The Feathered Seer – Planting seeds of Light

Quite a profound experience attending the workshop this weekend. I’m waiting for a taxi to Hope railway station in Derbyshire. From there onwards it’s a journey back home to Wales. Folks, our intention was to bear witness to one who has waited for centuries to tell her story. It was also to ‘re-enchant’ the land. Did we succeed? It will become evident over time.

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Our world faces a time of uncertainty. Fear, and a violence of word and body, are spreading like a canker across the face of nations. Adding our voice and the force of our will to the battles that rage and seethe does little but add to the confusion. Finding peace within ourselves as individuals and living with kindness and compassion seems the only way in which to answer the need of our human family.

We, who gathered in Derbyshire from places far apart, are too few to change the fate of nations, but we can and do change the world with every choice that we make. All growth starts from a single point, but we are not alone. There are many across the globe working in the both the outer and inner realms towards that peace and healing.

In an echo of an earlier ritual at one of the stone…

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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you for being there, and for sharing, Jan x

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