained over the course of the day. I attended one day of a Silent Eye pre-solstice weekend workshop on Anglesey, North Wales last Saturday (03/12/16). It was entitled ‘Of Ash and Seed’.…Read more Light Reborn: Awaiting the Winter Solstice

Grief and Loss: Initiatory Journeys

    Grief has usually been allied with death but it encompasses so much more. Throughout our lives grief makes its presence known through all the great and small acts of loss we suffer, be it loss of good health, the death of a pet, redundancy, loss of friendships, loss of favourite keepsakes. Each loss…Read more Grief and Loss: Initiatory Journeys

Loss and Regeneration

A new year, new opportunities. Sounds more positive than challenges doesn’t it? January, named after the Roman god Janus (Guardian of Entrances and Exits), invariably brings with it winds of change. Janus was portrayed with two faces, one looking to the past and the other to what was to come. An appropriate image for the…Read more Loss and Regeneration

Hidden Pathways

(This version was published in Axis Mundi online magazine Issue 58 in 2014, the original version "Merlin" was published in 2006) This story emerged from meditations undertaken many, many years ago. It was a strange time, the energies surrounding my life were a little challenging it has to be said! Such are the cycles of…Read more Hidden Pathways

Holy wells and accidental pilgrims

Yesterday I visited St Winefride’s Well in Holywell, North Wales, not as a pilgrim but a respectful visitor. Sacred sites and buildings have always been of great interest to me, the greatest being Nature herself. Having grown up in cities nearly all my life the splendour and energising presence of the natural world proves to…Read more Holy wells and accidental pilgrims