Breath of Life, Breath of Change (Guest Blog)

Another one of my concoctions, meandering down the usual eccentric paths.


desert-749692_1280.jpg Image: Pixabay

I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject of this post initially. His Nibs is standing by with a neutral expression on his face, so no help there. For people who are unfamiliar with the inhabitants of my Shed, His Nibs (aka Anubis) is a regular visitor apart from the Trickster Hare. It’s been a while since the two of us had met up and perhaps our meeting on this occasion should have been rescheduled. I should explain that a horrible cold is plaguing me at the moment. Blocked sinuses, a congested chest and unproductive cough are testing my mettle. I feel tired and want to hibernate. Boo hoo!

 At least you’re not so snotty now, I believe that is the correct term applicable here? comments the Jackal god.

That made me pause. He has a point you know, I should be thankful. My inner and outer…

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