Solar Fire: The Regeneration of Amunet


One of my favourite characters, Amunet, has reappeared for this post. We last saw her in  Betrayed: The Priestess Retreats. I’ve been thinking about her, wondering where her adventures are going next. Funny how you can become attached to your creations, although she’s more than that. She’s my alter ego, but doesn’t wear superheroine knickers over tights, and has neither cape nor mask. Admittedly my life isn’t as exciting as hers, but we share common ground. Amunet or Amaunet was originally one of eight primeval deities in the ancient Egyptian Hermopolitan creation myth.

The Eight signified creative and elemental principles, and existed in the primordial waters of Nun before creation of this world. Being was created out of non-Being from the sum of all their powers. So who were the Eight?

They were four frog headed male principles and four serpent headed female principles:

Amun and Amunet – personification of invisibility, that which is hidden.

Heh and Hehet – personification of infinite space.

Kek and Keket – personification of darkness.

Nun and Nunet – personification of the Primeval waters.


Free-Photos, Pixabay

I leave it up to you dear readers to come to what conclusions you may. You may see a pattern here…

As for my heroine, she’s taken many forms over time but can we say that we really know her true essence? Amunet has worn many masks, shedding each at the moment of our illumination. She took material form in order to understand human experience, a task that’s been challenging and filled with sublime beauty and sacrificial blood, her own. The Alchemist was born in elemental Fire, regenerates in it and shall return to the heart of its greatest personification when her task is completed, being the Sun. She was a Priestess of the Sun God Ra at one time, so perhaps appropriate. There are no endings for her, only great Cosmic cycles of creation and transformation. This is the canvas on which her journey is painted. I hope you’re still with me.


Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

The regeneration in this post alludes to that of spirit and heart, essential elements comprising the “I” that exists at this moment in time. She’s known love and friendship deeply, as well as loss and danger. A person of her quality and abilities has been subject to envy and malice from others, has held power and position only to walk away from them. She’s a Mystic, whose path is a solitary one mainly. It’s a time of gathering knowledge and looking within. Hence coming to a place in the heavens, to a vantage point from which she and Anubis can survey Solar Fire.


The fire in my blood ignites, yearns to embrace the greater Fire that waits before us. It calls to me mighty Anpu, He calls my name in dreams and waking states, Ra can see the sum of all that I have been and am.


What of Amun my Amunet? Will the Hidden Ones reunite?


The entity that is Amunet the Priestess of Ra shall return to his heart and the Amunet that is the Hidden One shall return to the First Time (Zep Tepi). Opposites shall reconcile and all return to an original state. Then my task is complete.


 (Touches her forehead). The womb of creation and disintegration.


(Smiles at him). You know me so well my beloved companion and protector.


(Touches her cheek gently). Can you hear that my Amunet? The Fire stirs, He waits for your answer. The Universe holds its breath, anticipates a new era.


I thought I knew myself but it seems not. Aspects of myself fall like pomegranate seeds, ruby tears that leave an indelible mark on the fabric of the Universe. I can taste their sweet and tart flavour, such is the experience of regeneration.


So many have come before me my Amunet, crumbled into dust, their names so fervently carved on the tombs only to be worn away by wind and sand. What is left for them then? Are their names spoken, given honour? Such things are ephemeral, except for the love and truth of their hearts. (Sighs). It is time.


RafaelMousob, Pixabay

Amunet walks towards the immense, glowing ball of fire that is the Sun, Ra in his outer form, the true essence hidden deep within its heart. The flames flow out to embrace and gather her into the interior. She feels the fire in her blood respond to the greater fire. Brilliant light sears the spirit within and every cell in her body. The Phoenix approaches the time of her regeneration as her feathers reduce to ash. Her cry echoes throughout the Universes. Anubis stands by impassively, witness to a scene that has played out since before Time had been compartmentalised by humanity. He will wait for eternity until her transformation has been completed.


WikiImages, Pixabay


(Closes his eyes and uses his staff to beat out a rhythm, creating a vortex). The music of the Universe begins its song of lamentation, sheds its tears of mourning, and then shouts its joy. The time of rebirth approaches, come Hathor, come Bes, guard this place of childbirth.

