How Fares the Sanctuary?


Image: Mullein, Jan Malique


Image: Bay, Rose, Sage, Jan Malique


Image: “Teasing Georgia” (David Austin rose), Jan Malique


Image: Rosa x. richardii (St John’s Cross or the Holy Rose of Abyssinia)

I love our garden but have been disinclined lately to sit amidst its beauty and peace. My hibernation from life is on its way out. This body of blood, bone and flesh has been struggling but finally sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Good health takes work, focus and discipline. It’s a collaborative effort as our bodies have an intelligence of their own. Their needs have to be taken into consideration. They need to be accorded respect and love.

Our fates are deeply entwined with Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Quintessence. Thus, we resonate with matter that has formed us. All is infused with Spirit energy. Consciousness ultimately melding with a Greater Consciousness.

As for my Sanctuary, it lives and transforms into a lush beauty. Blessed I hope by the Faerie Folk, responding to the ministrations of my partner. There is much magic in the microcosmos herein, a miniature Universe governed by Laws not of humanity’s making.

Birdsong echoes through the green temple, messages from the Otherworld, whispered songs of love and tales of wonder. Or, just chatter, words of the mundane and tangible.

Across the valley rise hills, guarded by looming mountains beyond. Place of eagles and ancient mages, great Merlin’s land of sky and mountain, Snowdonia is its name. What have we forgotten the land asks. I ponder long and hard, then answer, “our true self”.

 How romantic this seems but it hides a wilder heart, true and strong. It calls and we must listen. So again I ask, “how fares thus sanctuary?”

It answers “well but where have you been?”

I have no answer.