Bear – Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Dec. 10/16

My response to  ‘s Stream of Consciousness prompt. I haven’t indulged in a while, so this is a wicked pleasure. Linda’s prompt is below:

It’s Friday today, and this is your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Life is crazy, isn’t it? Between being glued to the news and doing everything I can to avoid it, I’ve finally started reading “Game of Thrones.” It’s very compelling! Hard to put down, which sucks, because I do most of my reading before bed. Ah well. Here’s your prompt for this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “bear/bare.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you please. Have fun!


This is a tale of prophecy and choices, of far memory and other realms.  A Seeker and Bear Shaman meet in a place between worlds.


Image: Pixabay

The light pierces like a knife, searing memory and flesh like nothing before and after. You see your world reflected in my eyes, in the stars, in the depths of the primeval ocean. I am the Great Bear and Walker through the gates of Birth and Death. My feet fled over burning seas to bring knowledge of what was to be, what was not to be.  Seeker, you have no understanding of higher laws. Visions that do not suit your desire you discard, yet you insist on seeking my counsel. So be it. The bones shall speak and such foretelling will unfold, whether you listen or not. Why the hesitation? It is too late to retrace your path human child.

The man watches the great being before him, the figure shimmers briefly like an apparition in the desert wastes. It is as if time and space are being pulled apart. What sorcery is this?, he thinks. Then a silence descends upon the place of foretelling. The bone oracle reveals its message slowly, aware of the indecisions and fears assailing the human.

The Bear Shaman rematerialises and gazes at the figure sitting before him. His voice speaks of a time when the world will be held in thrall to rivers of ice.

The breath of the ice giants shall immobilise all in its path and bring forth an age of forgetfulness and exile. Humans will not be spared, their time will be at an end. Blood shall freeze in veins and shadows taint souls.

He smiles without humour and gestures for the human to come closer.  His voice remains strong and takes on a steeliness. There is more to be unveiled and it is drenched in blood.

The world perishes in flames and the Universes are set alight in battles inglorious. You human child are at the centre of such conflicts. Or not. Make your choice, what path are your feet planted on? Your choices will write the histories of future generations. You shall be reviled, you shall be honoured. You seek us out, we the holders of knowledge and wisdom, but knowledge is not enough to survive that which emerges from the depths of your own darkness. 

The man listens in horror and shame. The message the oracle offers up is not what he wants to hear but knows is the truth. A side has to be chosen.


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    Well, that was a bit o a wild ride…and I want to know what’s next, so I’d say you did your job well! =D

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