Moonstruck and Bewildered


Image: Pixabay

Moving on from my rant about human trolls, it appears to me now that these past few months have been a time of misunderstandings, mis-communications and heightened emotions. Not only for me but many, many others. If I had to describe what was going on the inner, well, the image that springs to mind is that of a person standing on the edge of a precipice. Behind that person are a legion of others, watching and waiting. The cliff they’re standing on is slowly eroding, yet they make no move to get to safety. The world around them is descending into a state of chaos, generating apocalyptic visions. 

A little dramatic I know, yet the emotions attached to such imagery is recognisable is it not? As previously stated, I’m quite an empathic individual, neither a curse nor a blessing. It just IS. To be honest, at times it feels like I’m carrying the burden of others in addition to mine. Those others may be aspects of my own psyche, jostling for supremacy, perhaps freedom even. We look up at the Moon, shadowy Luna, reflecting the light of the Sun, Sol Invictus. Seeking answers within the silence of our inner sanctums.

We are moonstruck and bewildered in these troubled times, sensitive to the emergence of immense change beyond the precipice. Our eyes peer through a doorway showing things strange and paradoxical. As for the blood, it resonates with the matrix from which we came, the great Ocean of Being, salty womb of creation. Luna slowly descends into these deep waters of the Unconscious, infusing them with a powerful essence. Where is your Seer mighty Odin? We have need of her visions and prophecies. Where is your Delphic Oracle great Apollo? In the end they only point the way to the path we have to walk, find answers at the end of.

What of the people on the clifftop? Beings of opaque light fading fast and transforming. A spark lies waiting in their hearts. Ethereal wings emerge, unfurling, new-born divinity. A moment of hesitation, then we take flight, riding on whispered incantations. We fly like eagles, lifted to the heavens, viewing all, seeing all. How different the perspective is, how clear our vision is. ‘Rise above it all’ a voice tells us from the depths. Resist we must to sleep in its arms, for we are unready to face its truths. Not yet strong enough, or so we like to think. Our butterfly wings hint at so much.

Are we at that moment moonstruck and bewildered? A strange journey at this time, I can only sense shadowy shapes and rising expectation. What oracle to consult? Only the One that lies waiting, deep in the depths of our Being. What can we see from our vantage point? Stay safe dear travellers.