Return from Delphi


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The hidden world has its clouds and rain, but of a different kind.
Its sky and sunshine are of a different kind.
This is made apparent only to the refined ones – those not
Deceived by the seeming completeness of the ordinary world.

Another Dimension

The great Sufi Master, Jalaludin Rumi, hints at the reality behind reality in those words. Humans have been curious about their world and the greater universe for a long, long time. In our spiritual and magical endeavours we’ve attempted to reach out to the objects of our worship and the world at large, becoming transformed in the process. Mystics and non-Mystics alike have long sought this transcendent state of being throughout the centuries; to rend the veils obscuring true vision of reality as we know it. Such mysteries have made their presence known over millennia and been used as raw material in literature and meditations. Words hold much power and have a presence that’s tangible. They’re sacred sigils of enchantment, imbued with the ability to both destroy and create. As for my little creation, why write it at all? I was urged on by a vivid dream in which the Delphic Oracle was consulted. How could this experience be put into words I thought to myself. A few days later this was the result. This occurred more than 15 years ago. There were other factors involved, namely my studies at the time of the Qabalah and other mystically inclined subjects.

To be honest it was a weird creative experience, even by my standards. I wrote and wrote until the dam of words dried up. There’s a multi-verse on offer here for your puzzlement and delectation. You’ll need to decipher the symbols and read between the lines:

My journey to Delphi was difficult, yet I went full of hope and apprehension. The ropes holding my sails have come loose and I am drifting on the Ocean of Uncertainty; at times becalmed and at others tossed relentlessly on its icy green waves. What is my destination I ask the Oracle but she only gives a cryptic remark – “why not look within yourself, the keys are waiting to unlock the doors of the Temple”. Are they really? As I cling to the masthead doubts beset my mind and I don’t seem to have the strength to believe. Something old and powerful stirs within my soul, it looks out of eyes which have seen the birth and death of stars and galaxies. I open my clenched hand to reveal a glowing spark, a memory of the birth of the Universe. This marvel is offered up to you all. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? Look closely with your heart and not your eyes – down to its most minute constituent part. There is the key you are looking for, but I’m not going to tell you what it is for or why you have to use it. Perhaps even I don’t know now, it has been so long since I have had to use it. Do I even know where the path on the other side of the door leads? My heart lies heavy, full of old sorrows and stagnant life which I must give up. I await myself to awake myself.

My mind travels back through time and space to when I lived in the Great Temple at the edge of the known universe, deep in the heart of the black nebula lay our sandy planet. Periodic scorching winds bleached both bone and stone dry and it was at these times that the doorways between the worlds creaked opened. I say creaked because we were vigilant in keeping these gateways closed or if that wasn’t possible, at least placed as many obstacles as possible to prevent Them from passing into our world. They were an old race, almost as old as us, tainted with a darkness which was hard to comprehend and speak of. The Word which gave life also brought death and as such the silence of Binah was our law.

It was the need to understand this darkness which drove me from the spires of the sanctuary to new worlds and dimensions – travelling solitary paths for eons but never finding the answer. Ours was a closed order serving the Hidden Ones whose kingdom lay in the most remote part of the desert, their priesthood guarded the gates to the Unmanifest even unto death. The stars were silent witnesses to the millennia of losses and triumphs. We existed outside of time but entered such cycles of existence to further our work. I don’t know how old I am but my shell looks to be in mid-cycle. It is strange that such memories are surfacing now.

As I look up at the heavens the clouds open to reveal the twin moons of this planetary system. How beautiful they look – shining like emerald green globes in a blood red sky. What sights my eyes have gazed upon! How can I describe the mystery of interstellar space in mere words, the loneliness of my existence over vast tracts of this and other universes, the pain of loss as those around me wither and die but I am not allowed that release. I have spent too long imprisoned in physical form – naturally falling into human emotions and behaviour patterns and forgetting what I really am. What is death? It only brings eternal sleep so that the machinery of the Universe may function properly. Something so natural yet you view it with such fear. Long ago I offered you my hand so that we could journey together through the vale of tears. Are  you ready to undertake the journey now?

What’s that? The One calls to me from the depths of Marah. Do I answer? Perhaps it is time to return to the Source and rebirth. The waters feel strange after a long absence, I can feel my consciousness expanding until I am no more as I was before. I can feel them call to me, my brethren await my return. What do you call that place? Ah yes, the Eternal Temple.

Through the pillars I go deep into the interior of the building. All around me stand the essences of they whom you call the guardians of time and space and others whose names I cannot breathe lest I violate the sacred code. You may wonder at my need for secrecy, I can only say that such knowledge is not for all. It was misused once, causing Chaos to part the waters of creation and try to rend asunder the Veil. Suffice to say we dealt with them in the proper manner. Do we understand each other? I do not mean to sound so stern but we have to obey Cosmic Law.

In my search for insight into that entity which we call Darkness I absorbed a part of its essence so that my brethren could have knowledge of its substance. We tasted its fear and more…My eyes have glimpsed the very depths of hell and my spirit has swam in its bloody waters, you will never know how much I have suffered for this act. In response the Unnameable One rose from its sleep and stood at the Gate. We faced each other across the Abyss. You may recall me saying that I had touched the minds of the Glorious and Profane and that my very soul had trembled at the knowledge. I carry a part of that entity in my essence so that the One may have knowledge of it. You may ask why this is so. I reply that it is my chosen mission. I sorrow at the knowledge that I have to carry and with that sorrow hope to lessen the burden on the Universal Soul.

My eyes reflect the light of a new Universe, vast and yet unknowable. Soon, very soon shall I venture forth to watch over the newborn in their stellar nurseries. Until then, the doors of the temple shall remain closed.


Image: Pixabay