A Pause for Thought: There’s No Place Like Gnome

My exploration of the often mysterious and surreal world of gnomes.



gnome-411125_1920 Image: Pixabay

The garden gnome is not to be considered either common or an aberration of the foulest kind. Throughout history this often shy creature has been spotted in forest glades and on the fringes of human encampments. A creature of Elemental Earth the gnome has been attributed with protective powers over the treasures buried within the Earth. A symbol of good luck these creatures have formed a symbiotic relationship with humanity, with benefits on both sides. As for their name, what does it signify? The word is thought to variously mean “earth-dwelling spirit” or “earth-dweller” from the Latin (gnomus) and Greek (genomos). Paracelus referred to these creatures as Pygmae and Umbragines. You may wonder why the lecture? Indulge me a little; the background information may help to elicit sympathy for this magnificent creature’s plight in our modern world.

The ancients believed gnomes had power over the rocks, vegetation and…

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    I just wanted to stop by to Thank You Jan for the Marvelous posts you have been sharing as a Guest Blogger on BnV. I Truly Appreciate the time and Inspiration it takes to create them and did not want you to think they were going unnoticed.

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