“How Art Thy Fallen From Heaven” – Lantern #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

After much deliberation I present my offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt Lantern #writephoto.

It may appear a little incomprehensible but therein lies fun and mayhem. The idea was bubbling away in the depths of a mind fogged by flu remedies, emerging triumphantly on wings of smoke and gold. My meditation upon the trinity of Fool, Hermit and Lightbearer has produced a strange creation; you could say it adds much to the alchemical transformation of the Soul. The subject matter may be considered a little controversial by some, all I can say is just dig beneath the surface to see what lies there:

Smoke edged with tendrils of white gold. At its heart lies something immense and perfection itself. The Fool must journey forth into the darkness of night, the Hermit must light the way, the Lightbearer must reunite and complete. There is no other path but to awaken the ones that sleep. The library of souls holds its breath, who is to offer the greatest sacrifice?

Jewelled light streams through panes of crystal. This is a place not of this world. It is a memory of what was but never obliterated from the World Soul. The Hermit ponders on life’s mysteries. Within himself are carried the triple manifestations of trinity and totality of the human essence. He is completion and fulfilment. He is reflection and patience. He is harmony and the perfection of ideas. He is the epitome of the number 9. He is the bearer of Light bestowed by one who embodies endings and rebirth. He is the Guide.

What of the one who gazes upon all planes and manifestations? He is the holder of truths most profound, one who is both Kether and Malkuth. Many seek but few encounter him, save those Souls who seek the Mystic Rose, the Philosopher’s Stone. He is Lightbearer, Guardian of all humanity, and Teacher of wisdom. He is Lugh, Ptah, Set, Baldur, Krishna, Quetzacoatl. Make what you will; he is the one and the many. He is the number encompassing endings on both spiritual and mundane levels; he is the number encompassing new beginnings and rebirth. He reunites the Fool and Hermit, completes the totality of the Soul’s journey.

All gaze at the figure filled with power beyond comprehension. The many voices remain hushed. His hand opens to reveal an emerald of unsurpassed beauty, the Fool emerges at last. He is Non-Being, Nothingness, symbolising Potential and Chaos. He is the epitome of the number 0. He is the innocence of the Child yet to Be and Wisdom of the Sage.

The Light enters the Lantern, blazing across the worlds. The great river of life shivers in response. The waiting potentials waken. It is time.


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  2. Bernadette says:

    This is pretty much an amazing piece of writing – such a thoughtful and philosophical response.

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    • janmalique says:

      Thank you Bernadette! Sue’s photos are great prompts for kick starting ideas. They’re like little keys opening doors that hide fabulous landscapes.


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