Party in the Shed: Solstice Celebrations


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Not long to go before the Winter Solstice is upon us. I have to say visitors, long-term residents and the proprietor (moi) of The Shed are rather excited. It’s been a long, dark and emotionally tiring period for all concerned. Finally do we emerge from the darkness into the light. Hope and life return, bringing with them a promise of rebirth. The focal point of course being the birth of a child of Light. An event that has been central to spiritual traditions throughout the world for millenia.

This is also a time for reflection, going into the inner and, and. Sorry, I’m just a little distracted by the sight of Cerberus wearing a traffic cone on his head. Well, the third one to be precise. Hope he hasn’t been given any alcohol. Last time he and His Nibs went out on a drinking spree they ended up incarcerated in Tartarus. The bane of my life those, mutts. You may think me a little disrespectful but they deserve it at times. The Trickster dons many guises in order to dispel self delusional perceptions and behaviours.


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Back to my discourse, may the gods save me from further interruptions. It has been a year of challenges, physical impairments and dissolution of  outmoded mindsets. At times it has appeared as if my dark night of the soul would never end.

‘Do you have more canapes?’

‘What? Do you mind, I’m in the middle of talking to my readers. How very rude!’

The White Rabbit stomps off in a huff. Odin and Sekhmet edge towards me slowly. Both give a thumbs up and then pin me into a corner. They have comical grins on their faces that indicates worse to come. My self pity kicks into action and I am lost. Lost to a world that appears sane, yet the reality is untrue. It is the darkest point before the Sun rises above the Horizon.

Odin is snivelling into a hanky and Sekhmet is rubbing his back gently. This time of the year always makes him emotional. Everyone is expressing sympathy with the One-Eyed One. What can I say? This is turning into one strange celebration. An occasion when all your eccentric and very strange relatives grace you with their presence. You really wish that they hadn’t taken the trouble.

Where’s my sense of humour gone?

As far away from this place as possible. Oh well, I await the Child of Light with joy in my heart.

Then I spot the penguin in the doorway.


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  1. stevetanham says:

    Love it. Happy Christmas, Jan x

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  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Solstice blessing to you and the party in the Shed, Jan. At least the penguin turned up 😉 xx

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