Work in Progress: How Am I Doing?

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Image: Pixabay

This blog has reached over 200 posts now, 205 including this to be precise. WordPress helpfully messages you to advise of such milestones(!). What an achievement considering I had doubts regarding its longevity. The decision to start blogging was a risk. What if my efforts turned out to be an embarrassment and NO ONE read the posts? Initial offerings were safe and inoffensive, due to a lack of confidence and identifiable voice.

Valuable advice from another blogger helped to focus my mind and I soon rewrote the About page and plan of action. Having perused the wealth and quality of writing in the blogsphere my heart sank a little in the early days. Apparently these sorcerers of the ether were privy to magical secrets. Something to mull over whilst I delved into my bag of magical ingredients. WordPress offered support to the newbie blogger but the plethora of information on hand scrambled my brains a little. Was it going to be easier to free jump into the blogsphere? I’d taken risks before, not all of them worked but life is one big rusk, risk I mean. Although the similarities are somewhat spooky.

There’s still a lot of work to be done on the blog. It feels like a ball of clay on the potter god Khnum’s wheel. Yes, another ancient Egyptian god. Folks, I appear to be suffering from a common condition labelled ‘predictability’. The doctors are hopeful about my recovery but it may take time to fully heal. It first started in the Egyptian Rooms, British Museum, London and the journey still continues. I was quite young and impressionable, the exhibits were fabulous and this ancient land had hooked me like a fish. Those who read my post may also notice that I have a slight preoccupation with death. What do you expect from someone whose favourite Terry Pratchett book is “Mort”? This blogger is apt to ponder on the big questions of life, the reason for existing, what/who ‘god’ was, what happens after death, the existence of other realities. The usual stuff. The same questions come round to bother me, eat my food, sleep on the sofa and then slope off. Freeloaders!

Regarding this ‘death’ thing, my sojourn in the funeral profession and subsequent volunteer work with the bereaved only raised further questions. Death is a huge taboo for the majority of people. Loss and grief impact profoundly upon our psyche, for some incapacitates their entire life. They exist in a shadowland and can’t let go of those who’ve passed beyond the veil. Others achieve healing of their emotions and spirit and go on to live healthy lives. Their loss and grief aren’t forgotten but accepted as a natural part of life’s journey. I may go back to supporting bereaved individuals but not yet. Many writers over the ages have attempted to break through the veils of mystique surrounding human consciousness; its residence within flesh, bone and blood and subsequent return to a Cosmic Consciousness. I’m attempting to do the same. Of course a certain ancient Egyptian deity had a hand in my induction into realms paradoxical and illuminating. Anubis/Anpu is his name, initiation is his game. He’s been trying to tell me something important but isn’t getting through the cotton wool in my ears. Feels like that at times. I still have many duties to perform in his service, this is only the beginning.

Symbolism plays a major role in unravelling the threads intersecting the Universe, and how I adore using this precious tool! It’s a storyteller’s equivalent of the Swiss Army knife methinks…Aside from these heavy issues my spirit is quite receptive to a sense of the ridiculous. Eccentricity is a jewel beyond compare and this blogger isn’t ashamed of scattering it generously across their work. Remember, the Fool has performed a sacred duty for humanity as long as memory and speech have been in existence.

You’re a friendly and supportive community folks. For a variety of reasons I haven’t been able to devote either time or effort to engage more with other bloggers. Hoping to rectify that. Still on a learning curve. As for the image used in this post, a reminder, to me, of my political activities in the 1980s-90s. Marching against apartheid, for civil liberties, trade union activities, feminism. It felt like we could change the world and make it a better place.  Appears the world hasn’t changed much. See you around.