Hearts, flowers

R..I.P Simone Veil

Jane Dougherty Writes

Today, an exemplary woman, Simone Veil, died. A piece of history is over.


She had an adolescence in hell, the real one full of devils and furnaces, not the one where your parents won’t buy you a new smart phone. She survived the charnel house of millions, and she carried their terror and their lost faces, their tears and their pain, tattooed into her flesh.

She who waded through black-clad and booted death, who clung to the flame tighter, and loved life more fiercely than we who have never been caught by the throat, fought indefatigably for the right of women to their lives, their integrity and their choices.

Tossed into hell because of her religion, she had no god, for she had looked into the abyss and seen no ladder of angels leading the innocent to heaven. Her belief was in the right to life, now, this one, and…

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