Master of Ceremonies


Image: Pixabay

I came across this suave gentleman whilst looking for an image for another blog. He intrigued me and I wanted to know more of his story. Who, what and where, raced through my mind. At one point I thought he looked a little like the late Argentinian jazz saxophonist Gato Barbieri. Hm, maybe not. Perhaps I want this man to have a history filled with all manner of adventure, loss, love and creativity. Magic even.

Writers have spun concoctions from the meerest scrap of an idea, why shouldn’t I from an image found out of thousands? People interest me, I love observing them, at rest, work and play. Human nature repels me (and many others) when it manifests in ugly hatred,  malice and selfishness. On the other hand, It enriches my spirit when the true beauty and poetry of the soul shine through. I digress. What of my mysterious stranger? I named him the Master of Ceremonies for a good reason, which will be explained later. His demeanour and roguish good looks hint at, a life infused with spiciness and whiskey flavoured jazz melodies. A little overstated? I can’t help myself.

My MC appears to be more than is revealed to the world. He presents many faces, all false roads leading to dead ends. Therein lies a hint at his true nature. A master of illusion, garbed in the skin of a chameleon. ‘Trickster’ says his smile. He’s also a damned good dancer, fluid, sensual and accomplished. Whew! Someone bring me a cold drink and fan.

What of his intellectual and creative pursuits? Let me think. Well versed in arcane knowledge and the arts. As for a sense of humour, gentle laced with irony perhaps? Iron being the operative word. Likes good food and wine. Has known hardship and plenty. Or so he likes us to think. I ask you to keep in mind that his essence isn’t easy to grasp. Lordy! This is beginning to sound like a shopping list.

An MC of his calibre performs sleight of hand with immense ease. The performance is seamless, heavy with promise of wonders to come. He pulls and manages the strings with consummate skill. Tableaux after tableaux cross our vision. All present images faintly surreal and a little disturbing. Why disturbing? For they hold up a mirror to our faces, reveal worlds populated by a myriad of gods and fantastical creatures. His eyes gleam and simmer like mercury. Mercurial, another hint at the entity beneath the disguise. The Master of Ceremonies beckons us, we hesitate for a brief moment and take a seat in the theatre. Enjoy the show.