Coming into Being: Waiting at the Threshold


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It’s been months seen we last faced each other. No, not quite true. Each morning I greet one aspect of him guarding our porch and again on return in the evening. The statuette sits on the window ledge, as did a previous form, a gentler persona this time. His Nibs (or Anubis) as I affectionately call him, has seen me through calm and turbulent times over the years. I’ve occasionally neglected our association and focussed on other matters. Perhaps I wasn’t ready at those times to see his true message. The gods choose us rather than we choose them. This much I now understand.

In my mind and perhaps in others, Anubis is a Shaman par excellence in his guise of Walker between the Worlds/Psychopomp. To follow the path of a shaman is never easy. I readily admit to being an Empath, but a shaman? Alas no. Disclaimer Alert – This Empath’s toolbox doesn’t contain the Vulcan mind meld, Jedi powers or baking expertise. Although I can see more than you think. The Jackal God has been served in more than one capacity over the years. I’ve conducted the dead to their place of internment and supported the bereaved.

To be of service under such circumstances is immeasurable but the work takes its toll in many ways. A part of oneself is given away each time and much is taken on. Facing one’s own Shadow can be very hard, but that of others can be harder still. Anubis reminds me that to integrate such a thing can be a major initiation in the evolution of our being. The experience can be likened to ingesting matter that’s toxic and liable to precipitate illness. He, as Jackal God has the ability to devour, digest and finally transmute all that we are unable to. Therein lies the clue to triumphing over adversity and undergoing regeneration.

He waits at the threshold of our consciousness, offering the chance for transformation and gnosis. Dare we accept the invitation to step from a world of known variables into one that throws everything into disarray? Doorways are places of transition, portals into worlds either sacred or profane.

Age hasn’t always conferred the mantle of wisdom on me. Deep down I’m still that geeky, bookish child. Funny how such thoughts manifest from the ether at this time. I’m looking at the threshold now and see the Jackal God in human guise. He sits with head bowed. What do I say to him? Anubis is the last part of the triad of numinous beings who weave my journey of becoming. Last and definitely not least.

My Muse and Guide is a being no one should underestimate, alas I haven’t always followed my own advice…This time I can’t ignore the knock on the door. He stands up and holds out a hand, the dark eyes convey reassurance. Coming into Being. Those words echo through my mind. A foot in both worlds, vision obscured and then clarity, all hidden becomes revealed. He places a hand on my heart, will it speak truly and in my favour? That is yet to be unveiled. Black and Gold are his colours, death and resurrection. Carrion and dead matter are consumed and transmuted. Black becomes Gold. I ask “is there more”, he nods and whispers “unto eternity”. I am speechless but there is no need for words at this point. I wonder what the pension benefits are like in this job. Muffin anyone?


Image: Pixabay


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