Master of the Hidden Self

Reblogging one of my old posts. The Sufi mystics are calling again,



The Mystic begins another journey, this time as an observer outside the circle of Knowing and Being. They perceive patterns within patterns in the sacred dance, yet unable to penetrate the mystery at its heart. The visit to the holy well in North Wales was only one aspect of the face of the numinous, there were other roads to explore. Rumi had laid the foundations of this particular path, so what to do but follow it to its destination of course. Sufism continues to hold a strong fascination for many in this modern age, in particular the activities of the Mevlevi Order (or Whirling Dervishes) in the performance of the Sema Ceremony or Ritual Dance. To express the beauty and mystique of the Ceremony in words is difficult, more so for an outsider. What is the Mystic searching for? Perhaps Gurdjieff’s insightful words may provide one answer:

“Man is asleep, he…

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  1. Beautiful words so well articulated and perfect to the divine


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