Magi – #Stream of Consciousness Saturday- In


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My response this week to Linda G Hill’s prompt Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Linda’s prompt was:

‘Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in/out.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!’

He was sorting his wares in the market square, an unassuming man in threadbare clothes. I watched him from behind a column. Silently and surely did he contemplate each item. It was as if he meditating upon the message each imparted to his inner being. Totally focussed and serene. I was taken aback, wanting to know more but hesitant about approaching him. People barely glanced at him, dismissing the man as a beggar. Didn’t they see the light within him? It flowed out like a clear mountain stream. The Universe had finally sent their messenger, I was sure of it. How long had I waited for this sign?

Time passed slowly around us. It seemed like hours that I sat and viewed him from my vantage point. The song of angels rang in my ears. How strange and rather awe inspiring. A memory hovered briefly, of great illumination, of stars and planets. This Self was one removed from the earthly plane. She/He being an emanation of the Great Consciousness. Messenger and Keeper of the Records were they. Then the memory vanished like mist in the sun. The Stranger lifted his head and looked straight at my hiding place. He knew! For an eternity it seemed each stared at the other. His light flowed forth and gathered before me. For a brief moment it held the gift of Grace. Magi. He was a Magus.

Legendary beings spoken of in hushed tones. Guardians of humanity and the Light. Something unknown swept through me. I could see the blood rushing through my veins, its power intensifying with each breath. Points of light sparkled within the crimson rivers, gold flakes were they. Then the vision faded. He was standing before me. He was the figure who had haunted my dreams since before birth.

‘You are the one I have come for. Come, ready yourself neophyte’. His voice was deep and melodious, it spoke to my Soul.

I had little in the way of possessions and family. No ties to this place. The horizon beckoned. I glanced at the Magus and knew what my destiny was to be. The trials and hardships had lead me to this point. The Alchemists say that the gross matter of the Soul is purified in Fire, finally to become transformed into spiritual Gold. I looked IN the Book of Life and saw what wonders and trials lay ahead.




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  1. Michael says:

    That was a most interesting exploration of this prompt, very well done…

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  2. janmalique says:

    Thank you Michael. The image I found helped greatly.


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