Creation – Cracked Ice #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

My response to Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt Cracked Ice. I return once again to the realms of fire and ice to face Odin and see creation unfold. Creation of the Cosmos and more. Or is it just a dream?  Does any of this make sense?  Seek beneath the surface dear Reader.

Odin, what say you on the fate of this world? Fire and ice have conspired, have melded, have given birth.

I too must emerge from the belly of the Nothingness that existed before Names. Mist is my Soul, Time is my name.

Resurrected and Sacrificed, being at once one and the other. Riddles must I speak in, for there is no other way to impart that which has slumbered in eternal silence and darkness.

See the abyss before you Child of past, present and future. For that vision must you pay and pay dear. Ginnungagap, therein resides perfect silence, perfect darkness at the centre.

Primordial Ice, Niflheim flows forth and Primordial Fire, Muspelheim rises. Shall the twain join, mate in an eternal embrace. Flows forth from their coupling ice unbound from its fetters. Dewdrops of life, filled with potential.

What see you to be One-Eyed and freed from blindness? He stirs, life reflected in water, birthed from fire and ice. Ymir, it is He that we have waited for. See your world bound in fire and ice, mist shrouding all. Knowledge is hidden, you seek it? Pay, god of seers and prophesy. Trickster are you, weaver of fate. Ruler of the Runes.

Life arises out of sacrifice, Ymir shall go forth, offering himself. All after must be hidden from you, you must seek for yourself. Creation does not seek to reveal itself to your eyes. Seek it yourself, pay, for knowledge always demands sacrifice. Dream now, Time itself enfolds itself. I wait, I have all eternity.



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  1. Great take on the prompt. Very original!

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