Two figure emerge from the darkness between the stars, the goddess Hathor and god Bes. Another cry echoes throughout the created Universe. The triad form a triangle of power, keep the energy contained as “childbirth” commences. A winged figure then emerges from the flames, her feathers shimmer with a beautiful iridescence. Glowing eyes of light survey the star filled heavens and then stare at the figure of Anubis. He holds out his hands. She clasps them and then looks at us. It is done and the journey goes on. The saga continues.


Comfreak, Pixabay



The First Mound: Beginnings #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

For Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt I return to ancient Egypt for my offering. The tale then moves to our present time, and new beginnings.

If you’re acquainted with the myth of the First Mound rising from the waters of Nun, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Beginnings and endings interest me. This creation myth originated in the ancient city of Hermopolis and involves a set of eight deities, the Ogdoad, existing in the chaotic and endless waters of Nun. The location is one before existence of the world and first land come into being.

These frog and serpent headed deities swim in dark waters, in a Universe bereft of light and sound. It exists in a place outside of time and space, nascent, waiting, gestating. The action of the waters is endless, eerie even to eyes ancient and modern. Thoth stands witness to the scene, drawing our attention to Nun and the potentiality he contains. For Nun is an ancient god, ever-present in a world that hasn’t come into being yet. We the audience wait, witness to a sacred drama played out over millions and millions of years.

Silence stretches into infinity, intense and weighted with the memories of the Eight. Water also has memories, instilled with the essence of a Time before Time. Dare we take a sip of something so potent? Thoth looks at us knowingly, he knows what our thoughts are and the deep currents running through our Souls. We are inextricably linked to these ancient waters, place of all beginnings and also our own ancestral birthplace. The waters meanwhile continue to ebb and flow strongly. They carry the thoughts of the Eight, tell of their plans for this Universe. We hear their faint whispers in our heads, old, so old and so unfamiliar.

We ask ourselves ‘where and when did I begin?’ and Thoth answers ‘in the First Time.’

This makes us pause and leaves us grasping for clarity and answers. He points out they lie within.  The Eight echo his words but we are unable to understand them, or refuse to in our fear and puzzlement. The waters of Nun crash against each other, stir the endless depths, mix the soup and matrix of life. The tension builds, there is a pregnant pause (!), how appropriate. The silence deepens, hurts our senses. The Eight sing a song so mesmerizing we almost yearn to jump into the waters but are held back by the God of Wisdom, Magic and Mysteries. Our time of Becoming is not now but waits in the shadows.

Then, everything freezes, Time freezes, as if it ever existed! The waters churn and boil for an eternity. They part as the First Mound rises from the depths, a pyramidal shape being the first land and the First Temple. It rises in magnificence, the tip radiating out an intense Light that pierces the Eternal Darkness and Silence. ‘Let There Be Light!’ a shout goes out. Fiat Lux!

One Beginning unfolds, and a myriad of others yet to unfold as the Eight take to the depths, waiting, listening and watching. As for us, we turn our eyes towards the distant future that is our present. Our eyes reflect the mysteries witnessed, the visions flow out and create new beginnings for us. Ones that hold a germ of the Eternal Mysteries, of memories buried deep within our brains, waiting to be unlocked and perused.


Converging Paths

GG-125, Pixabay

For readers new to the blog I think it may be pertinent to advise you of the nature of the Shed, as the blog is commonly known. It can be likened to Dr Who’s Tardis, rather unassuming and small on first appearance but once you get inside, a different state of affairs. Dimension and time travel have been mainstays of this vehicle, as have autobiographical snippets, flash fiction, other odds and sods, and poetry from a non-poet as I like to call myself.

What of my fellow companions? The residents, well, more like squatters, can be a rowdy lot. Over the years they’ve managed to insinuate themselves into the (virtual) building and occupy every chair, sofa and piece of floor available. One point in their favour, they are quite clean and tidy, which is a blessing. I have to take the blame for welcoming them over the threshold, much like inviting a vampire. The Security staff are useless, the critters somehow always bamboozle them. How???

I never envisaged becoming a landlord but here I am. We give them a little attention, our characters that is, and they start to take liberties. The worst perpetrator is a certain escapee from Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit. “White Hare, White Hare, please get it right” he shouts at me from an armchair. I send him an apologetic look. He can be a little sensitive understandably. Oh, Anubis and Odin are the others. These three have taken me down some very odd paths, and there is a fourth to join their ranks, Tehuti/Djehuty/Thoth are his various names. He is the more, er, sensible of the group.

