Sing to Me of Yearning and Loss: Spirit of Love

 “Sing to me of yearning and loss. Bring my heart to life. Let me feel the passion of her kiss and agony of her death” he commands. Yet, does he want to be reminded of his loss? The musicians stare at the archaic god, one whose voice and musicianship have bowed even the heads of…Read more Sing to Me of Yearning and Loss: Spirit of Love

Magi – #Stream of Consciousness Saturday- In

My response this week to Linda G Hill’s prompt Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Linda's prompt was: 'Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in/out.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!' He was sorting his wares in the market square, an unassuming man in threadbare clothes. I watched him from…Read more Magi – #Stream of Consciousness Saturday- In

The Gathering #writephoto

My response to Sue Vincent's Thursday photo prompt, Beacon #writephoto. Once again something stirs deep within my mind. I see images of things past, images of things held dear. The great mage, prophet and madman Merlin was going to feature in my offering but his visit has been rescheduled to another day. The High Priestess in…Read more The Gathering #writephoto

Priesthood of Anubis

The relationship I have with my personal deity is complicated and often perplexing. The years have been witness to many partings and reconciliation between both of us. I’d hesitate to call myself a priestess of this ancient Egyptian god, that would be presumptuous. False modesty? Not at all. My journey down that path still awaits…Read more Priesthood of Anubis

The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

Photo: Copyright Jan Malique It's been a week since my return from a workshop in Derbyshire, a deeply profound experience. How dramatic this statement sounds, but there is great truth buried within the dramatics. Humanity is forever pursuing the goals of self-realisation and gnosis; sometimes this goal seems within our reach but is snatched away, much…Read more The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

Halfway down the Rabbit Hole

Spring has finally emerged from the dreariness of winter, yet this little rabbit is reluctant to raise its head from the burrow. Little bubbles of magic stir in her bloodstream. They pulse and glow, growing in intensity inspite of the reluctance to transform. Change is inevitable, it cannot be stopped in its tracks. She is…Read more Halfway down the Rabbit Hole

I Want To Be Me

Back again from walkabout in my subconscious. My rucksack feels strangely lighter, odd but not unwelcome. His Nibs is nowhere to be seen but that isn’t unusual. I’m sure he’ll turn up soon. As for my journey, it hasn’t been an easy one. I’ve felt like the proverbial grist for the mill. Please take a…Read more I Want To Be Me