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Bernadette’s writing challenge this week involved numerous attempts at finding the right quote. I finally settled upon something from St-Exupéry’s book “The Little Prince.” There was no mysterious impulse that guided me to the book. Or was there? I happened upon a quote about the beauty of the desert and wells from the same tome and here it is. Forgive me for the long-winded explanation; I’ll get there eventually. Where might that ‘there’ be? I ask myself. Somewhere within the vastness of the inner landscape, which appears to consist of sandy wastes as far as the eye can see. Deserts have always held a deep fascination for me, sandy deserts that is. In reality I wouldn’t survive in such an environment without expert guidance; which was there when I travelled through them to get to locations such as Abu Simbel and Saqqara to visit ancient sites. I would like to explore such regions further; one day this dream will be a reality. For now it’s to be the inner world that requires exploration.

I digress dear reader. Anchorites, mystics and Magi, seekers after truth and the meaning of existence have ventured into such places over the centuries. The presence of an infinite silence may have had a lot to do with their sojourn. Perhaps they beheld things that the physical eyes couldn’t see and the physical ears couldn’t hear. There are a multitude of worlds behind the reality our senses can perceive, or choose to perceive. Such places have an unearthly beauty about them, the vastness containing a huge reservoir of silence and mystery. The arid landscape may appear hostile to life; yet, life clings on and appears to flourish. How is this possible we might wonder? The flora and fauna have adapted to living in such a harsh environment over centuries and that includes humans. They are sustained by the knowledge of sources of water. Perhaps I’m straying from my purpose. Maybe, maybe not. I look inwards rather than outwards to reflect on the words composing the quote. Where then are our wells, places from which we partake of the waters of life and regeneration? What appears to be parched can be revivified and brought back to life, to flower once again. Our inner deserts are beautiful places but that’s only possible due to the abundance of the waters of life beneath the surface. If you get my meaning…


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  1. Bernadette says:

    Yes, I get it very well. Life surprises you in the desert and reminds you that there is always a mystery that cannot be seen.

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  2. Bernadette says:

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  3. And also, look at the gorgeous desert flower that thrives in the dry land. Another example of a ‘hidden well.’ Great post.

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