Primeval – Mundane Monday Challenge #120 – Learn Photography

Image: Treborth Woods, Anglesey, Jan Malique

My entry for this week’s Mundane Morning Challenge. This was taken on a walk through woodland on Anglesey, North Wales. I like ferns and there were some lovely examples here. They are an ancient species and their presence in the woods evoked primeval times.

A sense of stillness and expectation hung in the air surrounding this part of the woods.  Additionally the quality of light caught my attention strongly. I expected to see a relic of prehistoric times to emerge out of the bushes. 

Landscapes, wherever they are, have unique ‘personalities’ much like people. To some this may sound rather strange, to others this may strike a chord. Where I live in North Wales feels quite different to somewhere several miles down the road nearer the border with England. It’s something you can sense in your gut. 

Where this photo was taken was quite near to very busy traffic coming in and out of Anglesey. It felt relatively untouched, almost set apart from modern times, primeval. 


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  1. Great sense of quiet there. Must be really moist in there, if the ferns thrive.

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