Immortality: The Alchemist’s Daughter Recollects


Image: Pixabay

Achieving immortality has been an enduring goal for legion upon legion of humans over the centuries. Tomes have been written hinting at the existence of wondrous elixirs and arcane rituals giving/offering the chance of eternal life and youth. To what end we may speculate, perhaps to abate our fear of dying, perhaps to prolong our contemplation of matters philosophical and metaphysical. Ultimately the real reason may only be known to the individual engaged in such a pursuit. Immortality is a fable retold century after century, our passion for it undiminished, our longing unquenched. We are born, live and die, a simplistic viewpoint of our existence on this material plane. Yet, there is so much that lies before us. At what point do we lose our sense of wonder about the Universe and our place in it?

Life has been and is hard for many, many on this planet, injustices abound, at times it seems as if the misery is never-ending. We feel defeated by the seemingly relentless squeeze of our internal and external barriers, they can be moved, and we can remove the conditioning. There may be safety within the herd but what harm is there in holding on to individuality? Each divine spark is part of the whole, it has a unique experience to bring to the Collective Consciousness.

I’m not assigning any particular label to deity, each to their own. Our personal journeys are unique. Immortality. The theme has been the foundation of this life journey and of lives that have passed before. At times it may seem that I’m rather pre-occupied with death and rebirth. Perhaps I am. The search for the meaning of Life has been constant. I, Amunet, join the ranks of fellow Seekers who have gone before in the pursuit of answers, only to find further questions in their place. The Sphinx bars the way and relents not until the key to the lock has been shown.

I recollect a time when this ‘I’ attended the One at the moment of creation. From out of darkness and silence did the Thought emerge, shaped by Word and Action thereafter. Witness were we to this beginning, one of innumerable, never-ending cascade flowing into Void after Void. We shaped and moulded as commanded. Matter joined in perfect unity. As befits my name, the true nature of creation was hidden, awaiting rediscovery, awaiting understanding. The Crucible and Fire of the First Alchemist were wrought out of chaos, fire, darkness and silence.

The ‘I’ that was joined with the ‘I’ that were many, receptacles for memories of the Beginning and also of the End. We are attuned with all in this Universe, feeling their joys and pain. Guiding and supporting when permitted to do so. Humanity has been gifted with Free Will and so must work, learn and not expect gifts to fall into their lap like a ripe apple. Ah, the infamous Apple. It served its purpose don’t you think? Without challenge and adversity growth cannot occur, evolution cannot occur, thought cannot adapt.


Image: Pixabay

The part that is human within me laments the loss of memories and people, especially the one who nurtured me. Transfigured is he, being at one with Khepri. A time will come when I too must face my Coming into Being. When the humanity within rejoins the greater Light. As for the other part, it too will regain its former self. Eternal, ceaseless in Watching and Recording. There are no endings, only new beginnings Thus is my life and history so far.