I came across this wondrous blog in my travels and had to share  one particular gem on this occasion. The blog is a collection of ‘artefacts’ that wouldn’t look out of place in the great Library of Alexandria.  Or in fact in the collection of an explorer.

THE HEROINE CULTS OF ANCIENT GREECE “They say that there is a shrine also of the heroine Iphigenia…Hesiod, in his Catalogue of Women, says that Iphigenia did not die, but by the will of Artemis became Hecate.” -from Pausanias’s Description of Greece, vol. 1, trans. with a commentary by James George Frazer (1898). To the Ancient Greeks,…

via The Heroine Cults of Ancient Greece — The Thinker’s Garden


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    Many thanks to Jan Malique for sharing and linking to this great article 😃

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    • janmalique says:

      Thank you for your kind words Chris. It is a great blog, might be worth your while, or anyone else to have a look at the interview with a truly visionary artist, Jake Baddeley. Can’t remember what category it falls under in the blog. There are a few more blogs that have caught my eye, I will soon be posting a list of those.

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