Rite of Passage: Running with the Storm

The Elders stand in a semi-circle within the sanctuary. The High Priestess and Shaman stand on either side of the portal and the Summoner in front of it. A storm is brewing in the north, for it is the sky gods who prepare the trials to come for the young initiate warrior. The air is…Read more Rite of Passage: Running with the Storm

Lux Anglicae – Mystery #writephoto

Here is my offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt Mystery #writephoto. The Muses of creativity have been sparing with their favours lately, a fact that has frustrated and puzzled this blogger. Until now. I shall reserve judgment, no need to attract hubris you understand. What says the Alchemist? These are the Dragons and Serpents which the…Read more Lux Anglicae – Mystery #writephoto

Enki’s Gate #writephoto

Sue’s photo prompt this week, Gate #writephoto, had me in a quandry. What could I write in response? Here was a gate, perhaps leading to a whole different universe. Might I deign to keep my feet firmly in this world rather than scurry off exploring strange vistas? Decisions, decisions. This was difficult; the waters of…Read more Enki’s Gate #writephoto

Just Testing

Just testing I said to him. A visitation to a warrior angel was necessary due to strange disappearances into the ether. Didn't manage to contact Raphael but he did leave a message on his answerphone to contact Mikael in the event of his unavailability. I have been pushed to the limit by the nefarious influence…Read more Just Testing