Not that I’m casting aspersions on Anubis and Odin, heaven forbid! They’re beings NEVER to be trifled with, but the Demiurge and Lord of Wisdom can be relied upon to give a balanced and well-informed opinion in difficult situations. I’m trying to put out bunting out for his arrival, rather excited. It’s been a while since we met up, although he has kept an eye on me over the years.

I like the surreal and odd, and they seem to like me, as evidenced by the creative outpourings.

It wasn’t so in the early days. Gosh, the Shed had a job attracting punters. Those were bleak days.

“Is this going anywhere?” a voice questions from inside a wardrobe.

Damn Lion!

tpf1959, Pixabay

As I was saying, those were bleak days. As for now, several paths are converging for yet another incursion into unexplored landscapes. My second blog has been given a sip of the waters of life and is reborn. The Storyteller’s journey continues, as do those of my Alchemist, Amunet (“The Hidden One”), the Templar Knight, and the Lightbearer. This signals a new phase in my life, inner life most importantly.

Knowledge has been a great love of mine even from childhood, I’ve accumulated it, pored over it, and loved it. Yet, knowledge is empty without practical application and experience. Something I’ve learned over the years, had to learn. Hence perhaps the reappearance of Tehuti to put things into perspective. What is of value and can help others should be willingly shared. A hand offered in help can save many that are either lost or searching for a missing piece of the puzzle.

The Demiurge stands in the temple, silhouetted against the dazzling light of the midday sun. He waits patiently, time has no meaning for a being such as him. It flows out of him, infusing every atom of the Universe. I’ve searched for the mystery at the heart of life, looked to the stars for clues, urged them for answers, and at times failed to hear what they had to say. I’ve placed my footsteps in the one who had gone ahead, guided by an unseen hand. The purpose of the journey? The reason for being, existing.

There are as many answers as there are grains of sand in the desert that lies before us. They are like reflections in an eye. I stand within the temple, staring into the distance, as always he stands before me, with hand outstretched, offering the moon. I move forward, grasp it. Two paths have converged. What lies ahead of us?

pixel2013, Pixabay

Meeting at the Crossroads

JanBaby, Pixabay

A crossroad beckons on the horizon once more, and my feet are approaching it at a leisurely pace. So unlike me it has to be said. Evidently I’m mellowing in middle age.

Change is a coming and I’m not sure how to face it. Much like my reaction to prevailing weather conditions. It’s been cold, windy and rainy for weeks, and I haven’t even ventured into the garden to say hello to its inhabitants. My usual seat at the kitchen table has remained empty, which is a shame as it’s an important part of my writing and dreaming. It’s window facing and provides a lovely view of life unfolding through the seasons. It also gives me space to go inwards and sense the emotion of my inner landscape. One might say being a spectator has its uses, but disengaging from participating in life’s dramas makes Jan a dullard indeed.

The spectres of inertia and frustration are ever-present in our lives, beasts that are unwilling to loosen their grip. They gnaw at our innards and inject soporific poisons into our veins. We need all our courage and survival instincts to break free and run. That is until we get to a place of safety and gather our resources, summon our magician’s powers and bind the damned creatures. I’m talking more Gandalf than Harry Potter.

“More Gandalf than Harry Potter?” a voice queries from behind me.

That voice, with deep threads of mystery and dark wickedness running through it. His Nibs. I’ve neglected him for a while, just as well. No disrespect mighty one, the work we will be undertaking will require all of my strength and resilience, as well as hope. The path I’ve chosen to walk isn’t easy, more fool me! When you ask to enter into the service of Anubis, you need to carefully consider the implications of your decision. He’ll test your substance and spirit to almost breaking point.

He mutters with indignation, “that sounds a little harsh, you’ll scare them off.”

“Sorry, but it’s the truth. No point in sugar-coating what’s essentially a season ticket to the Underworld and Duat, ferrying the dead, lost, guiding initiates, breaking through fear, glimpsing awe-filled mysteries. I could go on.”

“Fine, things have been a little difficult for you lately, that’ll die away. Sorry, occupational hazard.” His voice trails off at the withering look on my face.


View from kitchen window, Jan Malique

Human existence appears to be experienced in cycles and tantalising episodes in a rite of passage drama. Rites of passage seem to be barely celebrated in modern societies; almost becoming relics from a past that’s viewed with curiosity and nostalgia. That’s my opinion. Commercialism and materialism have taken over, retailers dictate when and what we should be celebrating. We’re urged to empty our wallets and spend rashly on the old plastic in order to show our affection and commiseration on specified dates. Why? Can’t we be trusted with showing care at any point in the calendar year?

