Orpheus Ascended: Spirit of Memory

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Image: Pixabay

Deep in thought is the green eyed god, brow furrowed and eyes distant. Tormented by past, present and future. Orpheus knows not what path to follow, what choices to make. A decision must be made, his duty, not mine. He called us but denial stares back at us. How we delude ourselves when fate does not comply with our deepest most treasured desire. The same pattern, again and again. His heart still bleeds, still hurts, but wallowing in the swamp of misery and grief serves none. Eurydice is beyond our reach, descended into regions distant and unknowable. She has gained gnosis of a kind that the living cannot, should not be privy to until ready. My sisters and I are Physical Being, Soul and Spirit. The Trinity are we of your Soul oh humanity. The hidden Essence of your very existence.

Oh Orpheus, where do you wander my green-eyed god? Your memories overflow, embrace and shroud in tears. Do you think you are honouring them by such actions? Unclasp your grip on things that no longer serve either you or her. I am all Memory, all Knowledge, all reason for Being. You called and I came. Take my hands, yes, and hold fast heart of my heart. Feel the weight and breadth of all that I carry for you, never has it been a burden. They are treasures I have cherished, nurtured and loved. Your ascendancy awaits Orpheus.

You sorrow for leaving the past and present behind. Fear not, Memory shall be with you every step and heartbeat. This is my duty and desire. “You look so much like her,” he says. I am her and not her, a reflection of something that walks the gardens of your heart and mind. A fragrant rose unsurpassed in beauty of more than the physical. Memory is the salt of your tears, evoking the Great Ocean of Being, of Life Eternal. Memory is the echo of something that is, simplicity and purity itself.

See the path ahead my green-eyed god. It reveals itself to be shining and dazzling like starlight. Petals cascade from the heavens to clothe it with perfume and delight. She walks beside you with much joy and love. The light of your heart brings a greater wisdom than you can possibly comprehend. She brings you release. Rejoice in this fact. Engage with the dance. Your gifts are unparalleled Thracian king, look to them to find true divinity. Rise on wings of beauty mighty god. This is what waits; the circle unites with its beginning and end. Are you ready Orpheus?

We three gather, hold the space that is sacrosanct, watch over you. We who are the Spirit of Memory, the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Dance. We are your past, present and future. Embrace what we bring to you. It is something that carries all of us, human and divine, through the twisting paths of existence. An image reflected in the mirror of our Souls, strong and vital at times, fleeting and evocative at others. We are the sum of all that IS, conveying the Universal Truth, pouring it into your memories. Beauteous Orpheus, how your face lights up at my words! The transfiguration begins; atom-by-atom your essence becomes incandescent. He speaks:

Long have I swum in the waters of my memories, urging forgetfulness but always having it wrenched from my hands. My memories of life and love have tasted bitter and ambrosial beyond bearing. I have wandered in a semblance of the darkness of Hades, searching for meaning and finding nothingness. The infernal regions harbour things that the living cannot accept, the realisation of their immortality. Now I accept, honour what you have guarded for me.

 Look how he takes flight, on wings of spirit and knowing. He is enriched with the totality of all that I have carried for him. The treasure of memory, of a time before Light when all was slumbering in the Void. The One gestating, sleeping, planning. The One becoming Three at the point of understanding. Orpheus ascended. We are done.

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