Teaching Hungover

I laughed and laughed inside, tried not to do it aloud whilst reading this on the train home. Just in case I got funny looks from the other passengers.

Non-Euclidean Sofa

If my body is my temple, then I’ve ransacked it for all its wealth and splendor and smeared filth on the walls. Last night, I did something terrible, something inexcusable, something untoward and deplorable. Last night, some friends and I. . . played Monopoly. Naturally, the only way to react to the trappings of a capitalist system is to drink copious amounts of cheap beer and rum and to shout “water is an ingredient” anytime someone suggested I should hydrate.

Artist’s rendering of the evil I’ve inflicted upon myself

I got filthy drunk and played Monopoly on a Wednesday night. I don’t know why my mistake was especially awful because it was a Wednesday, but the Wednesday-ness undoubtedly made everything worse. Now, it is Thursday because days have this awful knack of going one after the other. Chronology is not my friend.


I’m a teacher–something I forgot last night…

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