“I like seeing you like this, a good rant releases useful chemicals in the brain. Go for it my little friend.” Says an ancient Egyptian God wearing a hoodie.

He then flashes the Ace of Spades in my face. I look at it and wonder why he’s showing me the card.

The Jackal God watches closely, absorbing every detail of my expression.

“The Ace of Spades is traditionally considered the Death card, but not always with physical death. It’s associated with personal transformation, changes, endings and beginnings. Such things are sometimes viewed with fear and troubled minds. Yet, there’s no rebirth without the ending of our old selves. New growth can’t flourish without removal of all that’s dead. This card symbolises ancient mysteries and hidden truths. See it and drink in its message.”

I understand and tell him “Death has appeared many times when I’ve consulted the oracle.”

“Who’s the oracle? Anyone we know?” he asks quietly.

I answer equally quietly “The Magician’s Tarot by Quareia.”

Pexels, Pixabay

I can see the readings vividly in my mind, beautiful but disquieting images. Portents of seemingly dire events and possible futures, of messages from powers beyond this plane, of restriction, illness and healing. The Abyss and Underworld showed their faces. There was more but I’m not jumping to any conclusions. He knows all this but isn’t saying anything. Our meeting at the Crossroads heralds a time of reassessment, doesn’t it always!

“How may I serve?” I ask again, for it’s a question that needs to be articulated, with confidence and without fear. I’ve searched for him for so long, entered into the womb of the Underworld and returned changed, not always prepared for what’s unfolded. In hindsight it’s helped in the process of shattering a restrictive carapace and unhealthy conditioning.

I look at the hoodie wearing God of the Dead and Transformations and call his name, ask for guidance and clarification. I ask to learn the songs of grief and unchaining as my journey progresses, I ask for the wisdom to recognise and acknowledge the lessons being bestowed, for myself and others. He takes me to the Saqqara, the necropolis of ancient Memphis in Egypt, a place he’s walked again and again in long distant times. The sun bleached sand and stone of its landscape still holds a sleeping power, resonating with echoes of the dead and curiosity of throngs of the living.

We watch the two worlds intermingle, their inhabitants pass by each other, sometimes catching glimpses of things that puzzle and induce longing. The centuries roll by before us, he’s seen it all. Time falls like a huge waterfall, drenching us in its spray. There’s only silence flowing around us, gleaming like water illuminated by the Sun. It stretches beyond the horizon. It’s the Silence of Knowing. A tool to break our shackles.

NeuPaddy, Pixabay


The Impossible is Possible He Says: A Return to the Beginning of Things


Me in 2015

I don’t like being photographed, due to shyness mainly. For purposes of this post a decision was made to use a photo, a selfie (I dislike those things usually) taken in 2015. She stares at me with a look I remember well, filled with secrets and questions. The core of this person remains unchanged, as much as a whirling vortex can.

A whirling vortex?” he repeats slowly, the look on his face is thoughtful. His Nibs appears out of thin air, typical of these deities to indulge in dramatic behaviour.

His absence has been longer than usual, which has given me time to tie up a few loose ends. I look at his face for indication, any indication of his thought processes. He draws sigils and hieroglyphs into the air, sacred symbols etched in fire. I see a raging ocean struck many times by lightning. The First Time. Anubis is in his golden form orchestrating the play of elements. There is silence in this place of the first creation, a silence that is infused with many layers of meaning. The Mound is yet to appear. Strange that I should be witness to this again.

Image: Golden Anubis, Jan Malique

Being born is an initiation, a period of trial, tribulation and learning. We infuse our lives with beauty, pepper it with tears and sadness, and write its story in our personal Book of Life. The time has come to continue my story in the Book of Life. He hands it to me gently and smiles. I stare at it with the same look my other self had in the photo. She was yearning for change and wondering whether her circumstances would shift, evolve. Sometimes the perceived impossibility of the task at hand can throw you off kilter. Introspection can bring with it fears and uncertainties. They are unavoidable but necessary.

“I’ve stood on the edge of towering sand dunes peered down at you, watching your every move and thought. Your eyes have reflected the incandescent light of stars burning at the edge of galaxies, throwing illumination into the heart of darkness. You seek, question and demand, as you should. What answers have you obtained? You smile and give me that look. Filled with secrets and questions. Are you ready to serve, to pierce the illusions of this world and act? Take care to speak honestly and without prevarication. Serve higher ideals. The Impossible is Possible”

Anubis intends these words for those who are ready for the Journey.

