Fragile and Luminous


photo credit: EmsiProduction The Time Rabbit via photopin (license)

The White Hare watches me and then looks down at his watch. His face is solemn, voice silent. Finally he intones, “we are fragile and luminous. Intricately engineered things of beauty, ephemeral like snow crystals glinting in the rays of the Sun.  Such is life, such is beauty.”

His words give me pause for thought. Typical of the Lord of Magic and Wisdom to throw me such a morsel! Oh, did I forget to mention that the Hare is intimately connected with the ancient Egyptian deity Djehuty (Thoth) and his centre of worship at Khemnu? Wise is he in all things associated with knowledge and higher wisdom. Rather like Jedi Master Yoda. He tries to hide a smile at my comparison but I spot it. His eyes scrutinise intently, making me feel unsettled. The silences seem to stretch into infinity and hold a wealth of meaning. I have no words to offer him, only what lies behind the gates of my soul.

He opens the gates with gentle hands, the epitome of kindness borne out of deep compassion and love for his charges. I laugh, thinking how foolish I may seem ascribing human qualities to such cosmic forces. Why shouldn’t I? They are unknowable to us until a bridge is built between what is revealed and what is hidden. He’s also Lord of Time, why do you think he carries that watch? Time, measured and bound to our will, or so we believe. It flows through our hands like water; remains of the snow crystals that were and never shall be again as we’ve known them. They are transformed into something, different and mysterious. Much like us at the moment of transmutation.


Image: Pixabay

One of his other sacred animals, the Ibis, appears in his stead. Much trickery takes place before my eyes dear reader. Djehuty adopts the guise of the Trickster when it suits him. Only to shift us out of states of inertia and uncertainty. We are fragile and luminous at such times. Delicate and brittle, ivory bones glimpsed through rice paper skin, lit by an inner light. As for the Heart, it beats a rhythm that echoes throughout the Hall of Judgment. A repository of our Being, Essence and Soul, ultimately our judge and jury at the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. When the time comes, will we stand terrified in that place of judgement, praying our hearts speak true and in our favour? I stand back and watch this sacred beast, who is the god incarnate, survey the waters looking for a perfect morsel. Dark eyes pierce the gloom of mud and liquid, then, like a lightning flash his quarry is captured. ‘Discernment in all things’ he says quietly. I listen and take note of the elder god. His movements are considered, measured, graceful above all. An air of utter calm and resounding power envelopes the slight figure. He watches and evaluates. The bird soon disappears into the oncoming mist. The marshy lake is a place outside of time, enclosed in a pocket of other-worldliness. The lake before me is filled with papyrus reeds and all manner of bird life. Now and again crocodiles glide by silently, their prehistoric eyes alien and knowing. The Seeker always seems to come back to a place of beginnings, perhaps to gain understanding of their own beginning.

The White Rabbit returns, a reminder that I too must make my way back to the start of this journey. The gates of my soul beckon and I pass through to what is the here and now. Am I any wiser? Somewhere an Ibis lifts its head, his eyes gleaming brightly. A laugh echoes through the marsh.


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  1. Wonderful post. ❤

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  2. Adele Marie says:

    Beautiful post. My favorite line is “It flows through our hands like water; remains of the snow crystals that were and never shall be again as we’ve known them.”

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    • janmalique says:

      Thank you so much Adele Marie. When I started this blog it was rather difficult finding things to say. Over time the blog has found it’s voice (or voices). A strange process in which the characters make themselves known subtly or noisily. Not always in plain speak it has to be said. Let’s just say the magical currents are strong…

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