Hail Thrice Great Tahuti!


Image: Pixabay

An ambitious title I think to myself dear reader, but a note to the ‘Lord of Holy Words’ (as inventor of writing and the arts) is rather appropriate at this time. Being endowed with complete knowledge and wisdom he is kept rather busy with all manner of business. Here’s hoping he answers. Tahuti (ancient Egyptian) has gone under the guise of many names throughout the ages, the most familiar being Thoth and Hermes. Totally different pantheons and cultures admittedly. I have great affection for both entities whose energies have been present in my life for a long time. The pursuit of knowledge has been a driving force since childhood and much that’s been gathered over the years has been filed away in (mental) drawers. Now and again I get a nudge reminding me to check in said drawers. Such a time has approached and I’m feeling a little nervous, who knows what’s lurking in there! The mind feels much like a library that’s been neglected for years, its contents shrouded by dust and in need of renovation. A terrible state of affairs because I love books and libraries, my first job in fact was working in a large public library in London.

Why mention libraries? Recent meditations have yielded valuable insights relating to knowledge and its uses. I’ve wandered through vast halls holding the sum of all knowledge. Marvelled at the throngs debating and utilising such information in order to elevate their consciousness and help the greater community. The important fact being pointed out to me was that the information was being put to use. I’m still trying to digest all that’s been shown. Does it make sense I ask myself?

Writing has been especially difficult over the last few months. Both will and interest have been in short supply over a period of time. There’s been a lot of inner turmoil and my outer world has reflected that. It’s been the same for many people on this planet. Chaotic and very uncertain times for all. The Group Mind feels unsettled, tinged with fear, anger and distress. This is being reflected in my writing, especially recent posts. I’m an empathic individual and perhaps picking up on emotions that aren’t mine. Established structures and mindsets have started to crumble, releasing a wave of uncertainty. Humanity is on the cusp of great change; will we embrace what’s coming or retreat? The trials and tribulations of life have at times monopolised my attention and now health issues have come to the fore. A severely arthritic knee and other pressing issues need attention. Additionally a sense of humour transplant is urgent. This is due to my reserves being almost depleted by having to deal with a small number of quite challenging individuals on a daily basis at work. Someone fetch me smelling salts and a chaise longue!

Now back to my original theme, whatever that was. Ah, I remember now, words. They hold power, have the ability to either create or destroy and can open up startling vistas within the imagination. At times the tap (or faucet if you wish) opens without any problem and the words gush forth. Other times you need to get the spanner out to loosen it to allow free flow. My situation reflects the latter problem. I believe the issue is being managed now, perhaps due to the kind attention of Tahuti. He’s a damn good plumber it has to be said! Some may think this a tad disrespectful; I say all that matters is what HE thinks.

Words can also shroud many secrets. They can be woven into things of great beauty, piquing our interest and pulling at our heartstrings. They can also instil silence, creating a space within which we can express our innermost desires and thoughts. They create a bridge between the unconscious and conscious minds. At times a busy thoroughfare. As I write this a sense of understanding is descending from up high, He’s accepted my petition it seems. That is my hope. We last met in the City of Eight – Khemnu in ancient Egypt (Hermopolis Magna in ancient Greek). A place redolent with primeval energies, where the eight creative principals (the Ogdoad) initiated life. He and they have turned up in a few posts. It seems in order to gain understanding and insight one must return to the point of origin, of all origin. The number eight is significant as it symbolises perfection, infinity, representing eternity and final point of manifestation. It is the number of balance and cosmic order. Khemnu is a place where you return to in order to face the Void, the place of Renewal. You go there to face your true self. The Pythagoreans called the number eight the Great ‘Tetrachtys’, symbol of the four classic elements – fire, air, water and earth. Additionally it represented the organization of space. It was called the ‘Mystic Tetrad’ and a prayer was addressed to it. I’m digressing, apologies.

Where to now? I see the path ahead and Tahuti is standing at the end. I need to divest myself of baggage and go forth with an open mind and heart. Wish me luck and safe journey wading through this discourse. Perhaps Tahuti’s sacred animal the Ibis can offer a helping beak as it were.


Image: Pixabay