His eyes burn with ancient fire and his hand gestures towards the unfolding of creation within the First Time. This journey is one towards the beginning of all things, a return to Source. We sit on the Sacred Mound beneath the waters of Chaos, the Eight peer at us intently, alien frog and snake headed creatures from a time before time. A return to the original womb of being can involve dangers, realisations of truths we may not be ready to face. I sense movement of the Eight and also of something more…The waters of Chaos bubble and shift constantly. His Nibs watches, silent as the depths of the Void, and as inscrutable.

The storm continues around us, but we‘re sitting in a space set apart deep within the eye of the storm. A place of deep significance and sacredness, the First Temple from which all others were birthed. Again I sense movement of the Eight and also of something more. From out of the gloom emerge his priests, jackal headed men bearing his mark. They stretch into infinity, forming a processional way into the depths. This is the path into the depths of the subconscious, hence the guardians of the portals safeguarding the way. There are places where no light has ever pierced, where no voice has uttered sound. We dare to pass through these halls of silence, and dare to emerge intact.


Image: Trandoshan, Pixabay

He employs sleight of hand, confuses our senses, makes us believe the real is unreal and takes us to the very edge of reality. We stand on the precipice and peer over the edge. We peer deep within our selves, for that is the purpose of this journey, of any journey, to find our truth and speak it.

The Eight churn the waters of Chaos, creating life where there was possibility and promise. The Sacred Mound waits our return, it is time for emergence, manifestation of all possibilities and promises. The Benu bird utters the first sound that breaks the eternal silence and the child Ra emerges from the waters in his womb of Blue Lotus. His light pierces the eternal darkness and so it begins. The Sacred Mound waits on our return and embraces us as we emerge. From silence and darkness does life emerge, looking out into a vast Universe filled with mysteries.

Anubis is known by many names, one being the Walker between the Worlds, another being Psychopomp, and another The Opener. He’s a shaman par excellence, guardian of the portals between the different states of consciousness. We meet him at significant points in life, so as to be eased into states of death and resurrection, symbolic and real. What’s prompted this bout of soul searching? I’d ordered a book written about Anubis and had to wait nearly three months for it, due to delays that seemed to go and on. This issue tested my patience severely, at one point I thought he was “pulling on my chain” just to see what I would do. It unveiled aspects of myself that needed looking at, and here I am looking at some of them.

Lady of the Flame: Hail Mighty Sekhmet!


Image: rocky9631, Pixabay

She is known by many epithets, in particular Eye of Ra, Lady of the Red Linen, and Lady of the Flame. Protector of the Pharaoh and scourge of humankind when we acted out like disobedient children. The Lion Goddess Sekhmet springs from ancient lineage and is imbued with the power of a million suns. Not one to be disrespected, and not one to be approached in arrogance and pride. The Goddess waits in the darkness of the Sanctuary, a place filled with eternal silence and terrible power.

How does the supplicant approach this place? Not with a backward glance. She can smell your fear as it seeps through your pores, and hear the frantic beat of your heart. Are you purified in body, soul and intent? Don’t deceive yourself, mercy will not be offered to you on a platter. Why should it? The journey through the burning desert hasn’t been easy, hunger and thirst have assailed you, brought you to your knees. She hasn’t spared you as you haven’t spared yourself.

The hot desert wind is Her breath upon your neck, a reminder that life can be all too brief, that you are prey. She can hear the blood rush through your veins, thirsts for it with a passion. The Lioness weaves Her way through the burning sands, eyes of gold survey the loneliness of the desert wastes, reveal in its bleak and awesome beauty. She calls to you, a song of allure and truth, asks what it is that you seek and want of Life. What healing is needed? She offers it, and more that remains shrouded until you reach the doors of the Sanctuary.

Fire is Her element, wielded with expertise and deadly accuracy. Her jaws open in a snarl, razor-sharp fangs gleam in the midday sun. This is the Eye of Ra in her magnificence, untamed and dangerous. She is the raw power of the Universe, a million Suns scorching and burning false personas. The Goddess waits in the darkness of the Sanctuary, a place filled with eternal silence and terrible power. She calls to you, a song of allure and truth, asks what it is that you seek and want of Life.


