Light Reborn: Awaiting the Winter Solstice


Image: Anglesey, Jan Malique

This post has taken a while to write, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps there was a need to integrate all the insights gained over the course of the day. I attended one day of a Silent Eye pre-solstice weekend workshop on Anglesey, North Wales last Saturday (03/12/16). It was entitled ‘Of Ash and Seed’. Our explorations involved walking a sacred landscape known to be the last stronghold of the Druids; paying our respects along the way to seekers gone before us. The culmination of Saturday was a symbolic act to release stagnant and unhealthy energies preventing our movement into a new phase of being. That’s a simplistic take on the events of the day admittedly.

What of my feelings in this journey? The day began at 6.10 am on Saturday and was infused with a sense of excitement and hope. I felt like a pilgrim journeying to commune with their gods on the holy isle and to meet with others of their tribe. A little fanciful you may think. Many, many pilgrimages have been made, always resulting in a change of consciousness and life path. They’ve been necessary in order for my spiritual evolution. Stagnation was currently impeding growth and filling me with great frustration. What to do dear Reader? A solution had to be found. Here was an echo of, something terribly familiar. We appear to be experiencing a collective Dark Night of the Soul, a condition that is replete with fear, confusion and anger. It’s also occurring on a personal level. Therein lay my answer.

As for the location, please let me set the scene to start us off. The island is rich in prehistoric remains, the earliest evidence of human habitation dates from the Mesolithic (7000 BCE). The Isle of Anglesey (Welsh – Yns Môn), as elsewhere on the British Isles, was witness to the transition of the old Celtic world to one with new values and rulers. This occurred over a period of time, starting with the Roman occupation of Wales that lasted for over 300 years. Roman legions XIV and XX launched a ferocious attack on Mona Insula (Anglesey) in 60 CE. It was of strategic importance, a source of valuable agricultural land and mineral wealth. In addition, it was the last outpost of the Druids and hotbed of resistance to the occupation. These people were standing on the threshold of devastating changes, as we are in modern times. It was the ending of an age. Destruction was clearing the way for passage into a new era. This is the canvas against which I set my personal journey.

The period leading up to the Winter Solstice is a strange one. We’re approaching a threshold between Light and Dark. Transformations are being gestated and anticipation is high for the arrival of the Light and rebirth into a new life, whatever spiritual path you walk. How did the ancient inhabitants of this land prepare themselves for approach to the Winter Solstice? We in modern times have reconstructed rituals, drawn upon symbols and signs to participate in our own celebrations. Perhaps these are our bridges to connect with the past. Just a thought.

To return once more to the inner world, the Soul was in need of unburdening. To that end our steps were accompanied by appropriate readings and moments of contemplation. The day culminated in a gathering at Llyn Cerrig Bach, Valley. Over 150 bronze and iron artefacts were excavated from the lake in 1943. The cache included slave chains, bent swords, tools and chariot equipment. Offerings to the gods? Our offerings were things of woe and hindrances, uttered only to the pebbles we were sacrificing to the luminous beings of the waters. A cathartic act. As some of you may be aware, I love my symbols and this journey was overflowing with them. It was also a reminder to give thanks for all and any blessing received in our lives. I returned home aching and tired but glad to have been a part of the gathering on the holy isle.


Image: South Stack Lighthouse, Jan Malique


Image: Neolithic village, South Stack, Jan Malique


Image: Neolithic village, South Stack, Jan Malique


Image: Presaddfed Burial Chamber, Boderdern, Jan Malique


Image:  Presaddfed Burial Chamber, Boderdern, Jan Malique


Image: Barclodiad y Gawres burial chamber, between Rhosneigr and Aberffraw, Jan Malique


Image: Barclodiad y Gawres burial chamber, between Rhosneigr and Aberffraw, Jan Malique


Image: At Llyn Cerrig Bach, Jan Malique


Image: Llyn Cerrig Bach, Jan Malique


Image, Llyn Cerrig Bach, Jan Malique








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