Trolls of the Human Variety: A Meandering Rant


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I like trolls but not of the human variety. A fellow blogger has written many times of her unpleasant experiences with the human species. Perhaps I’m either naive or lived a sheltered life, it was quite an eye opener reading those posts. What was the purpose of the mudslinging? Wasn’t there enough in their lives to sustain them?

You see them massing in huge numbers on social media, poison and all manner of unpleasant matter dripping from their fangs. Waiting to pounce, club us with fetid language and insecurities. Then feed off their victim’s fear and distress. This species wears many disguises, often appearing intellectually robust in their pronouncements. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, in the end their words are empty and create only vessels being half empty. Oh well, life seemed a little simpler when all we had were clay tablets…

One of the occasional visitors to the Shed is Little Troll, some of my readers may recall his early visits. He and his brethren are welcome at any time, except the ones that hate humans, hate everyone. A great pity but the species has had a troubled history. Much like those of the human variety.

Anyway, my rant of sorts does have a purpose or even porpoise. I had two visits today from individuals who may or may not have been trolling me. A sad day when you have difficulty recognising being trolled (or not). They left a comment on “Dreams and Prophecies” which just consisted of copying my words with an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. Responses to a comment I’d made regarding the use of Bay leaves in obtaining prophetic dreams. They caught me on a bad day, I didn’t approve the comments. How do you respond to something like that? Was my perception a little off-kilter and was I just overreacting, with my ego being hurt? Fresh or shop bought? Does it matter dear readers?  If you are aiming to obtain the help of a plant ally, yes it does matter. If you are buying herbs from a reputable supplier for a magical purpose, well and good. If the herb/plant is growing in your garden/window box/pot, even better. It is about intent in the end. In hindsight I should have stated this. The individual infuses/imbues the tool with intent for a particular exercise. It is consecrated for a purpose.  The highest form of magical practice can be operated within the mind, without the use of ritual tools, an area set aside as a temple, any flashy/grandiose robes. That is what we should be aiming for. Temples don’t always have physical walls.

There have been many episodes throughout history where beliefs and practices of particular groups and individuals have been singled out for persecution by the establishment. They may be branded either heretics, witches or mages of the dark arts. Accordingly their spiritual practices would have withdrawn into secrecy, hidden in plain view maybe. The great Mystery Schools of Old and other groups had a strict policy of entrance into their hallowed halls for very good reasons. Knowledge is power and can be abused. Not all Seekers come with the best of intentions. Integrity, self-insight, honesty and discernment were and still are important skills to take on board. I’m talking here of the evolution of the individual, from a state of unawareness into gnosis.

My post wasn’t meant to be an instruction manual on the magical uses of Bay. The enquirer asked a sincere question and I answered. Folk magic doesn’t indulge in complicated rituals like ceremonial magic may. I’m not going to instruct you in magical practices, not my place to take on a duty that’s best left to a reputable teacher and school. Although, they can’t walk your journey for you, only show the way. Insights and hard work are all your own.

My blog consists of musings and fragments of my life/persona that exist outside of the blog. It may be of interest, or not, to people who stumble across it. I appreciate you coming by, read, comment, not comment, follow, not follow. I don’t blog to indulge in stirring controversy and certainly not to engage in poisonous dialogue with people who want a fight. If you don’t agree with what I say, I’m fine with that. Please don’t be acting out in my Shed as I’ll have to ask you to leave, in extreme cases get Security (White Rabbit and Anubis) to throw you out. You don’t want to mess with those boys. Be clear in your comments so that we can engage in an adult fashion. I’m a woman on the edge today, or thereabouts. This normally wouldn’t bother me but quite tired today, it’s been a difficult week . I’m a sensitive little flower really 🙂

Beware readers of these psychic vampires who journey the ether in search of ‘food’. Extremely narcissistic individuals in many cases. I think this meandering rant is finished. Have a good evening.


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  1. They are disturbing lot, aren’t they? Apparently they simply have nothing better to do.

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