Image: nir_design

The temple shimmers on the horizon, is it a dream or a nightmare? She can smell your fear as it seeps through your pores, and hear the frantic beat of your heart. Don’t look back, there is no path to safety, no road to mendacity. The Portal looms ahead, offering shade and relief from the burning rays. Although you must pass through the realm of the Keeper of the Flame, one who guards the way to the Sanctuary. Are they male or female? Are they human or, something else? Your questions have no meaning in this place, it’s a place not of this world, not concerned with its laws and rules. The Keeper stares at your humanity, parts the flames to other realms, go through, don’t linger, don’t waste time.

She can smell your fear as it seeps through your pores, and hear the frantic beat of your heart. She calls to you, a song of allure and truth, asks what it is that you seek and want of Life. The place approaches, the doorway shimmers like a desert mirage, go through, don’t linger, don’t waste time. The refrain unfolds, stretches into infinity. This is your time of Becoming, an oft-repeated phrase, but filled with deep truth. Her eyes gaze intently, her manner is implacable. What can you say? Is she present? You touch your face and feel her face, touch her chest and feel your chest. Twin hearts beat loudly in this inner chamber, echo throughout the Universe. The Eye of Ra is pleased. The Eye of Ra sings her song of truth, of longing for the First Time, laments forgetfulness. Hear it and do not weep. She is eternal, the unending ocean of Being, and the life-giving rays of the Sun. Her flames consume and bring forth rebirth. It is done supplicant, it is done.



Image: Myriams-Fotos, Pixabay

Deserts are strange places, filled with silences infused with paradox. Now and again the wind carries voices and presences that require our attention. They sent me the Alchemist Amunet, but she didn’t come alone. The Jackal God and Seraph, the Fallen Angel followed behind. An intriguing and important trinity. They have their reasons for stepping out of one reality into another. Shapeshifters and catalysts are the Three. I have questions to ask of them, hoping for answers but will they be what I want to hear? Need to hear?

Image: Pixabay

Mystics, mages, and travellers throughout the centuries have wandered through these often silent and apparently barren places. Places set apart from the discordant centres of so-called civilisation. They aren’t always havens of the deeply spiritual. Phantasms and djinn step lightly on the sand, weaving mirages and unsettling dreams. Nevertheless, we mustn’t abandon our sense of wonder and adventure. Yearning for such things is the voice of the Universal Soul urging us on.


Image: Engin_Akyurt , Pixabay

I’ve been sending prayers into the desert wastes since memory began, and the human throat learned to utter sounds. It feels that long. Sometimes music is the only key that unlocks the yearnings of memory. One such song has stayed with me for years, Jevetta Steele’s “Calling You” from the film “Bagdad Cafe” (directed by Percy Adlon). It’s been on my mind for days. I haven’t seen the film for years, yet it’s resurfaced. Why? I’ve attached links to both song and imdb site for the film for your delectation. It may answer this question, or not. Answers to dilemmas and salvation can appear from the depths of barrenness and solitude. Much like the protagonist in the film. She brings the waters of life and magic to an isolated community in the desert. She brings change, and transformation, for herself and others.


Image: Engin_Akyurt , Pixabay

I stare across the expanse at the Three. They’ve been called, petitioned but never summoned. Who would have the temerity to demand their presences? Not I.

“Calling You”? Their voices answer, chant songs of everlasting life, death and rebirth. Bring forth sentience from the Void, urge us to listen to the heartbeat of the Universe. Urge us to be courageous, surrender finally and step into the precipice.  In ancient times chants were uttered, sung to deities, praising divinity, praising the wonders of the world. There were magical incantations, bringing forth mysteries, shattering perceptions. What do they ask of me?


Image: MihaiParaschiv, Pixabay

Amunet reaches forward and lays a butterfly touch on my throat centre, one that has been in great need of release. His Nibs (Anubis) lays a gentle touch on my lips and Seraph places a kiss on each palm.  Much to contemplate and take action on. It’s time to return from the desert and rejoin those that have been waiting at the gates of the temple. The Neophyte must progress.



