Whispers of Ancestral Voices


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Fellow bloggers and old friends who attended the recent Silent Eye workshop, The Feathered Seer, have written far more eloquently than I of their experiences.  This is my attempt at making sense of the weekend’s events, my guide Anubis will walk beside me as I recall all and perhaps nothing. I ask my Muse and Guide, The Opener and Walker between the Worlds what he makes of this tapestry woven from our histories. He gives me an inscrutable look (haven’t seen that one before) and whispers:

We carry in our DNA the sum of all existence and memory, from before time existed and beyond the ending of worlds. Linking with others to form gigantic DNA chains in the body of something beyond comprehension. Purposefully flying towards evolution and completion. Harmonious and beauteous in all ways. All return to the point of origin, from whence they came. Then there is no-one and no-thing, we just ARE but our conscious minds are unable to understand this concept except only in dreams and moments of true insight.

That told me! Understanding will come later. I came with a few burdens of my own to the weekend. Illness, tiredness and a sense of emptiness or no-thingness. Another crossroad had been reached, certain truths were facing me and I had no idea what to do. I can’t make assumptions about what others were carrying within themselves to this gathering. Although, it feels as if we’d brought precious things that had in themselves reached a state of unbeing. Ready to be offered up as sacrifices in order for us to move forward. We came from different spiritual traditions, united in our desire and purpose to be of service to humanity and a greater wisdom. These aren’t empty words dear reader. All, including myself, who are engaged in such work, are ever hopeful that humanity moves towards a path of harmony, understanding, healing and completion. We may work silently and unacknowledged, so be it. Other times we may work in plain sight, so be it. Our feet follow those who have gone before us, century after century, always striving for gnosis and wholeness. The ancient colleges and centres of learning that the Clan of the Raven knew still exist, in many guises, for the Light that has emanated from sacred sites and mystery schools still lives. Perhaps dimmed and in the shadows whilst chaos reigns in our world. In modern times our work is in the world rather than within the temples of old.

What of the tale that drew us to this one location? The story of The Feathered Seer is intimately connected with the Clan of the Raven and an ancient landscape considered deeply sacred by its people. It’s a tale of unsurpassed sadness and beauty relating to the journey of the soul, one in particular, as well as near destruction of knowledge and wisdom when the darkness approaches. At such times the Light retreats back into the shadows waiting on times when humanity is receptive to its message once again. There is always Hope, she who is our anchor in turbulent times, when the deepest, darkest night of the soul descends upon us. The story is redolent with themes of death, rebirth, mystery and myth.

My role was the Light of Divine Truth. How timely and terrifying at the same time. Human perception of Truth can often be skewed and tinged with emotion; it can be moulded, shaped and twisted to suit our personal agendas. History has shown us again and again of the terrible consequences of such actions. This is the canvas on which our histories are written and unwritten. Regarding the Lights, they were holders of wisdom and guardians of knowledge for their clan and people scattered across a landscape that’s still familiar to us millennia later. We were six in all, Divine Origin, Divine Perfection, Divine Will, Divine Truth, Divine Omniscience and Divine Wisdom. They with the Ancestors, Priest, Priestess, Lore Spinner and Lore Weaver served their communities until the approach of invaders who brought blood and destruction in their wake. The story thereafter is of a special soul, the feathered Seer who with her Guide is sent away to safety. This sounds rather simplistic but encompasses something far, far greater than we could ever imagine. It’s about the trials and tribulations of the soul and greater Soul. It’s about our journey through life, our resilience and humility in the face of no return and regeneration. It is about the preservation of Light in a world overrun by hatred, envy and fear.

Societies may rise and fall but the essences of their people still inhabit places of power and luminosity. They speak to those of us that are willing to listen, willing to hear their stories as we walk remnants of the old paths and tracks, as we touch her bones (stone circles) and places of power. The holders of ancestral lore and memories remind us of who and what we are. They are as echoes of their former selves, walking the landscape of former lives. Such landscapes appear, intangible and redolent of sweet and bitter tears. The voices of those forgotten and lost in history reach out, urging us to listen, urging us to not to forget their names. They remind us of where we’ve come from and where we’ll end. They may be either beings of flesh and blood or those on the inner planes. They may commit their words either in writing or orally, ear to mouth. It matters not, what is important that we listen.

It was an intense experience and difficult to put into words, you wouldn’t think so by the acreage of words here! The best way forward is perhaps to engage with the stream of consciousness and see what emerges. As always these events initiate momentous shifts within one’s consciousness. How so? The enactment of Sacred drama has the power to create ripples in time and space. After each experience we bear the seeds of great potential within us. Once planted deep in our souls they require much tender loving care. The path to self-knowledge and wisdom requires taking responsibility for our actions, thoughts and speech. No way round it folks. Much is made of being one who is the bearer of Light, as it should do. It is as important now as it was throughout the ages.  Darkness has swept many landscapes for as long as humanity has been on this Earth. Yet, Light has always followed in its footsteps. You may or may not think this is an overstatement. The Cosmos goes through shifts, vacillating between balance and chaos. How we react to such seismic changes decides the path to possible futures.

In Loving Light dear Friends


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