Ribbons #Halloween

A strange and rather spooky tale from Sue Vincent. Careful who you let in…

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fox-006_fotosketcherAnother knock at the door. How long would this go on for? Didn’t anyone put their kids to bed at a sensible time any more? Well, this would be the last…the jar of sweets on the shelf was almost empty; it seemed as if every child in the neighbourhood had been on her doorstep with that silly ‘trick or treat’ thing. Still, you never knew. She heaved herself out of the armchair, her bones creaking as much as the ancient oak. It might be a customer.

Halloween was about the only time anyone else knocked on her door.

She’d never advertised. Never had to. Her particular talents got around by word of mouth. Most of them were grieving…or in desperate need of help. Or both. Often it was both. There were the curious, gawping at rumours and hoping for something sensational. There were those who came just to see her…

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