 Anubis Commands


Image: TobiasBisander, Pixabay

On Saturday 18 November 2017 I was ordained as a Minister with the Sacred Rites Foundation. Sounds strange saying it but it’s been a long time coming. I have neither changed my spiritual preferences nor path in case you were wondering. It will involve inter-faith work, which is the way it should be. The decision to go down this route has given me a good “kick up the bum” as I’ve been in procrastination mode for quite a while. His Nibs had a hand in this issue, one way of telling me to get on with it! He can be a hard taskmaster when the occasion calls for it, a bit of a softy really when you get to know him. Don’t tell anyone else will you? There’s a lot to think about and many projects to complete. I’m at a crossroads again but know what road to take. The question is whether I’ll be disciplined enough this time and follow through on the path that lies before me. Why so mysterious?

His Nibs appeared in my mind’s eye a couple of weeks ago, I was wiping his face and hands to reveal gold beneath the black. His colours are black and gold, of corruption of the flesh, and disintegration of matter and spirit. This isn’t the end though, for the gold heralds transformation and transmutation. A profound alchemy occurs on deep levels of the psyche. This image surprised and puzzled me for ages.

I’d been waiting for a sign, anything to give me an indication that the constant barrage of crap coming my way was ceasing. It seems my prayers are being answered. Things have been falling into place, loose ends are being tidied and clarity of mind slowly re-surfacing. The physical ills are being dealt with but I need answers soon. There’s important work to be done in 2018 as obstacles are being cleared from my path. He tells me “no excuse now to procrastinate.”  Again I return to the black and gold, trying to understand that which is filled with paradox and truth. The process isn’t easy to understand, you can see my dilemma.

He gazes at me silently, expecting an answer. All I say is “how may I serve?”

“The right answer” is his reply.

I told you he could be a hard taskmaster. Don’t mess with the Opener. Unfortunately he spoils the, er, hard man persona by winking cheekily at me. I wink back but it looks like I have a nervous tic. Ah well.

Black and gold are his colours, revealing and obscuring the true nature of Being and Consciousness, revealing and obscuring the true nature of godhead and humanity, revealing and obscuring the true nature of death and resurrection. This paradox will be revisited in my next post as I need to dig deep beneath the vision of the emerging golden Anubis. This aspect of the god is one I’m not familiar with. Understandable as I’ve lingered in the place of disintegration for too long, held on to things that haven’t served me well.

Image: Jan Malique




Image: Jan Malique

It’s been a while since I heard from The Opener, as Anubis is sometimes known. He can be an elusive entity, frustrating even. The past few months have been challenging, forcing me to look inwards, a necessary process in hindsight. I’ve been clearing out defunct mind-sets, beliefs and behaviours. There’s still more work to be done and doors to be closed. Fortuitous that He’s appeared at this moment, as all manner of obstacles have separated me from my “Mentor” for too long.

I’m trusting myself and the Universe more, which is producing positive results. You could say I’m beginning to see the return of my authentic self, the Jan that I love and believe in. So many people suffer the frustration of not being who they truly are due to life circumstances. This is something one shouldn’t dismiss easily as it’s an issue that strikes at the heart and psyche deeply. It weighs people down and you can see the shadows shrouding the vision of those so afflicted. Almost as if all colour and vitality have left the person and they’re living as copies of their true selves.

His Nibs (Anubis) looks at me without speaking, and then squeezes my hand. It’s taken a while to get to this point but we’re here, thankfully. For too long I’ve neglected myself and felt my energy bleeding out, okay illness has in part taken its toll. Many people around me are in varying states of unhappiness and indulging in unhealthy projections towards others. They’re pressing my buttons and I’m pressing theirs. This continues to create toxic environments, on the inner and outer.

The sluice gates have been opened and all this crap is being “washed out” into the greater Universe to be neutralised and transformed. Visualisation is a fantastic tool dear readers. It can create true magic and open up unbelievable vistas.

“You’ve remained in the darkness of the tomb for too long” He states matter of fact.

“Not willingly! I answer. What else is there to say? I couldn’t see a way out, the seals on the tomb doors looked unbreakable.

His Nibs shakes in laughter, not unkindly it has to be said. The Opener can be unpredictable and should not be underestimated, ever. Saying that, this inscrutable deity can be hugely protective, loving and patient if he befriends you.

“I’ve not left your side at all, but had to stay aloof in order to let you ask for help” He explains in measured tones.

“Ah, the free will thing” I murmur.


