Bleached Bones – Mundane Monday Challenge #118 – Learn Photography

Image: Achiltibuie, Scotland, Jan Malique

Here’s my contribution for this week’s Mundane Monday Challenge #118.

I came across the carcasses of these boats on a beach. They looked like bleached bones of long dead creatures, perhaps swept in by strong currents, unable to escape and eventually died.  There is an air of melancholy about them despite the sunshine.


5 comments on “Bleached Bones – Mundane Monday Challenge #118 – Learn Photography

  1. trablogger says:

    I liked the way you framed it in the lower thirds and the perspective you chose. The color tones also makes the scene melancholic. Good one for MMC.

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  2. Beautifully composed with the bright colour of the sky about a third of the way down the photo, and the lines of the boat leading the eye up to the patch of sky.

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