Image: Gustave Moreau, WikiArt

Moreau’s “Promethée” reflects a being who appears at peace with performing the ultimate sacrifice; one that allows humanity to emerge from darkness into consciousness. This is only my perception of the Titan’s  situation. Rather ironic that his foolish brother, Epithemeus (meaning ‘afterthought’ or ‘late counselling’) was responsible in part (with his bride Pandora) for releasing a host of evils into the world.

Prometheus (meaning ‘forethought’) ushers in a new age, one in which humanity has a chance of gaining control over its destiny. In an uncertain world the only certainty is death. Yet, here is a new vision being offered, at great cost to the one bearing the gift of divine fire. Should we not feel beholden to the bearer of light in a world that teeters between chaos and balance? His name lives on as does the divine fire gifted in all compassion. Be at peace mighty Prometheus.