Image: photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin (license)

We understand each other but do I understand myself? I gaze into the distance and see a desertscape blasted by strong winds. There’s a long figure walking across the sand, it looks like the Opener. Yes, it’s him in human form. He seems impervious to the grit filled wind swirling around him. The horizon is hidden from gaze, only hinted at when the wind drops. The ancient deity is in his natural element and knows neither fear nor uncertainty in this harsh environment. He is the loneliness of the endless expanse, a mirage created from the yearnings of our Soul. He is the bestower of hidden knowledge, giver of Life and Death, Judge of our Hearts and True Intent.

I ask Him for a blessing for the journey to come, to give my heart courage and resilience. He complies and comments “don’t leave it so late before calling me. We have work to do Jan.”

I nod ruefully. This is a time of Coming into Being. The scent of incense tantalises my nostrils, an offering to The Opener it appears. We part in love and peace, until the next time.


Image: skyhp009, Pixabay

She Walks In Light: Amunet’s Development and Journey

Image: Pixabay

I’ve thought at length about the possible origins of my character.  She emerged as a result of a writing challenge entered a while ago (Sue Vincent’s #writephoto); and was called the Alchemist’s daughter until an appropriate name was found. Amunet was chosen as my heroine emitted a sense of “otherness” that necessitated further investigation. For that I needed to revisit  ancient Egyptian creation myths. There wasn’t any conscious effort to mould her into a representation of wisdom and mystery. Like many other characters, she developed from gut feelings and nebulous images in the mind. These creations become significant over time, being echoes of lost histories. If we’re receptive to their voices they can be encouraged to tell us their stories. This seemed the most sensible approach to take.

To be honest this character’s an enigma to me. I stare at her from my position in the present and wonder at the nature of adventure we’re participating in. Amunet appears to be forming the basis of a bigger project, something I’m getting excited about.

I suppose we should now journey to the beginning of all things in my character’s universe. A time before time existed in a formless space:

The Ogdoad in The Hermopolitan Creation Myth

Amunet belongs to one of the Ogdoad (group of Eight), who are four pairs of ancient Egyptian deities thought to be the oldest of all gods. A statement made by other creations myths of that land about their gods! Regardless, these beings represent primeval elemental powers existing before creation of the world. The four male gods are frog headed, and their female counterparts snake headed:

  • Amun (Male) and Amunet (Female) represent invisibility.
  • Kek (M) and Keket (F) are darkness.
  • Heh (M) and Hehet (F) are infinite space.
  • Nun (M) and Nunet (F) are the primeval waters.

The world they inhabited was shrouded in silence and darkness, if you can imagine a place consisting of nothingness you’ve done well. I don’t always manage to.

When the waters of chaos retreated they revealed the first land. It was the sacred Mound upon which the Cosmic egg was laid by either an Ibis (sacred to Djehuty) or a goose, called the Great Cackler. In another variation of the myth the darkness was pierced by the light of the child Ra who rose from the depths of Nun in a lotus. This creation myth focusses on the mystery of creation out of non-being to being. Something that has fascinated and perplexed me since childhood.

These powers are part of a group of deities indigenous to the ancient centre of Khemenu (“The Town of the Eight”), named Hermopolis Magna by the Greeks. The other deities are a hare and baboon. This place was the cult centre of Djehuty (Thoth) from early dynastic times, and with his arrival at Khemenu these deities were absorbed into his mythos. Two in particular retained their status though, the Hare goddess Wenet and the baboon god Hedj-wer. Wenet was the totem animal of the 15th or Hare Nome (administrative division) of Upper Egypt, so it may have been difficult to obliterate her presence. As for the baboon god, he was worshipped here from pre-dynastic times and became closely associated with Djehuty as one of his manifestations. From here we briefly face the divinity that is Djehuty.

Djehuty and the Symbolism of Eight

It’s appropriate that the spirit of Djehuty pervades my heroine’s life. He is after all the Master Alchemist, God of Wisdom and Magic, oversees the arts, and sciences. In fact ruling all intellectual pursuits. Djehuty is also said to have invented hieroglyphs. The number eight embodies his essence perfectly as it symbolises harmony, balance, and cosmic order. It’s also the number of perfection, infinity, abundance, and power.

So far, so good. Amunet therefore contains within herself perfect knowledge and Being. She’s the Priestess sitting in front of the Veil obscuring the Greater Mysteries of Life and Beyond; and also Divine Fire clothed in material matter, hidden, waiting. She contains potential within herself, of greater things. That’s what so fascinating about her, as she represents the hidden potential within all of us. The ability to bring to light the invisible aspects of our natures and the Cosmos. That’s why She Walks in Light.