Descent into Matter


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Time has moved on since the Alchemist and his infant daughter encountered the great angel Gabriel. The world has since fluctuated between tyranny and fear, settling down into a semblance of stability now. Their journey has brought them to a place that has seen the rise and fall of great empires. Knowledge and insight are to be found in many places, not all illuminated by light though. The lonely path is often strewn by jagged rocks and beset by hungry beasts, of the inner and outer. The path laid out for the child was always going to be challenging, for that is how she was to gain knowledge of the human condition. Both parent and divine being pour all care and attention into fanning the holy flame within the young woman. The omniscience is tempered by total innocence, for she is the Fool going forth into the world of matter. Her eyes mirror the totality of existence, worlds upon worlds emerging out of the great Cosmic Fire of creation. From out of Darkness and Silence do Light and Speech emerge. She knows ending and beginning and as her humanness evolves, an ocean of emotions tinged with sorrow and joy. ‘Is this wrong?’ she asks and they cannot answer. Her task is pierce the perception of what is real and unreal.

Being human. She asks herself what that really means. Such conflicts rise within her; they cannot be quelled but must be faced and resolved. For one such as her with the power to deconstruct the Universe atom by atom this is no easy task. A deep helplessness makes its presence known. How they struggle daily against an army of adversities, yet she, the Alchemist’s daughter made her descent into matter with all knowledge of such things. Knowledge is useless without being put into practical use. Others before had made the self same sacrifice, dead to one plane of existence and born into another.


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She knows now what it is to FEEL, laugh, cry tears, love, hate as well. Her fingers move gently over the richly textured tapestry, each colour and thread sing a song of their birth in distant lands. Strange and mysterious sights, sounds and smells pervade her senses. These are places her heart yearns to visit. She looks at the two figures at the far end of the room. They nod, take out maps and lay them on the circular table in the middle of the room. The emerald ring on her right hand trembles in anticipation, ‘lux anglicae’. So it must be.

The great angel Gabriel looks at the young woman deep in thought. She feels them on the edge of perception, brethren in every way, entwined in an everlasting bond. Wings of light enfold each other and both enter into the silence to contemplate the Source of all. The circular room they are standing in was consecrated as a temple in times too distant to recall. It still calls in those who serve a higher purpose and wisdom, Such places are impregnated at the atomic level with a deep level of sanctity and exist within multiverses upon multiverses. The Source surveys the aspect of themselves that they sacrificed and sent out into matter. The Light takes Divine Spark back into its centre, its heart if you have need of something tangible. He that many have sought stands in the great temple, fills with utter ecstasy. This is what she has brought to those that have fallen into matter, hope and love, above all Return. The symbol of his power, a tau cross encircled by the serpent, glows with the light and fire of creation. He kneels in humility. So it must be.


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Gabriel and the Alchemist’s daughter return from that which is not, to a time that is. Wings of light unfold and unfurl. There She stands, the next One charged with teaching and guiding. So it must be.


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