Icarus Reborn

Dying star, phoenix, what shall we call you? What will you respond to? You who dared to reach the unknowable. For the gods are not kind to those who seek to breach the boundaries placed on high. Humanity should know their place in this world, submit to rule and respect divine law. They are not…Read more Icarus Reborn

Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!

An ambitious title I think to myself dear reader, but a note to the ‘Lord of Holy Words’ (as inventor of writing and the arts) is rather appropriate at this time. Being endowed with complete knowledge and wisdom he is kept rather busy with all manner of business. Here’s hoping he answers. Tahuti (ancient Egyptian)…Read more Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!

Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance

The dancers moved intuitively to the sound of their hearts as the music swelled and sobbed. It finally paused, waiting for the lovers to catch their breath. This was more than an interlude in a cafe that had seen glory and laughter in a bygone age. Few tourists ventured into the old quarter of the city, much…Read more Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance

Fairy tales: Faces Glimpsed in the Forest

Many of us have grown up with the older versions of fairy tales, visceral stories that were handed down from generation to generation. I certainly recall the earlier folk tales, devouring each tale with zeal, especially those of the Brothers Grimm. The Brothers collected and revised an enormous number of oral and written narratives covering…Read more Fairy tales: Faces Glimpsed in the Forest

Return from Delphi

The hidden world has its clouds and rain, but of a different kind. Its sky and sunshine are of a different kind. This is made apparent only to the refined ones – those not Deceived by the seeming completeness of the ordinary world. Another Dimension The great Sufi Master, Jalaludin Rumi, hints at the reality…Read more Return from Delphi

Fog -#writephoto

This is my response to this week’s Thursday Photo Prompt, Fog - #writephoto.  I offer you a brief look at the lives of ordinary inhabitants of the Greenwood. They, like us ‘hoomans’ lead quite mundane lives. Shopping, paying bills, crying at ‘romcoms’, attending festivals and getting inebriated. On this occasion there’s an important gathering in progress, the…Read more Fog -#writephoto

Party in the Shed: Solstice Celebrations

Not long to go before the Winter Solstice is upon us. I have to say visitors, long-term residents and the proprietor (moi) of The Shed are rather excited. It's been a long, dark and emotionally tiring period for all concerned. Finally do we emerge from the darkness into the light. Hope and life return, bringing…Read more Party in the Shed: Solstice Celebrations

The Enchanter’s Art

Enchantment is my art, a gift not undertaken lightly and bringing great transformation. I am the Alchemist in their many forms, I am the Philosopher's Stone, I am Crucible within which profound transmutations are birthed. Enchantment is but only one perception of reality. This world does not truly exist as it is but because we…Read more The Enchanter’s Art

The Bibliophile’s Excursion #writephoto

 My response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt Lights #writephoto. I thought I’d deviate from my usual offerings to spin a tale of wonder, adventures and retail therapy, lots of retail therapy. The view from the bridge presents a world of possibilities, many of which my hero grabs with gusto. It is rather magical and stirs…Read more The Bibliophile’s Excursion #writephoto

The Shed’s Getting Full

I like sheds, in fact my blog was named in honour of this venerable and much loved building. One could say it's a metaphor for the womb; in which are gestated the creations of my soul. Or not. On reflection it's more like a clubhouse, one which welcomes all true eccentrics. I am hankering after…Read more The Shed’s Getting Full