Lux Anglicae – Mystery #writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

Here is my offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt Mystery #writephoto. The Muses of creativity have been sparing with their favours lately, a fact that has frustrated and puzzled this blogger. Until now. I shall reserve judgment, no need to attract hubris you understand. What says the Alchemist?

These are the Dragons and Serpents which the ancient Egyptians painted in a circle, the head devouring the tail; thereby signifying that they proceeded from one and the same thing, and that it alone was sufficient, and that in its revolving and circulation, it made itself perfect.

Nicholas Flamel

A figure waits within the recesses of this place, harbinger of things hidden and awe-ful in their intensity. Many have searched for the enigma but He has always proved elusive. Lightbearer veiled in Mystery. Abiding in both the Crown and the Kingdom. From spirit do we pass through the Gate of Tears, ushered into life and forgetfulness. The Lightening Flash has all but shattered the Self, the quickening comes without mercy. The Fallen have not entered into Darkness but into Life, not many understand this. The Seeker consults their map, vellum inscribed with strange sigils and sheer incomprehensibility. They shift and pulse as if living beings, reflections of the greater macrocosmos:

 Man know thyself, and you shalt know the Gods

The Delphic Oracle surely hints at things most profound waiting rediscovery. Yet, the oddness of such words being emblazoned across the lintel of this doorway. The Seeker lifts one foot as if to enter through the portal. Hesitation has no part in this adventure, ‘go forth’ an inner voice urges. A cavernous temple of velvet darkness and luminous light unfurls itself like the wings of angels. Smoke edged with tendrils of white gold. At its heart lies something immense and perfection itself.

He waits, eyes closed in deep reflection. A breastplate of platinum pulses in rhythm, like a heartbeat it announces the presence of something living. There is no other sound except this. The great being fills the temple space. Clothed in radiant white stands he, from a muscular neck hangs the symbol of his power, a silver Tau cross encircled by the beast of wisdom – the serpent. Ageless and beautiful he has always been and always shall be. Lux Anglicae pierces the darkness of matter. Matter is transfigured, humanity is restored, the Fall is ended. This is the Mystery you have been seeking.


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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    As always, Jan, your post leaves a lot to ponder. Particularly intriguing is the feminine ending there…

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  2. stevetanham says:

    Terrific post – very authorative.

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  3. ellenbest24 says:

    I am left questioning … A good take on the photo.

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