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This is my response to Linda G Hill’s prompt #Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Howls of terror sliced cleanly through the silence like a sushi chef’s knife. He ran without breath mile after mile, without thought, without care. I’m not sure when he stopped but it ended in a dark grove of misshapen trees. The moon peered through the inky branches, its silver beams striking fear into his wildly beating heart. His breath issued like steam from a mouth frozen in a snarl. A growl escaped from this throat and then it stopped. The dark forest held its breath. What comes this way it asked in hushed tones. The silence only echoed their question as if mocking.  The werebeast stood rooted to the spot, peering in panic at the gathering mist, now swirling round his legs. He swung his huge arms wildly as if warding off an invisible threat. Claws of bone tore through mist thickened air, finding nought, finding only emptiness. He damned the moon for its silken, dangerous spell. One that he was unable to escape, generation after generation it tightened its hold upon an already disintegrating link to humanity. 

Blood drummed in his ears, louder and louder it became. Its symphony weaving a hypnotic pattern rushing through his distended veins. How he laughed at the late night offerings of the Horror Channel, simulated fear and artificial blood. How ridiculous, how risible, how ominously prescient. Persecute me no more he cried at the Universe. The Universe remained silent, unyielding. Shadows moved through the trees and undergrowth. Sounds echoed through the trees, weaving stories of old, ancestral songs. His beating heart slowed and momentarily stopped. That song he knew well, ancient memories stirred in his mind. He yearned for that time, so long ago. One that held warmth and love. The Universe held its breath, wanting to intervene but unable to. He had to find the path back, want to travel down the path once trod. The Earth trembled, the dragons were awake. He looked down at the hidden earth, ready for battle, adrenaline flowing. Ancient memories stirred once more, urging remembrance. Image after image flowed through the Collective Consciousness, white horses, dragons, serpents and old magic.

The Owl cried mournfully, its sound seeping into the darkness. She told of secrets, of mysteries. Ones he understood, ones he had knowledge of. His mind cleared of the strangling mist, she lead him out of the darkness, out of the Forest of Forgetfulness. The moon loomed large in the sky, inescapable. His heart cried out in anger, betrayal is what she dealt in. Betrayal he cried. Not so she whispered. The pearlescent orb may be your nemesis but it is also one that brings the hidden to light. Dangers that wait in the shadows can no longer hide in its bright path. Look, look well and learn she urged him. He raised blood red eyes to the heavens and with arms stretched out welcomed the silver light. Bathed was he in light and magic. Transformed was he in light and magic. Vanished was the beast. The human that was imprisoned within the beast was let loose. Freedom did he finally taste, freedom from centuries of misery. Freedom to laugh once more.

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    Wow! What imagery! Very nicely done. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in! 😀

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